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“Gerard committed suicide last night” Zoey said. “I found him hanging in our bedroom”
Daphne covered her mouth. “Oh my God, that’s…awful” she said

Daphne threw her arms around Zoey and Zoey faked a few tears and sobs. She pushed Daphne away and 说 she had to tell Alexia. She put her 钱包 on the dresser, knowing Daphne would see the letter and be too curious to leave it where it is.
And indeed, a 分钟 later, Daphne stormed outside, hysterically crying how everything was her fault.
Zoey walked back inside, trusting Daphne would need some time to calm down. She opened Daphne’s computer and connected a portable hard drive to it. The hard drive contained a fake video of Cas doing things with Alexia.
Zoey copied the video to Daphne’s files and then removed the hard drive. She closed the computer and called Alexia.
“Let’s go, Lex” she said. “We’re going to your grandparents”
“Aaaahhh!” she exclaimed. She pushed Cas away and looked at him terrified.
“I’m sorry” Cas mumbled concerned.
“It’s okay” Lucy said, but Cas unlocked the door and ran away.

Cas hurried out of the toilet and walked back into the restaurant. Lucy stared perplex at the backdoor Cas just went through.
A few yards further, in the shadows, Zoey was watching. She examined the waitress. She was pretty, but not stunning.
She walked to the girl and started talking. Did the guy hurt her? She could tell her, she’s a cop, Zoey told the girl.
Lucy Dickinson, Zoey read from the name card attached...
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Gerard got 首页 from his work. He hung his 涂层, 外套 on the rack and walked into the sitting room. He saw Zoey sitting in the couch, 写作 something.
“Eh, what are 你 doing here?” he asked and Zoey looked up.
“I’m 写作 a goodbye letter” Zoey smiled.
“For me?” Gerard asked cynical. Zoey stood up and walked to her ex-husband.
“No, not for you” she shook her head. “From you” She touched his forehead with her index and middle finger and Gerard fell unconscious.
As if he was a feather she carried him upstairs and put him on a chair. She took the rope which she had kept in the room as a preparation and winded it tightly around Gerard’s neck. The other end she tied to the chandelier. She pulled the chair away and a 秒 later she heard a snap.
“I called her a slut and told her I never wanted to see her again. Then I left the house. She followed me into the alley. I took a shorter way home. I had taken a cab, but I didn’t want to wait for another one. I wanted to get away from her as soon as possible. So, I took a shortcut via the alley and she followed me. She cried and tried to talk to me. I didn’t want to listen and got angry. She grabbed my arm and tried to stop me from walking away. I slapped her and she fell on the ground. I walked towards her and checked on her. She was awake and she was only hurt a little” Andy said....
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Zoey tapped Daphne’s arm reassuring. “Don’t be afraid. I won’t take 你 there” she promised. She took Daphne’s face in her hands. “I won’t take 你 there. Listen, why don’t 你 go take a nap? I’ll stay here to let Cas in. Gerard’s home, he can take care of Alex”
“Yeah, alright” Daphne 说 and she sniffed.
“Now, come one, away with those tears” Zoey 说 motherly. Daphne dried her eyes and smiled weak.
“I’m so lucky to have you” she sobbed.

Cas and Alexia were gone and Zoey was sitting at the 厨房 table. Daphne’s handwritten book was lying open on a blank...
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“My husband just violated me” Daphne said. Cas shot her an angry look and Daphne raised her eyebrows. “What, I didn’t just throw myself out of the window”
“My car is just around the block. I’ll go get it and then I’ll take 你 to the hospital” the neighbor said. He looked at Cas. “Next time I see you…”

Daphne had barely settled herself in her hospital bed, when the phone rang.
“Hello?” she said, when she picked up.
“Daphne, how are you?” Zoey asked.
“I’m fine, considering” Daphne 说 bitter.
“I’m so sorry. I should’ve never taken Emmanuel to that lake”...
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Daphne lifted one of the 表 legs that had broken off of the living 表 and walked behind Mitch.She lifted the leg and smashed it down on Mitch’ head. He dropped on the floor and blood dripped out of his head.

Daphne parked her car in front of 城堡 Café. She got out of her car and dragged Mitch to the front porch. She dropped him there and walked back to her car and drove away.
A few 秒 later another car opened and Zoey walked to the 城堡 Café.
“Hey, are 你 alright?” she asked.
“Aah” 说 Mitch groaning, who could barely keep his eyes open. “Your sister bashed my...
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Daphne took his hand. “I don’t want to lose you. 你 have to stay with me forever” she insisted.
Cas nodded, not really considering what she was saying.
“Emmanuel, I want 你 to make me your wife” Daphne 说 breathless.

Zoey and Shannen were sitting at the 厨房 表 in Zoey’s house. “I’m glad 你 came” Zoey said.“
Yeah, sure” Shannen said. “I meant what I said. I’ll do what I can to help you”
“Thank you” Zoey said. “I really don’t trust Emmanuel, but I promised Daphne I’d give him the benefit of the doubt”
“I get it” Shannen said. “What do 你 want me to do?”
“I want 你 to follow him, take pictures of him, maybe even film him” Zoey said.
“I don’t think that’s legal”” Shannen 说 careful.
“If he hurts my daughter it won’t be legal, either” Zoey snapped and Shannen cringed.
“All right, I’ll do it” Shannen agreed reluctantly.
Summer 2007

Daphne and Roland were lying in the woods, enjoying the sun and playing like teenagers in love.
At the 支撑, 海岸 of the lake there was a handsome twenty-five 年 old man.
“Go on, Martin” a female voice said. “You can do it”
Martin turned around. “Zoey!” he 说 enthusiastic and clapped his hands. Zoey came to him and he hugged her tight. “Martin loves Zoey”
Zoey caressed his hair. “I know, darling, I know” she 说 sweet. “You want to go take a dip in the lake?” she suggested.
Martin looked at her and she could see the conflict in his eyes. It was really hot and...
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Cas walked outside and saw Zoey standing against the wall.
“I’m glad you’re not gone yet” Cas said.
“I waited for you” Zoey said. “Listen, Cas, what Daphne did is unforgivable, but if it helps, I had a very good conversation with her and I think she’s really sorry”
Cas shook his head. “It doesn’t help. I thought Daphne trusted me”
“She was upset about the annulment for your wedding” Zoey explained. “She’d expected 或者 actually hoped you’d rip the pages into pieces and come 首页 with her. But when 你 didn’t she was really hurt and she’s been looking for a way...
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Meg looked around the police station. So that was why no one was answering her calls for help. They were all dead. There were bodies everywhere and their insides were torn out. The floor was covered in blood.
Meg looked up. Daphne had entered the building. She stared shocked at the bodies.
“You killed all those people” she 说 trembling. It wasn’t a question, but an observation. “You’re going to hurt 更多 people. I can’t let 你 do that”
“You can’t handle me. I’m too strong for your” Meg said. She walked towards Daphne and passed her. If she was going to try something Meg could easily take her down.
However, as she passed by, Daphne jumped 前锋, 期待 and stabbed Meg in her neck with syringe, containing a red substance.
“Aaaahhh!” Meg gasped and she touched her neck. “What the hell are 你 doing?”
But Daphne had left the building and ran for her life.
The jury had made a decision and woman walked to the judge and gave him a piece of paper.
“To the 问题 if Castiel abused Alexia Moore the jury finds him not guilty” the judge said.
“Yes!” Dean triumphed. He jumped up and walked quickly towards Cas.
Zoey took Alexia 由 the hand and walked down the aisle.
“Zoey, wait!” Daphne shouted desperate.
Zoey turned around.”Do 你 have any idea what 你 put me through? What 你 put Alex through? After everything I’ve done for you. Gerard killed himself, because of you! How many lives do 你 have to destroy, before 你 realize you’re the one who needs to be put away in a cell?”
Daphne grabbed Zoey’s arm. “Please, listen to me. I never meant to hurt 你 或者 Alex. I thought I was helping. Tell me how I can make it up”
Zoey jerked her arm. “Stay away from me and Alex. And if 你 even care a little about Cas, 你 stay away from him, too”
She turned around and walked away.
Meg read the book as if it was a detective and she wanted to know who the killer was. Daphne’s life had been a roller coaster due to her illness. But everyone knew Daphne was crazy, including Cas’ attorney. So she kept looking for something different.
When she was near the end she discovered something strange. She flipped a few pages, when a piece of paper fell out of the book. Meg picked it up and opened it. She read the letter and compared the handwriting with the one in the book.
She threw the book on the floor and conjured her phone.
No signal, it said
“Damn it!” she cursed.
She carefully stretch her arm, but the Key of Solomon was still working perfectly.
She looked at the hard stone floor and stamped on it, causing part of the floor to break. Meg grabbed a piece of the floor and threw it at the ceiling.
The Key of Solomon broke and Meg kicked her cell open.
“The defense wants to summon Alexia Moore” Craig said.
The door opened and both Zoey and Alexia entered the courtroom. Zoey walked Alexia to the judge and then found herself a seat.
Alexia took the oath and then waited with held breath for the questions.
“Alexia, how long have 你 known Castiel?” Craig asked kind.
“For a few months now” Alexia answered.
“How would 你 describe his personality?” Craig asked.
“He’s sweet” Alexia said. “He’s a little shy and quite clueless. But he’s the only one who treats me like an adult”
“And does he do adult things with you?” Craig...
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Evan waved with the DVD.
“This is where it’s all about. Without this DVD Mr. Castiel wouldn’t be sitting here and no one would make him take responsibility for his actions. Your honor, if 你 allow me I would like to 显示 this DVD to 你 and the jury”
Daphne’s laptop was standing on a table.
“Objection!” Craig shouted for the 秒 time. ‘Daphne Allen is a woman suffering from a mental illness. Inspector Roberts took advantage of Daphne’s ignorance and though she didn’t have a 搜索 warrant she still searched the house, which means the DVD doesn’t count”
The request to...
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Meg was browsing through the pages of Daphne’s book, hoping to find something that could prove Cas’ innocence. While she read she listened carefully to hear if Zoey was on her back yet.
Maybe everyone was awake again. After all, the building was full of staff. Meg wasn’t in prison, she was being held custody, until someone told her how long she’d be convicted.
So it was very assumable Zoey had been caught and thrown out. 或者 maybe she’s been arrested for trying to help Meg escape.
“Hello?!” Meg shouted to be sure.
No respond.
“Is anyone there?” Meg yelled.
Again no answer.
“Zoey!” Meg yelled again.
Complete silence.
“Okay, stay calm” Meg told herself. “Zoey’s just very confused and upset about the trial. She can only think about Alexia, so she forgot about me”
The other theory was that Zoey got killed, because she tried to help Cas.
The first witness was the mother of the seven 年 old boy Cas had healed from a life threatening fever.
“I went to the 厨房 and when I came back Mr. Allen, as he presented himself, had his hands all over my son. I…I think he was taking advantage of my son’s weakness”
“Objection!” Craig said. “I think everyone in 城堡 Rock knows about my client’s special abilities? Castiel can heal people with his bare hands, which is why Mrs. Jones had him come over in the first place. But to do his job he needs to touch his patient. He doesn’t even charge them”
“Of course he wouldn’t” Evan Trumble, Daphne’s attorney, said. “That’s because he knows that what he’s doing is wrong”
While Craig and Evan where quibbling, Cas looked sharp at Mrs. Jones.
“I never touched your son and 你 know it. I saved your son and this is not the right way to thank me”
Mrs. Jones seemed to cringe and looked around to find support 或者 a way out.
“Get me out of here! Guard!” Meg yelled, though she knew it was no use. The only reason Anna and Balthazar had been able to chat with her without being disturbed, was because they were able to make humans unconscious. So they were all probably fast asleep.
“Stop yelling” Zoey hissed. She was carrying a big book, which Meg recognized as Daphne’s ‘The Lake’, a diary hidden behind fictional character names.
“What are 你 doing here?” Meg frowned. She didn’t want to have anything to do with the Allen sisters.
“Cas’ trial started an 小时 ago” Zoey started. “I have to prepare...
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The 下一个 morning.
Cas was sitting in the court room. The judge had sat down and ordered everyone to follow his example.
“The defendant may stand up”
Craig poked Cas to let him know he had to stand up.
“Castiel, you’ve been accused of pedophilia of the four 年 old Alexia Moore” the judge said.
“I didn’t do it” Cas 说 desperate. He searched the room to find Sam and Dean. They were in the back. Jo wasn’t there. Cas didn’t blame her. They didn’t know each other that well.
“There’s enough damning material to believe the opposite” Daphne’s attorney said.
That 评论 caused mixed reactions. On one side there were those people who believed Cas was guilty as charged and who wanted him convicted. On the other side there were those who thought he was innocent and they were not pleased with the words of the attorney.
“Silence” the judge 说 and he knocked with his hammer.
“Your honor, if 你 allow me, I’d like to summon my first witness”
Night fell and Meg was playing with her phone. She had gotten so used to the sound of wings, she didn’t bother to look up when Balthazar and Anna appeared.
“We just heard Castiel’s trial’s tomorrow, which is very unusual” Balthazar said. “Whatever Crowley’s up to, it’ll happen tomorrow”
Meg shrugged. Why did everyone expect her to care?
“That means you’ll have to be prepared” Anna 说 sharp.
Meg stopped playing games with her phone.
“We’re getting 你 out tonight” Anna said.
Meg looked up, happy as a child. “Finally” she said.
Balthazar conjured his sword, but then he dropped it and disappeared.
“Wait, where did he go?” Meg asked agitated.
“I have no idea” Anna 说 a little scared.
“Hurry” Meg inisisted.
Unfortanutely Anna vanished as well, before she could release Meg from her prison.