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Dexlabs confrence room: 日 1

" Ok so we're all decided right?" Gwen anounced as they finished plans. " Double D did 你 get contact with Urban rangers yet?"
"they're on the way, me and Hoagie will meet up with them at the culdesac right now." Double D 说 racing out the confrence room door with numbuh two close behind him. " Hmmmmmm, Juniper 你 better go with them to make sure they don't make things any worse."Gwen said, Juniper immeadiatly running out the door to follow them. " Ok, Bubbles, the proffesor's on his way right?"

Bubbles nodded a quick yes, standing 下一个 to DeeDee. " Ok, then 你 and DeeDee go find Blossom and 《嗜血法医》 and see if 你 can help Blossom calm him down.Mandark, 你 stay here with Samuri Jack, the proffesor, Wilt, Mac and Bloo to see if 你 can build something to knock these fusions 或者 whatever outta techsquare" "easier done then said, Gwen" Wilt contemplated. " Good, now everybody 移动 out! When Bloss, Bubbs, Dee,and Dex come back tell them to meet me and team zata at sanctuary square in sector v." Gwen said, the teams running towards the confrence room exit. " aye aye.......stupid!" Mandark whispered, giggling evily to himself as Gwen ran out with team zata.

Dexlabs level 7, room 3786590427:

" Dexter? are 你 in here?" Blossom said, searching the quiet room. She had heard Dexter's silent sobbing a few moments earlier from the outer hallway. "Go away!I don't want to be seen!I'm a fool! a hermit! I don't deserve the 标题 genius!just leave me alone!" Dexter's voiced echoed off one of the walls. Blossom peaked around one of the large metal storage crates, only to find 《嗜血法医》 cradling himself, his face hidden behind his arms. His tears streaming down.

" Dexter, what happend to you? back when I knew 你 you'd always have a plan, even if it was so impossible 或者 out of proportions and it made no sense at all!" Blossom said. This did'nt help. "Blossom, I don't even know you! I never have! I have no idea even what you're talking about!!!just leave me alone!" 《嗜血法医》 cried, sobbing harder then ever.

"hmmmm.. guess eight years of nothing but 你 and that lab made 你 forget everything huh?" Blossom said, still keeping a smile on her face.Dexter looked up at her with teary puzzeled look. He knew he'd seen Blossom before from somewhere, but eight years? It had to be a lie.

The culdesac

" Urban ranger's assemble!"Rolf commanded,the rangers immeadiatly zipping to get in line for their leader. " Thank 你 Rolf for doing this, we need all the help we can get!" Double D 说 shaking Rolf's hand. "Double D we better get going! it's almost time for the crowds to start assembling in sanctuary square!" Numbuh two yelled running toward's the outer part of the culdesac. " Urban rangers! 前锋, 期待 march!" Rolf yelled as Double D struggled to catch up to numbuh two. " HEY! WAIT FOR ME!" Juniper yelled having been busy fighting off some fusions.

Sanctuary square: sector V

" ugh... where are they?!" Ben said, looking miffed. The fusions were'nt spawning yet, though from what the team could tell they knew where it was coming from. " look I know they'll be here soon! ok! Then Double D can go with Billy and courage to go get Bloo and head to the darklands. Then 你 can go with Kevin, Dexter, and Blossom to the-"

"WHAT!? me, Kevin the klobberer, Dorkster, and Dorksters future girlfriend? No way! NUH-UH! not doing it!" Ben 说 his arms folded, turning his back on Gwen. " It's not that bad!Truth be told I alreadys founds me a new friend!" Billy said. "We're back!and we've brought the urban rangers!!!!!" Hoagie cheered running towards team zata, Double D and the Urban rangers close behind. " good! then we better get Double D, Billy, and courage to techsquare to grab Bloo and head for the darklands" Gwen 说 grabbing Double D , Billy and Courage. " SAY WHAT!?I though 你 说 I was going to 糖果 cove with Ed and Ben!!" Double D 说 gasping for air as Gwen drug him 由 the screuff of his Collar. " Yeah well.....I lied! Now come on!"

Dexlabs: lvl 7 room 3786590427

"Dexter, come on... it's gonna be ok" Blossom said. She had gotten 《嗜血法医》 to stop crying finally. Though he still felt terrible, and embarrassed to 显示 his face in front of the heros. " Blossom? Dexter? 你 in here?" A voice said, two figures stood in the door way. " ya we're here... scardey cat scientist and helpful smart puff ready and acounted for." Blossom said, Helping 《嗜血法医》 get off the floor. "You feeling better Dex?" Bubbles 说 as her and DeeDee walked inside. " Ya......I guess" 《嗜血法医》 said, he blushed a little after Blossom noticed he was looking at her. "well 《嗜血法医》 we better get 你 guys to sanctuary square" DeeDee said, leading 《嗜血法医》 out the door he glanced over his shoulder at Blossom again.

" I think he still likes 你 Blossom." Bubbles whispered. " what did 你 say to him to get him to calm down?"
" I....reminded him......and then well....I don't want to talk about it" Blossom said, looking longingly at the empty doorway. " 你 don't mean you.....kissed him did you?" Bubbles 说 looking grossed out for a 秒 as they walked out. " Oh no, I did'nt do that....... but I did tell him how when we were little kids I had a massive crush on him." Blossom 说 blushing.

Little did Blossom know.....though it was her first time seeing 《嗜血法医》 in eight years.... that glance over the shoulder might have been the last time her 或者 anyone else was going to see Dexter........forever.

end of chapter 2

sneek peek of chapter three: a dog, a Blue thing, a idiot, and a sockhead trapped in the fusions lair

10:00 PM.......


" Oh great! here we are! Stuck in the darklands!Just what I need! and no videogames in sight!!" Bloo 说 sarcasticly. " Bloo, now is not the time to get all panicy!" Double D assured him. The group was probably the weirdest team yet. the biggest thing was, the Darklands it self was scary enough, but with these fusions around things were gonna be twice as hard. Fusions had attacked the campsite seven times now. The only thing they had to protecting them was the fact that Gwen decided Eduardo should come with them too. The fusions seemed for now to be afraid of him. Double D hoped it would stay that way.

Hours passed, things got no better. Finally it was time for all the heros to go to sleep. Bad Idea.

to be continued.....if they live that long.

uhhhh Ben,Gwen....... is there ANY CHANCE I COULD PLEASE GET AWAY FROM THESE GUYS!!!???- excerpt from 下一个 chapter titled: a dog,a blue thing, a idiot,and a 袜子 head trapped in the fusions lair