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posted by Kayascod92
嘿 guys
me and some of the 粉丝 of miley cyrus have decided to conduct a 民意调查 for the greatest miley cyrus 粉丝 ever and just enter your names on the link 给 below hope 你 will participate and all the best


hope that u would take active participation and there will be 测试 contests and also for 更多 information 你 are free to contact me and also check out the official miley cyrus spot on fanpop. As 你 see that miley cyrus is a rising 星, 星级 and so are many others we will come up with 民意调查 for other huge stars but right now we decided to conduct it for the miley cyrus 粉丝 and dont forget to nominate urself 或者 any 老友记 and no campaigning allowed

posted by Crazybout11B
嘿 guys
today we all stand as independent beings in this world and also we can tak eour own decisions and here we get to know the importance of a very important aspect in our lives and the value it has in our life and that thing is 爱情 which is sth which we are not born with but slowly develop it in our minds and also in our hearts 你 might think it is hard to fall in 爱情 but its 更多 easier than 你 think i belive in 爱情 at first and once 你 are in 爱情 everything in this world goes upside down n all 你 can do is b in dream world so without 爱情 life would be a barren core and also without 爱情 life is just like a desert where no 花 bllom so guys fall in 爱情 its the best thing that could happen in your lives