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posted by glelsey
WARNING: This 文章 contains spoilers and solutions to puzzles in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. Please read only if 你 have completed the game, 或者 would like some 建议 on progressing through the game.

This is a guide to help those of 你 DOTD 粉丝 get the most out of your game while playing as Cynder. Whether 你 play on your own, 或者 in co-op mode as Cynder, I hope this 文章 will give 你 a bit of inspiration 下一个 time 你 play!

The Basics
While two player mode is optional in DOTD, Cynder is always playable. When 你 are in single player mode, 你 will find yourself switching...
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The reasons why Cynder from the Legend of Spyro series doesn’t deserve all the hating she gets.

Let me start off 由 making one thing clear, the purpose of this paper is not to troll 或者 to incite flame wars. The 标题 of this paper says it all.

First a little background; Cynder is a young female dragon from the Legend of Spyro series. She’s the main villain in the first of the series, A New Beginning, a, 更多 或者 less, sideline character in the 秒 of the series, The Eternal Night (by which she only makes scarce and brief appearances), and is a heroine alongside Spyro in the third and final...
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posted by CynderDragon123
Dear Cynder haters,
你 are dumb and stupid if 你 hate Cynder. She is not proud of the things she did for Malefor. That wasn't even her fault, that was Malefor who poisoned her to be like that. Cynder rocks 你 haters are just jealous of her because you're not as powerful 或者 as pretty as her.

Dear Cynder fans,
Thankyou for accepting Cynder as who she is. She is cool like all of 你 Cynder fans. She is awesome, powerful, pretty, cute and so on. Her life was quite like mine. My old friend he was a bully. I saw him as good though and started to bully people for him. Then my new friend came along. She stopped me from doing all bad and now I don't bully anymore. I'm not proud of things I've done and if any of 你 people that I bullyed use this website Im sorry.
- Cynder rocks still
posted by glelsey
"I'm wicked. So what?"

There are certain little things I really like about Cynder, the snarky young dragon with a 心 of gold. In this article, I will talk about my three absolute favourite things about her.

Good alignment, evil qualities
This is actually becoming a 更多 and 更多 common thing in both gaming and film. 你 have a heroic character who is fighting alongside the other heroes, yet there's something sinister about them... almost as if they seem like they belong on the other side!

There is sometimes an explanation for this; in Cynder's case, she was raised to be evil but became good....
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posted by cynder_lover
Dear Cynder Fans,
I think Everyone should like Cynder. She has been put through many events most undescribable. Everyone hates Cynder, mostly becuase she used to be evil and worked with Malefor, but 显示 her some respect. All 你 Cynder haters out there, 你 should think and feel. But this is just my raging opinion. 你 might think differently. Take some time to think. No, seriously. 你 guys suck if 你 hate Cynder. So, really, actually think. It could help 你 in the future...maybe.