Chapter 4

Twenty 分钟 passed and they were still laying on the floor in eachother's arms basking in the incredible sex they just had. "We should probably get dressed, someone might come in here and see us like this" Capa 说 leaning over to where his boxers and pants laid on the floor, he grabbed them and put them on, fixing his blue 衬衫 in the process. "Oh I can only imagine how that would go" Ashley 说 with a laugh while she put her underwear and pants on, stumbling in the process. The observation deck door beeped and opened with Kaneda and Harvey walking in. Ashley and Capa had gotten their clothes on just in time before they noticed. "Someone's been listening to Searle's sun theories" Harvey joked patting Capa on the shoulder. Capa let out a nervous laugh, "Yeah well he was right about becoming one with the sun. 你 should try it sometime" he 说 in a sarcastic tone. "We are reaching the dead zone which means we won't be able to send out messages once the solar wind is too high. If 你 guys plan on sending any messages back home, I suggest 你 do it now. Trey is just now finishing up his so 你 can go after him" Kaneda said.

Ashley and Capa nodded and made their way to the Comms center to send out their messages before it was time to reach the dead zone. After reaching the dead zone, communication will cease to exist and they will be officially cut off from the outside world. All alone. Harvey stopped mid way down the long corridor and gently grabbed Capa 由 the arm to stop him. "What the hell man?" Capa asked trying to pull his arm away from Harvey's grip. Harvey waited until Ashley and Kaneda went into the Comms Center and once they did, he leaned in with a whisper, "Is there something going on between 你 two?" he asked him, his eyes flickered around to make sure no one was hanging 由 in the corridor that could overhear their conversation. "The only reason I am asking this is because I know, as we all do, the relationship history between Mace and Ashley" he continued. Capa narrowed his eyes, feeling angry inside that Harvey even dared to try and make this his business. He was getting sick of everyone reminding him about the relationship Mace and Ashley had a few months back. It was in the past. She had moved on. Everyone treated Capa like it was a sin for him to even think about having feelings for her, in fear that it would break Mace. It wasn't his fault that Mace ruined their relationship with his anger issues, he just happened to be there to pick up the pieces that were broken.

"With the fate of mankind resting on our shoulders, 你 are 更多 concerned about whether I am going to break Mace because I may 或者 may not have feelings for Ashley" he 说 in a raised voice, it echoed in the corridor and Capa didn't give a fuck at this point who heard him. Harvey curled his lips, "So that's a yes?" he asked. Capa huffed, "You actually think after all the times 你 have treated me like crap during this fucking mission, I am suddenly going to confide in 你 like a friend and have this conversation with you?" Capa asked, his face was starting to get red and he could feel the back of his neck getting hot from all the anger building inside him. This completely silenced Harvey making him 吞, 燕子 rather hard. Capa shifted his jaw to the side, his tongue caressing the inside of his cheek, "Yeah that's what I thought" he 说 with a whisper before turning around and walking down the corridor to the Comms Center. Upon entering the room he saw Mace peer around the corner of the operation station with a toolbox in his hand. "Hey, where's Harvey? I need him to help me with a couple of things on the Observation Deck" he asked walking towards Capa. Capa stopped in his tracks, closing his eyes and clinching his jaw, Mace was the last person he wanted to see. He took in a few deep breaths trying his best not to lose his cool especially after the bullshit Harvey threw his way. Capa reopened his eyes feeling a sense of calm come over him and after a few 秒 of not answering Mace, he finally did. "In the corridor Mace, I think he was heading this way to the Comms Center" he answered with a swallow. "Thanks" Mace 说 before leaving the room and heading down the corridor to meet up with Harvey.

Capa let out a sigh and opened the door that led into a small room specially designed to send video messages back to earth and since they were approaching the dead zone earlier than expected, Capa didn't have much time before the solar wind wouldn't allow messages to be sent. The room glowed green as he entered the room, there was a message center with three screens with buttons lined up at the bottom of the middle screen that read Record, Send, Delete, Review. He could see himself in all three of the screens, stunned with how much the green from the room itself made his eyes 更多 piercing blue than they already were. He took a 座位 in the chair and scooted it forwards towards the message center, his mind wandered of the things he was going to say in his message to his parents. His last message. He needed to make it perfect. With a sigh he pushed the record button, it made a beep sound and there was a flashing red button blinking 下一个 to the record button on the middle screen indicating that his message was now being recorded.

"Well mom and dad" he started to say with a smile before pausing, his lips pressed together while he tried to think of the 下一个 thing to say. "I hope you're proud of your son, saving mankind and so on" he 说 licking his lips, his eyes wandering around the room. He was never good at making eye contact when it came to making messages, it made him nervous as hell. "We are unfortunately reaching the dead zone a little sooner than we thought, so that means this will be my final message 首页 before we reach the 星, 星级 to deliver our payload. I don't want 你 to worry about sending a message back because I already know everything 你 want to say." he 说 pausing for a moment to think of everything he wanted to tell them, he knew he didn't have much time left before the solar wind increased. "I need 你 to remember that it takes eight 分钟 for light to travel from sun to earth which means you'll know we succeeded about eight 分钟 after we deliver the payload. All 你 have to do is look out for a little extra brightness in the sky. So if 你 wake up one morning and it's a particularly beautiful day, you'll know we made it." he 说 in a tone of absolute seriousness, his hands positioned in front of him clasped together. He shifted in his 座位 and leaned 前锋, 期待 closer to the screen, "I don't want 你 to worry about me, this mission will succeed and I will be coming home, I promise" he 说 feeling a couple of tears emerge into his eyes threatening to roll down his cheeks. He knew he shouldn't be making promises, he knew that the mission could potentially fail and he would never come home, those were thoughts he didn't want his parents to have, he wanted to give them hope that he could come home. He wiped them away and continued, "Okay I unfortunately have to end this message but I 爱情 你 mom and dad, I'll see 你 in a couple of years" he 说 sitting for a moment looking at the screen before finally hitting the send button, he heard a beep indicating the message had been sent.