Brad Pitt fights to save his family and the human race in World War Z
The action starts pretty much right away in World War Z. There’s not much of a buildup when 你 see the first zombie in downtown Philadelphia - the mayhem begins and it keeps going at a steady pace until the end with not much of a chance for a breather. There might also not be much of a chance to think, which is what I suppose a lot of 电影院 hope 你 won’t do, but World War Z is able to achieve that sense of urgency with the kind of action movie that lingers longer in your mind than say, the last 变形金刚 movie. Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace, The 风筝, 放风筝 Runner) directs this adaption of Max Brooks’ novel of the same name (piece of trivia here – Brooks is the son of director Mel Brooks and actress Anne Bancroft). I haven’t read the book before but from what I hear, the movie is only a rather loose adaptation so be forewarned, 粉丝 of the book.

Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) is a former United Nations investigator that gets roped in 由 his former boss Thierry (Fana Mokoena) to go to South Korea with some U.S. Navy Seals to hunt down the 来源 of this virus. These are not your Walking Dead zombies, scary and reviling enough as those might be – these zombies are faster and stronger than humans and when 你 get bitten, it’s only a matter of 秒 或者 分钟 before 你 turn. The 搜索 takes Gerry to several other locations as the epidemic has left virtually no corner of the earth unaffected. Meanwhile, there are lots of encounters with these monsters, many casualties and injuries along the way, and some big budget destruction action scenes. I was glad the film did not rely heavily on grandiose sweeping scenes of a post apocalyptic world overtaken 由 zombies 或者 bombard the audience with excessive zombie close-ups. Sure there were some big CGI shots of the zombie masses, but in general, the viewer was able to get a sense of the human aspect of the disaster – how people cope, react, and demonstrate bravery under attack. Part of this is also due to the solid work 由 the cast (aside from our protagonist, mostly unknowns). Brad Pitt is convincing as the kind of man who knows how to think calmly under pressure. He’s almost too calm in fact – I mean, can anyone ever be prepared for zombies?! But he balances out the role when 你 see his softer side as the concerned husband and father willing to make sacrifices in order to find a cure for the human race. I won’t go into any further detail about the movie’s journey around the world, but there is a nice little twist in the plot (what’s a horror movie without one?) – it’s the kind that few action 电影院 can pull of well but Forster manages to do quite nicely.

Recommendation: if 你 爱情 zombies, it’s a no brainer. But even if you’re 更多 of a vampire 粉丝 like me, this gives 你 a summer 爆米花 movie with surprisingly a little 更多 substance.