a long time 以前 Cartoon Network made a marathon which i thought was too cool and made shows have alien specials which was called Cartoon Network Invaded! this was the best Thing Cartoon network has ever done in history that featured the shows Including Camp Lalzo,Fosters,The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy,My Gym Partner's a Monkey & Ed Edd n Eddy. i loved the ed edd n eddy alien special titled:the Eds are coming. it's about Jimmy having a nightmare about a UFO taking the cul-de-sac and loses sarah too so he wakes up and suddenly Johnny goes over to rolf's backyard and see greenish lights from his windows and he's freaking out and 说 there's aliens invading Rolf's House and so Jimmy believes him and see a metor hit the playground and See it's Ed and turns out he was also from rolf's house near the end of the episode it turns out there's no Aliens invading rolf's house it turns out his family is visting and invites everyone including the eds to see some clips but run away scared and also Eddy stays at rolf's house and also ends with the samething in jimmy's nightmare the aliens take the whole cul-de-sac and also the part i hated is when they decided to Tie up Nazz when they needed a female to be taken but she was never free after the end of the Episode 总体, 整体 i gave this episode and CN Invaded 10 out 10 stars i just loved it. it was so Cool to see CN do something for a change with Aliens! and it was the best idea Danny antonucci came up with for any ed edd n eddy episode 或者 special and i still liked it Cartoon Network invaded was just to freakin awesome with the alien specials. the good ol days. and the shows with the alien specials including Ed Edd n Eddy were my 收藏夹 of the CN Invaded marathon. the grade is an A+