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amazondebs posted on Feb 15, 2008 at 08:30PM
the obvious topic lol
personally i like buffy a lot more because of the humor and the big bad are much more threatening and the series in general is a lot darker
charmed i do like a lot but i won't sit down and watch season after season because i'm so hooked as except from cole it's a lot lighter

what about you?

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一年多以前 x-missmckena-x said…
this time last year i was a complete buffy fan no way would anything ever beat it and then during my a level revison i got bored and decided to start watching charmed as id only watched it in dribs and drabs! i knew i like cole so i started from when he came in and became instantly addicted! i swear its all cuz of phoebe and cole! but we know im a sucker for those forbidden romances!
一年多以前 amazondebs said…
i think the one of the huge reason why there are so many fans of buffy and charmed is the forbidden romances! as picks have shown they are more of girls shows as well lol
一年多以前 em_em said…
BtVS is my 1st TV addiction, it got me started on watching almost everything I watch (obsessively, I know its not healthy don't shout) now. Charmed was one of those programmes. Although I don't watch it anymore, I don't own the DVDs because, for me its just not a show I can sit down and watch for hours on end. It was good when it was on TV but I'll leave it at that.
一年多以前 TeddyBear said…
I love them both,& i think you right,it's all about the forbidden romance,i know i wouldnt be the least interested if angel/spike werent in buffy or if leo/cole wasnt in charmed...:)
一年多以前 amazondebs said…
i wouldn't class leo as forbidden love
i know the witches and whitelighters aren't meant to be but from a audience point of view there's nothing wrong with their love unlike loving a creature of darkness
一年多以前 NikaDawson said…
I don't think I'd classify Angel as forbidden love either really. The scoobies may not have liked Buffy being with Angel, but they accepted it, and as Angel was a vampire with a soul when they started going out I think it wasn't that forbidden. He was already scorned by his family and vampire community, there wasn't much to forbid anymore. Leo I don't think is forbidden love either, not like Cole or Spike.

Spike, the scoobies hated and distrusted, their relationship was dark and difficult from the start, and Buffy was ashamed of herself from wanting him. I think that's far more of a forbidden love than Angel/Buffy. Cole is much the same way, I find him more forbidden than Leo/Piper, because when he started out with Phoebe he was still accepted by the demon community and very much a part of it. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, back to the original question, I love both shows but I like Buffy better. I started watching Buffy cause I was interested in anything to do with vampires, Charmed I started watching because of Holly Marie Combs. I think I like Buffy more because the baddies you can connect with more, there's more character's to connect with, their faults come out more, and it's not a new demon every week. Plus I like the later Buffy storlines better.
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一年多以前 amazondebs said…
i class angel as forbidden because of bangelus she still loved him even when he was evil, i know they weren't together at all but her love for him was forbidden and in season 3 the scoobies were not best chuffed, neither was her mum

although spike was a much bigger step on the dark side (cole even more), angel i still think of as forbidden but leo it never even crossed my mind to refer to him as that
一年多以前 nosemuffin said…
I'm on the final season of Charmed, so I figured that I was finally qualified to join this spot.

Although I do find Charmed quite enjoyable to watch, I would almost call it a guilty pleasure.

There's no question in my mind that Buffy is the better show. Better writing, tighter plots, and the single most important thing is that the characters don't flipflop the way they do on Charmed. And I mean, come on... Some of the conclusions that the sisters reach (which end up saving the day of course), doesn't your jaw just drop at how sloppy and illogical they are?

I get the whole Phoebe/Cole thing, but only for season 3. After that, what the hell? He gets taken over by the source, and she stays with him even though it's not him anymore. That was so out of character for her. And it was no fun because we lose the essence of his personality which is what was so great about Cole. And then when it's really him again, FINALLY, she wants nothing to do with him. Again, I say, What the hell?

Also, I know that some of you Bangel and Spuffy shippers love the men, but not so much Buffy... But for me, who loves Buffy, I really have to like both parties to ship a couple, and I just don't like Phoebe. Of all four sisters, she's my least favorite.

Piper and Leo are awesome though. Leo is my favorite character on the whole show, he's so good. And Piper has amazing comic timing. So I totally get the whole Piper/Leo ship.

I guess I'm talking a lot about Charmed and not Buffy. That's mostly because Charmed is very new to me and I've already said so much about my love of Buffy.
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一年多以前 TeddyBear said…
Okay the thing you said about Charmed always saving the day!!Buffy is the poster girl example!!
The shw has a sort of rocky comlex!she fights he big bad,she louses,then she mans,then she fights them again&wins!!that is all buffys like!!:)
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一年多以前 amazondebs said…
could you elaborate a bit teddybear? you seem argue for buffy and then against it?
一年多以前 nosemuffin said…
But the difference is that Buffy deals with darkness. She freaking died! I know that the sisters all died, but they were always back so quickly and in such a light-hearted manner (not counting Prue of course).
And there were lots of enemies that Buffy couldn't take right away. Several that are dealt with over major portions of a season. She didn't always save the day.
一年多以前 TeddyBear said…
She did eventually, like when then?, well in most seasons thats what happens, glory kicks her ass for 3/4 of a season, just so buffy could finally kill her in the last episode, the 1st, same thing, Calib-same thing,uber vamp-same thing,
angelus-same thing, dont get me wrong, i love buffy, but i just needed to make the point that every programme has there little things!!:):):)
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一年多以前 HaleyDewit said…
I never watched Buffy so intensively like I watched and still watch Charmed.I do have the dvd's and the boxset.I have pocket books and I write fanfictions about it.I just love it <3