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The 标题 says it all- Please watch if you're open-minded.
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耶稣 christ
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A MAN of many possessions, seeking Heaven over Hell;
CHOOSES to give away thy riches, 火, 消防 and brimstone, an ungodly smell...
FORE is it not better to give than to receive;
ON thy way to righteousness, only Satan shall deceive...
WITH every measure thy giveth, in Heaven thy measure received;
WHEREAS to enter Gods Kingdom hardly shall thy have riches, thy soul beit burned..
NOW thy has not any riches, gold, silver nor any heards;
SEEING now thy owns nothing more, holding fast to GODs word...
THOU knowest thy commandments, the law from GOD;
DO not commit adultery, kill, steal, nor bare false...
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Most Christians, and non-Christians have the same 问题 in general, where did the different races come from? Being Christian I had wondered this myself. In class one 日 we watched a Christian speaker video that really cleared things up. Adam and Eve were the first 2 people on Earth,and of course had to have the right genes to pass on dark, medium, 或者 light skin. That menes that Adam and Eve had both the dark gene(BB) and the light gene(aa) that means that they both carried both the dark gene and the light gene. Adam and Eve were therefor medium colored. Their children were either dark,...
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