Critical Analysis of Twilight In Defense of Washington State

Cinders posted on Aug 13, 2009 at 11:44PM
Another thing that bothers me about Twilight is how Stephenie Meyer characterizes MY HOME STATE in her "novels" (for lack of a better term).

I have this to say about Small Town, Washington.

My mother grew up in the link. My father grew up in link. I have visited several towns near Seattle (Tacoma, Puyallup, Everett, etc), as well as several northern towns by the Canadian border (Vancouver, Bellingham, etc).

Therefore, I feel pretty confident in saying that in Washington State, IT IS NOT CONSTANTLY RAINY AND GRAY!

Admittedly, I have never been to Forks. I have met people who have. I have been to La Push, though.

Regardless, a common misconception about Washington is that it's the rain capital of the US. Even Seattle is known for its rain. And yeah, it does rain here, because we are west of the Cascade Mountains and east of the Pacific Ocean. This means that we get all the rain that the East of the Cascades (known as a rain shadow) don't get. THIS means that HALF of Washington is very dry.

Forks is WAY WAY WEST of Seattle. So yeah, it rains a bit there. But one thing that people don't get is that the rain in Seattle-- AND the rain in Forks-- is SEASONAL. We get most of our rain fall in fall and winter, with the showers spacing out in the spring, and then, surprisingly, we have very dry summers. Yeah, that's how weather works, people.

Also-- Small Town, Washington, is pretty boring. But considering I've also visited Small Town, Idaho, Small Town, Virginia, Small Town, Texas, and Small Town California, I feel pretty confident in saying that it's no better or worse than Small Town, Anywhere USA.

Forks-- Nor any small town in Washington for that matter-- Is not the worst place on earth that one could be. Bella may like to trash it-- but I'd like to hear what she has to say when we dump her in Small Town, Uzbekistan. THEN what will she whine about? At least it's sunny there.

Seattle is an awesome city. Geographically (as mentioned), it's almost due East of Forks. Forks is North West from Olympia. I don't remember exactly, but the kids go down to "the city" and I could have sworn that whether they were going to Seattle or Olympia, Meyer wrote that they were heading in the wrong direction. Although, I don't have a page number, or a book to back that up. I'm just grumbling.

As a Washington Native, I just want to say that my state was WAY COOL LONG before Ms. Meyer spawned vampires in our national parks (Forks is near Olympia National Park, which I think is where all the trees come in).
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一年多以前 renrae said…
Most of the small towns in Idaho do suck, but then again I have been living here practically my whole life. I think the best one is Hagerman. I went through Hagerman once. Have you been to Hagerman?
一年多以前 Cinders said…
Mostly Moscow. A lot of Moscow, actually, since it's just over the border from where my grandmother lives. I've also been through Sandpoint, generally cause we camp by Priest River. There are also several others that we've just driven through... the kind that are about a mile wide, and that's it. But we have those in WA too.

Other than that, the biggest city I've visited in Idaho is Coeur d'Alene. Which I know doesn't count as a "small town" but it's perdy.

Also, does Silverwood count as a "small town"? ;o) ;o)
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一年多以前 nevermind606 said…
big smile
I live in Washington as well, and it really doesn't rain every single day there. I love it here. Bella's constant complaining about it is in my top ten annoyances with the book, and that's saying something.
一年多以前 renrae said…
Coeur d'Alene is beautiful.

"Also, does Silverwood count as a "small town"? ;o) ;o) "

My friend goes to Coeur d' Alene every summer and they ALWAYS go there. I have never been there. Just another thing to add to my list of things to do to prove that Idaho isn't the most boring place in the US.

Is it awesome?