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          The Special 爱情 Story 
                 Part 5

"Today's the day!" Molly 说 as her two 老友记 helped zip her wedding dress. "I'm finally going to marry Gil! My Gil! This is so exciting!"

    "Tell me about it!" Deema 说 as she finished hooking the back of the dress. "It's like the end to a Fairytale!"

    "Yeah! When the beautiful princess marries the prince and they live happily ever after!" Oona 说 as she combed her loosely curled hair.

   The Fairytale is finally happening for Molly today! It was her and Gil's wedding day, and she was really excited. She...
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    That Special 爱情 Story
           Part 2

  Molly was stunned. Her boyfriend was kneeling before her with a diamond ring glistening in his hand. It was a very fine diamond in deed. Shiny, elegant, and hooked onto a beautiful silver loop. She thought it was unbelievable. 

  Molly always knew Gil wasn't much of the romantic type. Sure, they'd kiss, and do 'other things', but that seemed different. Now he's actually proposing to her! This was a dream come true.

 The 粉, 粉色 haired girl thought of what to actually say. An "I 爱情 it!" would sound too greedy, and an "Of course I'll...
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