I'm just bored, okay? Wot if I wasn't bored? I would still be doing this. I've been thinking about doing this for weeks! But here 你 go.

The 'Wot If' meme brought from the 随意 club, to my club!

Wot if The Garnet UMBR3ON wasn't an Umbreon?

Wot if Moka Akashiya was real?

Wot if your arms had arms?

Wot if Azula wasn't Azula?

Wot if Seanthehedgehog wasn't a hedgehog?

Wot if 你 were your icon?

Wot if AuratheLucario wasn't a Lucario?

Wot if KSHMR wasn't KSHMR?

Wot if Regular 显示 was regular?

Wot if Blasterjaxx didn't have a label, called Maxximize Records?

Wot if I told 你 Blasterjaxx came to town?

Wot if your waifu/husbando was real?

Wot if shaneoohmac13 wasn't Shane?

Wot if JME and Skepta weren't brothers?

Wot if we were overrun 由 kawaii apples?

Wot if we were in a world of anime?

Wot if Azumanga Daioh and 火影忍者 had a crossover?

Wot if... ?

Well... I finally got that onto the club. My club to be exact. Anyways, like and comment!