*Warning: This chapter contains some sex. 你 have been forewarned.*

Capa made his way down the corridor to his bedroom, he figured he should have one located in the Payload considering this is where he spent most of his time doing calculations and enjoying the peace and quiet. He plopped down on the 床, 床上 on his stomach and pulled his white 枕头 against him burying his face into it letting out a sigh. The 枕头 was soft and cool, one of the benefits of the Payload's location on the ship, it was on the opposite side where it could not heat up as much from the distant sun like the rest of the ship did. Granted there was a cooling system that kept the ship at a comfortable temperature, it unfortunately broke down at some point during the night and Mace had to work on it to get it up and running again. Capa switched positions on the 床, 床上 and laid on his back, his hands gently placed behind his head as he stared at the ceiling, his eyes becoming heavy as each 分钟 passed. He surrendered to the sleepiness and closed his eyes, falling into a deep sleep and letting his mind fill with perfect little dreams.

He was stirred out of his sleep when the sound of footsteps began echoing outside his door. He slowly leaned up watching the doorway as a shadow appeared on the 墙 outside the door. It was Ashley, she was wearing a white tank 最佳, 返回页首 with a pair of comfortable pants, her hair was up in a bun with two strands dangling against both sides of her face, the communicator rested in between her cleavage. Capa's 心 skipped a beat, she looked so beautiful. "How did it go?" she asked him taking a 座位 下一个 to him on the bed. Capa let out a sigh, "He blames me for starting the argument with Mace" he 说 fiddling with the sheets, his jaw muscles flexing as he swallowed. Ashley placed her hand on 最佳, 返回页首 of Capa's, "It's not your fault that Mace is insecure" she 说 letting her fingers play with his. Capa let out a light chuckle, pressing his lips together in almost a pouty expression, he shook his head, "He's not insecure, he's intimidated." he 说 looking down, his 心 started to race, the urge of wanting to tell her how he felt about her never felt so surreal. "Because 你 are higher priority than him?" she asked. Capa didn't answer right away, his thoughts overwhelmed him with how he was going to tell her that he had been in 爱情 with her since they first met, his 心 was racing and nervousness was setting in. He had to do this. It was now 或者 never. He placed his hand on her face letting his fingers lightly stroke her skin, his eyes looking deep within her soul, "It's because...I.." he started to say, his voiced started to tremble. Fuck, why was it so hard to say the words? He closed his eyes for a brief moment allowing memories to spill into his mind, memories that reminded him why he loved her so much. He opened his eyes and pulled her close to him, his lips brushed up against her skin, "It's because I am in 爱情 with you" he whispered softly in her ear, his lips trailed down to her neck, 接吻 it lightly.

"Capa..." Ashley started to say with a skipped breath, she was overwhelmed with emotion, she had never felt 爱情 like this before, not even with Mace. This was something pure. Something magical. "I 爱情 you" she whispered. Capa's lips pulled away from her neck as he leaned back just enough so he could look into her eyes. He took in a shaky breath, his hands rested on both sides of her face, "I 爱情 你 too" he whispered leaning in and brushing his lips against hers, he could feel her tremble. Suddenly a voice came across the communicators, "Ashley. Capa. 报道 to the observation deck" Cassie said. Their embrace broke and Capa made a oh fuck we're caught face, he grabbed his communicator that was hanging around his neck, "Be right there Cassie" he radioed and dropped it back on his chest. "Do 你 think they know?" Ashley asked, she could feel her body still trembling from their beautiful embrace they just shared together. Capa leaned over and kissed her on the forehead, "There is nothing they can do even if they did" he 说 with a reassuring smile. "Mace would have a 心 attack" she mentioned, not truly meaning to bring him up in a way to ruin the moment, but she worried about how Mace would react if he knew that they were in a relationship. Capa clicked his tongue, letting his fingers play with one of the strands of hair that laid against her beautiful face, "Mace is not going to find out about anything" he 说 in a reassuring tone. She remembered about the earlier argument during breakfast, the fact that Mace acted like he already knew scared her, "I think he knows, it seemed that way this morning. Like he called it." she 说 letting out a worried sigh. Capa took her hands into his, "Listen to me, everything is going to be fine, don't worry yourself about Mace. He may put off the vibe that he knows, but he's only guessing, he doesn't truly know and he never will okay?" he 说 leaning 前锋, 期待 and resting his forehead against hers, completely mesmerized with her eyes that stared back at him. "Okay" she 说 letting her head fall onto his 最佳, 返回页首 of his shoulder, his arms 包, 换行 around her as they swayed back and forth like they were dancing to imaginary music. Time felt as though it was standing still and nothing else seemed to matter in this pure and romantic moment between them. After a few moments Ashley raised her head up remembering that Cassie had radioed them to come to the observation deck. "Shit!" she 说 in panicked tone. She pulled away from Capa and started towards the door, Capa raised his eyebrow, completely confused as to what was going on, "What?" he asked. Ashley stopped in the doorway and turned around, "We were supposed to be at the observation deck ten 分钟 ago!" she yelled as she turned back around and ran out of the room. Capa's eyes widened, "Fuck!" he yelled running out of the door. They ran down the corridor of the Payload, the pitter patter of their feet hitting the metal flooring echoed throughout the hallway.

Capa and Ashley entered the observation deck completely out of breathe and with sweat running down their faces. Fucking ship felt like a 烤箱 everywhere else but the Payload. "Sorry about that Cassie, we were running some tests on the Payload and 迷失 track of time" Capa 说 in a complete lie. Cassie gave him a smile, "I didn't think 你 guys were going to make it in time" she 说 taking a 座位 between Mace and Corazon. "Make it in time for what?" Ashley asked looking around, she was afraid this was some kind of intervention to try and keep her and Capa from having a relationship. What a stupid thought. She knew good and well that no one knew about their relationship. It was a secret only between them. "In time for Mercury's transit across the sun" Kaneda 说 turning on the filter. The room grew dark for a moment as the filter changed in order for the crew to view the transit safely, Capa grabbed Ashley's hand and led her to the stairs where they sat down near the front to get the best view.

"I have always wanted to witness this" Ashley whispered to Capa, completely taken in 由 the complete beauty of a planet transiting the sun, it was so small compared to the star, it seemed as though it could easily 吞, 燕子 it up. The dance of filaments twisting in the air above the sun's surface made her want to cry. It was so beautiful. The room was silent as Mercury carelessly and slowly moved across the sun, it seemed to sparkle from the brighter light that would shine through the surface and the darkness of sunspots intimidated the thought of an eruption at any moment. Capa clasped his hands together and brought them to his mouth, lightly resting his lips against them as he watched in fascination. Harvey was sitting on the other side of Capa staring down at the floor deep in thought, the realization all too real that this beautiful 星, 星级 would perish if the mission failed and everyone he loved back at 首页 would be dead. This motivated him to give everything he had into making sure that the Payload would successfully be delivered to the sun so he could go back to the planet he calls 首页 and see his family and 老友记 that he left behind in a solar winter sixteen months ago.

After thirty 分钟 passed, the filter readjusted itself once Mercury was no longer floating across the sun's surface indicating the transit was over. The crew voiced their excitement as they headed out of the room, their voices echoing throughout the corridor, quieter and quieter as they walked further away. The only two crew members that remained on the observation deck was Capa and Ashley. Capa looked over at her, "Beautiful isn't it? Hard to believe that a 星, 星级 of this quantity and complexity is what makes life happen on earth, 你 know?" he 说 with a smile. "You and your physicist big words, do 你 know how much that turns me on?" she asked biting her bottom lip letting out a little giggle. Capa brought his hand to her face, "Shut up" he 说 with a smirk. "Make me" she joked back giving him a light 拍击, smack, 味道 on the leg. Capa smiled and leaned in bringing his lips against hers in a passionate kiss, he could hear a small moan escape her lips when his tongue entered her mouth and entwined with hers. He pulled her close deepening his kiss, his hands fiddling with the straps of her shirt, slowly pulling them down off her shoulders. "Capa..." Ashley whispered in between heavy breathes, his lips trailed down her lips to her neck, he didn't answer. "Capa!" she 说 in raised voice to get his attention, pulling back for a moment taking in some breathes, "Are 你 sure 你 want to do this?" she asked him. What a stupid question, of course he did. "I mean, are 你 sure 你 want to do this here and not in the Payload" she asked, rephrasing her question. Capa's lips caressed against hers as he sighed, "I wouldn't want it to be anywhere else" he 说 letting his fingers run up to the scrunchie that held her hair up in a bun, gently pulling it out of her hair and allowing her long curly hair to fall down against her face.

Capa picked her up in his arms and gently laid her down on the floor. His fingers danced down her body, reaching to the 最佳, 返回页首 of her pants. She skipped a breathe when his fingers dipped down into them lightly stroking her skin that had been hiding behind the piece of clothing. Capa gripped the fabric and slowly pulled them down while bringing his lips down to her stomach and leaving 吻乐队(Kiss) trails around her exposed belly button. Ashley bit her lip and threw her head back allowing a couple moans to escape her mouth when she felt Capa's warm tongue teasing her skin. "Fuck" she whimpered gripping his hair tightly in her fingers. Before she knew it her pants and underwear had been removed and tossed to the side. She only hoped that none of the crew members was going to suddenly come in the room, especially Mace. It would be a absolute disaster and she can only imagine the drama that would ensue and the lecture they would receive from Kaneda about fucking on the observation deck, a place frequently used 由 the crew members.

Capa leaned up for a moment in order to unbutton his jeans and pull them and his boxers down tossing them to the side. He repositioned himself in between her legs using one hand to 支持 himself up while using the other to guide his hard throbbing cock inside her warm, wet pussy. Capa pressed his lips against her in a moan when he felt himself slide into her deeply and began moving his hips against her in a series of thrusts. Their breathing became heavier when Capa increased his pace, pulling her tightly against him to deepen his thrust causing her to grip onto his back tightly, "Fuck Capa..." she managed to get out in between her heavy breathing, "I am going to cum" she whimpered, the sensation of orgasm increasing each time Capa's cock slammed against her G-Spot, a spot where nerve endings were the most sensitive, a spot guaranteed to make her cum really hard. "Oh fuck" Capa moaned, the thought of her getting ready to cum made him ridiculously close. He could feel her contracting on the inside indicating a impending orgasm that he knew was going to blow his mind. Ashley's moans got louder and louder when she could feel the peak of her orgasm hit her with such a strong sensation. Her body shook viciously as cum ran down inside of her, spilling unto Capa's cock, she tried to catch a breath but the orgasm was so powerful that it left her breathless.

Capa let out a groan, he could feel himself soaked in her cum. As he continued thrusting her, the sounds of smacking grew louder from the wetness. His own impending orgasm was starting to reach it's own peak, he knew it was only a matter of time before he needed to cum. His grabbed her legs and placed them over his shoulders so he could fuck her hard and fast to bring himself into a 更多 powerful climax. His hands wrapped around her ankles to hold the position while his hips thrusted quickly and deep inside her. Ashley gripped the sheets tight, her moans transitioning to screams when Capa began roughly fucking her. It felt so fucking good that she came again, adding on the wetness that was already soaking her and his cock. Capa's body started to tremble, "I'm going to cum" he moaned thrusting a few 更多 times before stopping to allow his orgasm to completely take over. He closed his eyes and groaned when he felt a incredible release, his cum seeping out of his cock and pouring deep inside of her. It was pure ecstasy. Once the intensity of his orgasm calmed down he collapsed on 最佳, 返回页首 of her, their bodies soaked with sweat. Capa gently stroked her face while his eyes gazed into hers, "I 爱情 you" he whispered, leaning in to passionately 吻乐队(Kiss) her. Ashley couldn't help but smile, "I 爱情 你 too" she whispered 接吻 him back.