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Recently, I watched the "CHARMED" Season One episode called (1.15) "Is There a Woogy in the House?". In this episode, Phoebe Halliwell’s childhood fear of a boogeyman in the basement called the "Woogeyman" proves to be true and it ends up taking possession of her and a few others – including her sister Prue’s ex-boyfriend, Andy Trudeau. Following this experience with the Woogeyman, Phoebe came to a conclusion regarding her moral compass.

The episode began with an aftershock from a 前一个 earthquake. The aftershock not only revealed Phoebe's childhood...
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"CHARMED" RETROSPECT: (1.16) "Which Prue Is It Anyway?"

Most 粉丝 of ”CHARMED” seemed to harbor the opinion that the series’ early seasons are much better than episodes that aired during the series’ last four years. After viewing Season One’s ”Which Prue Is It Anyway?”, I can easily see how they managed to form that opinion. Mind you, I believe that this particular episode was not exactly the best of Season One. But it certainly seemed like a masterpiece in compare to most of the episodes from Seasons Four to Eight.

Penned 由 Javier Grillo-Marxuach, the episode began with Phoebe...
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What I am about to say is ironic, considering that Phoebe Halliwell has become my least 最喜爱的 of the 圣女魔咒 Ones from the 电视 series, ”CHARMED”.

Many 粉丝 seemed to be of the opinion that Phoebe was to blame for the death of her oldest sister, Prue, in the Season Three episode, ”All Hell Breaks Loose”. It almost seems as if many wanted to use her as some kind of scapegoat. I am sorry, but I find this idea extremely hard to accept. I wonder if any 粉丝 of ”CHARMED” has ever stopped to consider that Prue bore most of the responsibility...
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posted by IsidoraSmiley
Phoebe Halliwell: We're the protectors of the innocent, we're known as the 圣女魔咒 Ones.

Phoebe Halliwell: I never touched Roger.
Prue Halliwell: Whoa!
Phoebe Halliwell: I know 你 think otherwise, because that's what that Armani- wearing, Chardonnay-slugging trust-funder told you. But...

Piper Halliwell: It doesn't matter because nothing happened... Right, Phoebe?... when 你 did the incantation?
Phoebe Halliwell: Well, my head spun around, and I vomited 分裂, 拆分 豌豆 soup. How should I know?

Phoebe Halliwell: Hear now the words of the witches, the secrets we hid in the night. The oldest of gods...
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Ready to get drunk? this is a really fun game and although I'm to young for the alcohol part there are numerous other ways to fill that in... for those of 你 who aren't of age to drink like me, use hot sauce 或者 something that can some what replace alcohol in this situation.
How 你 simply play this game is take a shot of alcohol 或者 whatever 你 would like to each time 你 see a trigger, a trigger would be for example whenever a character says demon 或者 whenever 你 see a bra strap, then 你 will take a shot... as 你 read on in the 文章 I will give triggers and please feel free to comment...
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"CHARMED" RETROSPECT: (6.17) “Hyde School Reunion”

(6.17) ”Hyde School Reunion” is an episode from Season Six of the TV series, ”CHARMED” (1998-2006). It is viewed as controversial 由 many 粉丝 of the show. I wish I could say that its controversy revolved around any innovative storytelling. I wish I could say this . . . but I cannot. Because ”Hyde School Reunion” is without a doubt one of the worst ”CHARMED” episodes to air on television.

In this episode, Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) inadvertently cast a spell – written in her high school yearbook – that allowed her wild personality...
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The ancestor of The 圣女魔咒 Ones, Melinda Warren, began the Book of Shadows in the late 17th century.[1] The 年 1693 is inscribed on the first page of the book, below the title,[1] presumably when the book was created. When Melinda was burned at the stake in the Salem Witch Trials, her book was passed on to her daughter Prudence. The book was then handed down from mother to daughter until it came to the 圣女魔咒 Ones in 1998.

The book has grown over the years with each witch who has possessed it, and 由 the late 1960s, it had about one hundred pages. It continued...
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Cole: 你 have no idea what you're getting yourself into.
Phoebe: Neither do you.

Phoebe: "I'm making 汤 for Cole, he'll eat it in a bowl. I guess that's my new role, just making 汤 for Cole."

Cole: Uh, Phoebe?
Phoebe: Cole! What are 你 doing here?
Cole: Well, I got a call from one of the tenants saying that, uh,
Wonder Woman was terrorising the landlord.

Cole: I'm a one woman demon.

Piper:"You were at Cole's all night?
Phoebe:"Uh huh."
Piper:"Did you?"
Phoebe:"Uh huh."
Piper:"Was he?"
Phoebe:"Uh huh."

(when cole and phoebe are fighting and he lands on 最佳, 返回页首 of her)
Phoebe: If 你 wanted to be on 最佳, 返回页首 you...
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For some time, Charmed's 冬青, 冬青树 Marie Combs wasn't a mother, but she played one on TV. Yet on-air pregnancy, delivery, and child-rearing didn't really prepare the WB's good witch for her first nonfiction baby adventures.

On Playing Mom
"Faking it was much easier.I got to give the baby back to its rightful owner and go 首页 for a good night's sleep. Before 你 have a baby, 老友记 tell 你 'sleep now,' and 你 laugh because 你 don't think that all those stories could be true. But they are."

Real-Life Monsters
"I was worried -- I wasn't sure I had the maternal instinct. But the 分钟 my son came...
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Chapter 1

1st of all: I’ve wrote a fanfic if Phoebe were to die instead of Prue.

‘I’m falling apart
I’m barely breathing
With a broken heart
That’s still beating
In the pain
There is healing
In your name
I find meaning
So I’m holding on
I’m holding on
I’m barely holding on to 你 ‘~ Broken - Lifehouse

A deal with the Source? How the fuck did he not expect for something to happen? But this? He let out a yell that came from his soul. He even felt Belthazor howling too inside his mind. He pushed through and before he knew it he’d changed.
“Cole, “a cold voice reached him. He inclined...
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posted by Natalia94
Cole as the Source

Cole begins having nightmares of becoming the new Source. He tries to fight becoming the Source, but the 来源 keeps him from revealing what happened to the sisters, as the Seer attempts to guide him on his new dark path. However, Phoebe senses something is wrong with Cole, so she casts a spell to hear her heart's desire to help her decide if she should marry Cole, which summons her future and past selves to the present. Older Phoebe refuses to tell Phoebe about the events of the future for fear of changing things for the worse. Younger Phoebe reminded Present Phoebe of her...
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"CHARMED" RETROSPECT: (6.11) "Witchstock"

During its eight season run, the fantasy-drama "CHARMED" has occasionally featured an episode dealing with the topic of time travel. These time travel episodes usually prove to be well-written 或者 exceptional. However, there comes a time when the series produced a time travel episode that end up being a dud. The series' Season Six episode, (6.11) "Witchstock" proved to be the latter.

Directed 由 James A. Contner and written 由 Daniel Cerone, "Witchstock" begins at least a 月 或者 two following the first-rate (6.10) "Chris-Crossed". At the end of the...
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paige and piper were to the attic...piper was silently searching through the pages of the book of shadows...paige was scrying 由 checking in times piper's face's expression....
"It doesn't work damn it" paige yelled..
"keep searching" piper 说 in a calm way..."And I will try this: Power of the witches rise ...Course unseen across the skies...Come to us who call 你 near ...Come to us and settle here. " piper grabbed a 刀 and scratched her finger..." Blood to blood, I summon thee Blood to blood, return to me. " piper scremed:"for god's shake why isn't anything working! why?damn...
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posted by HaleyDewit
To Reverse the 爱情 Spell

Eniw der Ni Liob,
Stun leteb puc,
riah fo kcol s'revol dda,
stoor ekardnam owt

To Reverse the Warlock Spell

Eerf su tes lliw,
eerht fo rewop eht,

To Reverse the Woogyman Spell

Llewd swodahs erehw krad ot nruter
thgif ot gnorts oot eno ma I

To 移动 Ahead In Time

To Another Place In Time
Alternate version of the pageHear these words
hear the rhyme
We send to 你
this burning sign
Then our future selves
we'll find
In another place and time.

Return Spell

Take us back from
whence we came
To time and place
that are the same
Let past be present
That time regain

To Bind Powers...
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你 may have herd rumers about a 圣女魔咒 season 9,
well i have and did sone research and was disapointed when i found out ther wont be but to carry out the 圣女魔咒 lagacy i am starting a 湾 mirror newspaper on this very websight but we will have to right seperatley because we cant actualy be together in it to 加入 go to picks
and go to what would 你 want to be on 圣女魔咒 but only 5 can 加入 i am ask pheobe i will need sports,current events,weather,and 圣女魔咒 news if 你 have a ask pheobe qestion visit the same pick on picks i 说 to 加入 in and ask and if 你 are in the paper check it on every friday for topics and if 你 forget to wright your articl 或者 your fired
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Here is my season 10... Then there's season 10 and it continues where season 9 left off where a major power outage sends the sisters trapped in the Demon Exile, while the remaining exiled demons take control over the defenseless San Francisco. When the sisters successfully escaped the banished world and stop the remaining exiles from taking over, they undoubtely discover the side effects from being in the Demon Exile: Since Leo's suspected death, Piper 问题 his death and soon 问题 her idenity; Paige doubts her true feelings for Henry and her whitelighter duties; Pheobe soon discovers...
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"CHARMED" RETROSPECTIVE: The Death of Dr. Williamson

I just recently finished watching the Season Two episode from "CHARMED" called (2.20) "Astral Monkey" . There were some things that were 说 in this episode that really pissed me off. And all of my complaints centered upon the character, Dr. Curtis Williamson.

Curtis Williamson first appeared in an earlier episode, (2.12) "Awakened". In this episode, Piper became infected with a deadly disease called Arroyo Fever, after eating some South American 水果 she had purchased to serve at her club, P3. After her sisters and later Leo had both cured...
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posted by CharmedFan4eva_
1. Live everyday to the fullest. Phoebe never knew if it was her last 日 或者 not when she was a witch. So she made the most of every day.

2. Learn to defend yourself. Don't hit someone because they say something bad about you, but if someone hurts 你 physically, don't take it lying down. A good 冲床 in the nose.

3. Give good advice. Phoebe was an 建议 columnist. 你 don't have to be, but know what you're talking about when someone asks 你 for advice. If you're not sure, tell them 你 don't know.

4. Learn from your mistakes. When Phoebe made a mistake (ie: Cole) she tried to learn from it...
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posted by HaleyDewit
 It’s a great combination of everything I love, and it’s sort of girly but with action, so I just immediately fell in 爱情 with that whole concept.
It’s a great combination of everything I love, and it’s sort of girly but with action, so I just immediately fell in love with that whole concept.
Here's the long expected interview with the awesome girl who won CFOTM August: Courtney.Questions are 由 Sephora,answers are obviously 由 Courtney aka sevendeadlysins.Intro's 由 me.

1.Although we really know you, introduce yourself to the Charmies and tell us something 更多 about yourself. Something we don’t know, maybe?

Hi, my name is Courtney. I’m in high school, I’m a major 圣女魔咒 fan, and I have just adjusted my life so I am now 更多 optimistic and fun! (And I wear skirts a lot, which is weird for me.) Um, something 你 guys don’t know? Well, I have a lot of secrets. ;-) Well, there’s...
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Serena Fredericks

Ancient one of the eart so deep
Master of moon and sun
I shield 你 now in my wiccan way
Here in my 圈, 圈子 round
Asking 你 to protect this place
And offer your sun force down

Phoebe Halliwell

Here now the words of the witches
The secrets we hid in the night
The oldest of gods are invoked here
The great work of magic is sought
In this night and in this 小时
I call upon the ancient power
Give your power to we sisters three
Give us the power, we want the power

Piper Halliwell

Your 爱情 will wither and depart
From my life and my heart
Let me be, Jeremy
And go away forever

Prue, Piper & Phoebe

The Power of Three will set us free