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posted by ashesandwine
Casey's question: How many times have 你 watched the 82 letters scene?
Why are 你 asking me this hun? I don't know! ALOT of times, but I have to say mostly because of my videos, so I can see what part I can use & stuff.I 爱情 this scene very much, but the BL scene I watched the most is definitly the BL scene from 2x23 'I wanna be with you.' My 最喜爱的 由 far!

Brenda's question: If 你 could meet any celebrity, dead 或者 alive, who would it be and why?
Can I choose maybe 5 celebrities? :P OFC I'm going to pick James Lafferty , my #1 crush since 6 或者 even 7 years. I would 爱情 to meet him,...
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posted by ashesandwine
Dany's question: 最喜爱的 thing about life? The simple things like staying up all night watching scary 电影院 或者 eating too much chocolate. I 爱情 most things about life and even accept some of the bad. Good 老友记 and a supportive family make everything alright.

Brenda's question: Which of your 最喜爱的 artist's lyrics do 你 think are the best? Hmm, I 爱情 so many lyrics, but my favourite band is 酷玩乐队 so I`ll go with some lyrics 由 them. From Swallowed In the Sea:
"Well that`s where I belong and 你 belong with me, not swallowed in the sea." but I also 爱情 the lyric "I wanna 爱情 you,...
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posted by Jessica4695
 I’d want them to develop their relationship further, like they did in both season 2 & 5.
I’d want them to develop their relationship further, like they did in both season 2 & 5.
Kir question: Which character do 你 think you're most similiar to?
The character that I’m most similar to is definitely Caroline Forbes. (minus the vampire part! :P)

Hollys question:
1.) If 你 could have Brooke & Caroline meet somehow, how would it happen? What would they do together?

I'd want them to meet at Tric. Get drunk, make out a little, become bff's and talk about boys. Caroline - of course - would be firmly on team Brucas.

2.) If 你 got to be responsible for 写作 the final episode of OTH, what would happen?
I would have Brooke & Lucas have a scene together, talk about...
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First of I wanted to thank EVERYONE who participated in this & tried to answer the question. I'm sorry it took awhile, but I was busy with school & I hope everyone is fine with the outcome of this! So here are the BLL AWARDS 2011;

1) BLL Spot Awards:
1.1 Ultimate 测试 Maker: Dany
1.2 Ultimate Pick Maker: Dany
1.3 Ultimate 图标 Creator: Jess
1.4 Ultimate 粉丝 Art Creator: Ally
1.5 Ultimate Video Creator: Jess
1.6 Ultimate 文章 Writer: Dany
1.7 Best Oldie: Jess & Holly
1.8 Best Newbie: Chelsea
1.9 Most Faithful to the Spot: Jess

2)A: BLL 粉丝 Awards:
2.1 Biggest Brooke Fan: Jess...
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Jensen is so pretty in person. I know that's a girly word but it really fits him ;) his eyelashes and eyes .. so amazing. He was also super sweet and kind of shy :) It was adorable. He smelled SO good! I looked at him up close and kind of forgot that the world existed ;)

Jared is SO much hotter in person! The boy does NOT photograph well at all. His smile lights up his entire face .. and the entire room! He also smelled really good, but 更多 like yummy cologne!

Misha Collins was super hilarious. His panel was one of my favorites, which surprised me. He also has gorgeous eyes.

Amy Gumenick...
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posted by mooshka
Well, before I continue with this article, I would like to say, I hope no one minds that I'm posting this 文章 on this spot, because I'm not a part of it. So I hope I didn't upset anyone 由 posting it here:)

Dany, Dany, Dany♥ This girl is amazing<3 She's perfect. She's one of the most sweetest, most adorable, most caring people I know. She's always there for 你 no matter what. There has never been a time where I needed Dany and she hasn't be there for me. She sticks with me through everything!From my serious problems to my stupid teenage...
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posted by Brucas_Chophia
 Happy belated birthday Ally!
Happy belated birthday Ally!
Happy belated birthday! ♥


She's perfect in every way. Caring, hilarious, strong, talented, smart, kind, selfless, honest, brilliant, mature, sympathetic. She really is the sweetest person ever and just a fantastic friend.

She's always there for anyone and is always willing to help as much as she can.
Ally has so much epicness in her and she doesn't even realize. I'm telling 你 guys, Ally is going to change the world someday and I'm not sure she even knows it. ♥

I 爱情 how passionate she is when it comes to BL/SPN/SD. Seriously. It's scary sometimes 哈哈 :P kidding :) But really, her...
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posted by freakiin_ruby
 The faces around her had changed too. They too looked 更多 worn out.
The faces around her had changed too. They too looked more worn out.
Well, some of 你 lovely people 说 you'd like to read some of my stuff, I thought I'd post this thing on here, since I have no idea where i might be going with this when/if it's ever finished.
So, this is the first chapter of Dreamplanet, something I've wanted to write for a long time now, but only started on about two weeks ago. So far, I've got a plot for sixteen chapters, but the story I've planned is nowhere near finished 由 then..
One 更多 important thing about this is, that, well, every chapter is (more 或者 less loosely) based on a dream I've had & that's why later on there may be...
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posted by Jessica4695
 Castiel returning, falling from heaven and being human
Castiel returning, falling from heaven and being human
Kir's question: You're going to this 'certain' place for a 'certain' amount of time, what one thing would 你 take with you?
Well, either a book 或者 my cellphone, but I think I would choose my cellphone because It would allow me to be in contact with everyone and have 音乐 with me at the same time, and that I always need.

Maria's question: In your future how do 你 imagine yourself? {for example about family,work}
I hope I have a great career, either on my country 或者 in another one, I hope I find a guy that I 爱情 and loves me and that we have a family together. I hope to stay 老友记 with...
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posted by ashesandwine
First of all I want to say sorry to everyone that this took so long, but Dany has been busy with school and then she sent me this and this was a super busy week for me so... But here it is and I hope everyone likes it

Ally's question: Why do 你 like Chophia so much? & Would 你 choose them over Brucas?

There are soo many reasons! I could spend my days and days saying why I 爱情 them so much. But I think, mostly because I see on them (& BL, of course)something I never saw in my life. I see love. They made me believe in Love, the one thing I was sure I was never going to believe in.
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posted by Brucas_Chophia
Dear Holly:

WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE 爱情 YOU! WE...
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posted by Brucas_Chophia
So, this was supposed to be a 墙 post, but it didn't fit in one, that's why I made it an article.

I'm not going to lie, I think it was around 5:45 pm here in Chile, but I'm not really sure. I saw that someone made a 评论 on the "who's your favorite?" pick, so I went to check it out. It was Rochelle who made that comment, and right after I read it, I saw her icon... it was an amazing Chophia icon, so I had to 支持 her. I went to her 个人资料 page and I usually read everyone's motto, so I read hers... I was shocked, I couldn't believe it, but I went there to 支持 her, so that's what I was...
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posted by NicLovesBrucas
Just a little something I wrote, been down over some stuff lately and well 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) is the best way to cheer mee up so I wrote a little something. Hope 你 all like it. <3

He looked at her; he was standing away from her. Observing her, watching her moves carefully he wanted to speak to her but was scared of how she would react. What would he say to her? Sorry? About leaving her, letting her down, not fighting for her when she needed him to. He closed his eyes and inhaled the air, it reminded of all the memories he shared with her. The first time he had met her and she had so arrogantly walked...
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posted by Brucas_Chophia
Sometimes people just live their life, which is completely understandable, but...what about all those people who can't live their life even when they want to? All those people who have been treated badly 由 life and they can't get over it? We all should be able to live our lifes, 你 know? No matter what. But sometimes people can't and that's not even the worst part, the worst part is that people who can live their lifes, don't care about people that can't, and that's...that's sad and I don't about you, but that hurts me, it hurts me as hell.

My 唱歌 is of pain like a caged bird...

I can write,...
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