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chicki: u r a grumpy old troll!

merastewart: Nuh uh!!! I think I'm just high from that weed I found in the bushes.!

chicki: !!!! did u 交叉, 十字架 that shaky 屁股 bridge to get to the motherfuckin immigration office? xD

merastewart: Hell no mutha fuckah.... I was about to until dat 婊子, 子 walked up tellin me she 迷失 my weed.

chicki: the one that fucks all ur boyfriends and borrows all ur money? xD

merastewart: Hell yeah.... dat 婊子, 子 is fucked up FOH REAL!

chicki: go kick her muthafuckin 屁股 ninja!

merastewart: Giiirl.... she...
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Battle of the bad 食物 jokes!!! xD

kaboomgirl: FWAAHH~! *tackles you* GIMME YOUR ICECREAM! >:D

chicki: Gaaaahhhh!!!! I am actually eating ice cream right now HOWDIDYOUKNOWTHAT stalkerrrrrrr?!! O:

kaboomgirl: I didn't know! Are 你 ALWAYS eating icecream? xD *takes a bite*

chicki: Who, me? Pshhh nooo...*shoves the ice cream onto your face* O:)

kaboomgirl: !!!!! *now have a face full of icecream* ......... *wipes some of it off and smooshes it in your hair* >:]

chicki: Oh its on like DONKEH KONG!!!! Lmao I just took a 淋浴 你 jerk!! *grabs a bucket full of melted ice cream and dumps it...
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We started 由 going back and forth on each others walls. xD so, if 你 搜索 around on our walls, you'll probly find this :D

kaboomgirl: Bwah!

chicki: Gwah o:

kaboomgirl: Chwah! O:

chicki: Fwah!

kaboomgirl: Dwahh!!

chicki: Kwaaahhh!!! Why are we doing this xD

kaboomgirl: Kwaah!! I don’t know xD

chicki: Dang!! I was gonna use kwah!! Youuuu stealer! xD Pwah!

kaboomgirl: O: PFFF!!! Twahh!!!

chicki: Gaarrr. Swaahhhh!

kaboomgirl: *plays the ULTIMATE card* WAAHHH! Xd

chicki: o:!!!!!! 你 little jerk!! 哈哈 xD WHAAA-CHAAA!!! –if 你 do not recall, that is my superawesome karate chop sound. Orrrr!! Schockablooee!!!...
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Merastewart: I have two types of dressing in my 生菜 !

chicki: O: kewl

merastewart: xD ifkr!

chicki: does it taste yummeh?

merastewart: I'm having a dance party in my mouth! what u think!!' WAHOOOO. aww fuck. turn that shit off! no one wants to hear her squeaky voice !!

chicki: wtf??? xD

merastewart: xD

chicki: hahahahaha

merastewart: *music playing * it's Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday!! what the fuck did I say!! fuck a 锄, 锄头 sideways with a god damn rake

chicki: did u see me and johnys statuses?? how crazy....i 说 RAAWWRR and then he's like barking i asked him what in hell it was about...
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chicki: *throws a 树 at you*

merastewart: *throws an 象, 大象 at you*

chicki: 你 can’t throw yourself mera ;]

merastewart: Atleast I didn't throw YOU.! A WOOLY MAMMOTH.!!

chicki: OH YEAH??!!! well you're a pig/anteater/evil unicorn!!!!!!!! =.=

merastewart: Well, I’d rather be an evil unicorn then a snorting COW!!

chicki: TOO BAD!!! you're both already!!!

merastewart: LIAR.!

chicki: FATTY!

merastewart: PIG.!

chicki: BUTTFACE!

merastewart: ASSFACE.! O:

chicki: CRAPHEAD!!!

merastewart: O:

chicki: yeah i went there. SUCK IT UP WOMAN!

merastewart: I'm NEVER talking to 你 again!

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