Caroline Forbes Out of my 最喜爱的 Caroline 语录 from Season 3, which is your favorite?

Pick one:
3x01: Just because I tell 你 things doesn't mean that you're allowed to know the
3x04: If my own father, who I 爱情 dearly, can't change me. No one can change Dam
3x06: Why should I let the fact that my boyfriend was turned into a hybrid put a
3x09: Matt is an innocent, good person who should not be going to dances with evi
3x11: Are 你 going to kill me?
3x14: 你 don`t connect with people, because 你 don`t even try to understand th
3x15: I'm too smart to be seduced 由 you.
3x17: No one is better off without their parents.
3x18: Why do I always have to be Klaus bait?
3x19: Unlike some other people, I don't sleep with everyone I make eye contact wi
3x20: I've watched The Bachelor. Fair is fair. It's Stefan's turn!
3x21: Since when does sire bond equal mover slave?
3x22: Want some tea? Maybe some vodka? Both will help 你 sleep.
 mrssalvatore6 posted 一年多以前
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