I like things like this so here's my crack at the animated dream life, hope 你 enjoy!

1. Character names I'd want to have...

First Name: Celestine (Ernest and Celstine)
I like how it sounds like the name of something mythical (well it does mean heavenly)

Also celestine is adorable

Last Name: Hawkins (Treasure planet)
partly because i like Jim and partly because it sounds nice together

Celestine Hawkins!

2. Place I'd want to have...
Aurora's Cottage

It looks like it has enough for me to live on, quaint and tiny, and it's in the middle of nowhere.....i may be a bit of a loner

maybe i can generate my own electricity too!

3. Character I'd want as a best friend...
Jane porter

I like how spunky she is. I feel like I'd never be bored with her around. The way she recounts her first meeting with Tarzan to her dad made me laugh too hard. And I admire how she always has something to do; exploring jungles, drawing, teaching, trying new things, yup I'd 爱情 to be 老友记 with her.

we'll be the best of friends! having so much fun together!!

4. Characters I'd want to have as parents...

Fa zhou and mama

I like how he's kind of quiet and roundabout supportive rather than direct. I think i'd like a parent with sound values but knows when I don't want to talk about something. I can't say much about the mama cause she doesn't have much screentime but she looks like she's a great hugger.

this scene always stuck with me

5. Character I'd most want as a significant other...

NO ONE! sorry but ever since i was a wee small child i was determined to be single forever.

6. Character whose skills I'd most want to develop...
Rapunzel's hair

sorry but I'm going to go mother gothel for a 秒 and say i would 包, 换行 my hair around myself and live forever :P and basically be a doctor for nearby sick people

life plans

Alternative: Vidia
She's basically immortal as a fairy and can control the wind and flies super fast and that seems like a lot of fun!

I'd be a true rare talent!

7. Character whose voice I most want...
Blue fairy's

I would 爱情 to sound as beautifully vintage as her. I 爱情 her voice, it's comforting.

I like her voice

8. Character I'd most want to look like...

I just find her gorgeous and would 爱情 to look like her! Also THAT HAIR!!!!

so pretty!!

9. Outfit I'd most want...
Jim Hawkins

I admit I prefer comfort above all else.... but now i have a funny picture in my head trying to imagine Eris in Jim's clothes XD

i just think his outfit looks comfy

I'd like to hear 更多 animated dream lives because this is fun! XD