"No matter what happens, it is the best choice I ever made." - Elena to Stefan (4x01)
"When he looks at me, all he sees is a broken toy." - Elena about Stefan (4x10)

Elena Gilbert’s best choice led her to her death.. consequently becoming the thing she never wanted to become; a Vampire. Her ‘best’ choice made her feel dead even in her death. Her ‘best’ choice made her deny her reality and hate herself even 更多 than she did. Her ‘best’ choice made her feel like a jigsaw puzzle without any of its pieces. Her ‘best’ choice was what she fell out of 爱情 with. That choice made her feel 更多 迷失 than she already was, funny because she found her way back to Stefan in 3x22.

"I have never seen 你 更多 alive." - Damon to Elena (4x07)
”..That in death 你 are the one that made me feel most alive. 你 have been a terrible person and of all the choices I have made this will prove to be the worst but I am not sorry that I am in 爱情 with you.” - Elena to Damon (4x23)

In her death, her ‘worst’ choice made her happy.

"Damon makes me happy" - Elena (4x10)

In her death, her ‘worst’ choice made her feel liberated than she had ever been in her whole life.

"It feels unpredictable. Like I am free." - Elena about Damon (4x10)

*I feel so close to 你 right now..It’s a force field..I wear my 心 upon my sleeve, like a big deal..Your 爱情 pours down on me, surrounds me like a waterfall..And there’s no stopping us right now..I feel so close to 你 right now* (Feel so close 由 Calvin Harris) - plays while Damon and Elena dance in 欢乐合唱团 together in 4x04.

Elena’s worst choice made her rediscover herself. It touched the darkest parts of her and found light. She found boldness and beauty in her 爱情 for Damon. And she felt the most free with him because she never had to carry the burdens of the world with him. Inspite of him being complicated in the most complicated ways, Being with Damon was easy. Oh the conundrum! Damon gave Elena the freedom to be herself because he would always 爱情 her for who she is. She’ll be a murderous vampire and he’ll 爱情 her. When she coughs up blood, he’ll be there to clean it himself. She’ll be disgusted and groced out and he’ll hold her and tell her she didnt do anything wrong. Her ‘worst’ choice is the most real thing she ever felt.

"Its the most real thing I’ve ever felt in my entire life. I 爱情 你 Damon. I 爱情 you." - Elena to Damon (4x10)

Stefan represented the ‘Best’ choice and she would’ve never found herself with him. Damon represented the ‘worst’ choice and..

Her ‘worst’ choice was the most right and greatest choice in her life.