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blackpanther666 posted on Jan 18, 2012 at 12:28AM
Arc One: Aizen: The Beginning of the End

The beginning of this RP accounts for Aizen's disappearance from the Maggot's Nest and back to Hueco Mundo. Sosuke Aizen is planning to take over the Soul Society once more, by creating another Arrancar army. In reality, his goal is to steal the Ouken and use it to achieve passage into the Soul-King's dimension. Once again, the Soul Society are destined to try and stop him, lead by Captain-Commander Hitsugaya and the other 12 Captains. The appearance of a strange man, who saved a Seated officer, was to be their salvation... He was powerful, enough so to kill an Arrancar and then, later, an Espada. But, they learned that the name of his Zanpakuto was akin to that of a God.

Arc Two: Soul Society: The God's Realm.

The second is about the pseudo-shinigami, women and men with powers similar to Raijin's, where they each possess the capability of using these 'God-like' powers. Unfortunately, their existence has attracted the attention of a group of 'Radical' Gods, that believe existence of the pseudo-shinigami is unwarranted and wish to cleanse the Universe of them. The Radicals are lead by Ajisukitakahikone, Raijin's God, and the reason for his Zanpakutou's existence; Ajisukitakahikone had spent so much of his life feeling unloved by his father and brother, that he and Takemikazuchi, his other brother, decided to form a group of Gods to rebel against the other Gods.

Arc Three: Aizen: Revenge.

Aizen is planning to destroy the Soul-King's dimension and eradicate the Soul Society from existence. Only Raijin Masamune, with the help of the Gotei 13, can stop this from happening. All of their efforts are now focused on apprehending and executing Sosuke Aizen for good. With the help of each of the divisions among the Gotei 13, everyone is now underway to learn more about Aizen's activities and find information taht will conclude what his plan to enter the Soul Society is.

Filler Arc: The Kasumioji clan are being manipulated from within by a man with a powerful intellect and a major hatred of the Shinigami from the Seireitei. While this is going on, the other noble houses are protecting the existence of the Diadem, a powerful artifact, that could possess the secret of Kido and knowledge of Futo Minoriko, the first person to develop Kido. Together these two occurences will shape a new destiny for the Soul Society.

[Just to make a note, but the Third Arc will be Aizen's dramatic return... It will be called Aizen: Revenge Arc. Should be interesting. XD]


1. In a battle, there are to be no cheap shots that result in a one-hit kill.

2. No ridiculous over-powering of characters and abilities, otherwise there is no point in having a fair RP.

3. Play fair.

4. If you want to be a Visored, then you really have to spin me an exceptionally good story of how it occured and it really has to believable, otherwise I'll tell you to get naffed.

5. If you want to leave the RP for good, or you anticipate being away for a few days, try and work it into the story.

6. Follow my rules, otherwise I'll ask you to leave.

7. No trolls! I hate people who go on forums just make a nuisance of themselves. If you do that on here, I'll get rather annoyed and ask you UNKINDLY to leave.

8. If someone is going to be away for more than two days and cannot post, then we skip their turn and they get to post on their next turn. This is to make sure the forum doesn't get held up too much. We still have a fair bit of stuff to cover and I'd appreciate some good stuff coming in consistently XD. But, seriously, this will help keep the forum up and running. Cheers everyone :)

9. Listen to Whiteflame, he's the most experienced at RPing on here.

10. If you wish to join, don't just start posting on here. Ask first, then post your character onto 'New Characters for the Clan War' forum.

This is the Posting Order:




Current Shinigami Captains:

Squad One - Toshiro Hitsugaya (Captain-Commander)

-[Vice-Captain]: Vasare Buigetsu

Squad Two: Soi Fon (Exorcist)

-[Vice-Captain]: Aikido Omaeda (Exorcist)

Squad Three: Kogase Sonoyuushi (Able to be replaced)

-[Vice-Captain]: Nami Tigrase

Squad Four: Isane Kotetsu (Someone may command this Captaim)

-[Vice-Captain]: Hanataro Yamada

Squad Five: Momo Hinamori (Replaceable, or usable character)

-[Vice-Captain] Anike Nimatsu

Squad Six: Azusa Kuchiki (Exorcist)

-[Vice-Captain]: Corwen Heyne (Exorcist)

Squad Seven: Sajin Komamura (Replaceable or usable character)

-[Vice-Captain]: Tetsusaemon Iba

Squad Eight: Shunsui Kyoraku

-[Vice-Captain]: Nana'o Ise

Squad Nine: Tsubaki Tokugawa (Exorcist)

-[Vice-Captain]: Kazuma Uesugi (Exorcist)

Squad Ten: Rangiku Matsumoto (Replaceable or usable character)

-[Vice-Captain]: *Masabei Ikarase*

Squad Eleven: (Vacant)

-[Vice-Captain]: Kirodzuki Namase

Squad Twelve: Hideaki

-[Vice-Captain]: Ogodei

Squad Thirteen: (Vacant)

-[Vice-Captain]: Rukia Kuchiki (Temporary Squad Leader)

Surviving Espada:

Number One: Ulquiorra Schiffer

Number Two: Raiden Anteras

Number Three: Coyote Starrk

Number Four: Grimmjow Jaegerjacques

Number Five: Aguantar Espina

Number Six: Idoya Onda

Number Seven: Nero Lanca

Number Eight: Cyrus Sataros

Number Nine: *Vacant* (Anyone?)

Number Ten: Cloud Sparrk

Rogue Squad:

Commander: Raijin Masamune (Me)

Vice-Commander: Isamu Sato(Kevy)

Kido/Combat Specialist: Renee Chevalier (Whiteflame)

Combat Specialist: Mishiranu Rikou (Wantadog)

Kido/Combat Specialist: Bukimi Nikushimi (Wantadog?)

Medical/Kido Specialist: Toku Mujaki (Wantadog)

Combat Specialist: Johan Pesaro (Exorcist)

Kido Specialist: Cadence (Whiteflame)

Combat Specialist: Kowareta (Wantadog?)

I think this should do, that way we can keep track of who's who and whether they are alive or dead. If I haven't included a character and you know which one, please message and me tell me so I can update it to here.

We are now in the depths of re-visiting Sosuke Aizen and his deviant slaves - the Arrancars, Espada and Hollows. From this point, until the filler, the forum will be completely focused on the fighting between the Soul Society's Gotei 13 and Aizen and his Arrancars.
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一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
Interesting ideas for Sajin, but I like them and it really fixes any weaknesses he has.
一年多以前 gaiaking235 said…
You made Sajin super cool I like it so frost is up next rite?
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
Yeah it is Frost next, then me.
一年多以前 frosttakahashi said…
Aion: Good. *he stood up*

Mil: Lord Aion. I would be cautious of Lady Kanna. She seems more hostile than usual. *he looks around to make sure no one is listening* I have bad news about our kingdom. The shadow beasts currently there have been growing in numbers at a dramatic rate. Their numbers should about 10,000 within the next few days. Not only that they have... learned to fuse together. The recon team i sent was swiftly killed after they sent a report of what they had seen. *in a serious voice) It seems there is something controlling their actions.

Kenshi:*hiding by hanging onto ledge nearby* (to self in mind) Shadow beasts? Like hollows? *he tries to move in closer to hear their conversation better*

Kanna: The recon team reported one colossal beast looming over the kingdom,s throne room. With another humanoid sitting in your throne.

Kenshi:(in mind) In lord Aion's throne?! He must want a death wish! *he jumps up onto the roof* Is this true Kanna?!

Kanna: What the hell were you eavesdropping?!

Kenshi: I came... to let you know dawn is approaching. Rose wishes to depart soon. * he looks to the side* What exactly are these shadow beasts?
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
-The New Bankai! Renji and Raijin Have a Training Fight-

Raijin and Renji come out of Squad Six barracks, ignoring each other and heading back to the Training Room. Raijin had finally figured out how to find the right mask and had learned his Bankai on the third day, right near the end of the day.


Ajisukita: Are you going to give up now? *As Raijin lies on his back, wounds all over his body and his strength almost completely sapped*

Raijin: C-can't give up now *Slowly, with evident pain, climbs to his feet*

Ajisukita: Fool! Stop fighting me and do what you are supposed to. This is not a fight! You have a job to do.

Raijin: Then tell me. What do I have to do? This is the third day!

Ajisukita: Sense the right reiatsu. Seriously, you need to figure this out. You should easily be able to sense my reiatsu now, or have you not even learned to do that?

Raijin: Hold on! *Sees a mask, with an aura hanging around it. The aura is grey/yellow and seems right somehow*

Raijin shunpos, then grabs the mask and puts it on. Suddenly his reiatsu skyrockets and grey/yellow explodes around him. Renji, standing near the bottom of the entrance, gazes in awe at the sense of the reiatsu.

Ajisukita disappears and Raijin's Zanpakuto glows yellow momentarily, then the grey/yellow reiatsu shoots into the air, with a massive burst. Strong reiatsu shimmers all through the air around Renji.

When the smoke clears away, Raijin is standing there, with a grey cape, bound by a small chain, hanging off his shoulders. The ends of the cape are ragged and rustle with the slight breeze coming from the strength of the reiatsu. Additionally, Raijin is wearing the same mask that his Zanpakuto was, then it shatters and Raijin collapses to the ground.

*Back to the present*

Renji glances at Raijin. The other is seemingly deep in thought, barely even aware of each step he takes.

Renji: Hey, Raijin, you okay?

Raijin: Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm fine. I was thinking about the other day in the Training Room, when my Bankai finally became active. It was exhilirating, but the power seemed different somehow as soon as the mask came off. I don't think I can use that mask again...

Renji continued to listen, this was the most Raijin had ever spoke to him in one sentence: Why not?

Raijin glanced at Renji: No idea, it just feels that way. You know what I mean?

Renji: No, not really.

Finally they arrive at the Training Room.

Renji: Lets go!

Raijin: Yeah!

Renji and Raijin at the same time: Bankai!

Both reiatsus explode into the air. Renji has a large bone snake, Hihio Zabimaru, which is connected by red reiatsu. Raijin is wearing the same outfit as earlier, minus the mask.
一年多以前 whiteflame55 said…
Here's a nice list of kido spells we can insert between the already available 100 Hado and Bakudo. Figure we can always use more versatility.

Hado 44 Asaime 浅い雨 (Shallow Rain)
Issuing their reiyoku to collect and transform the moisture and particles in the air, the user is capable of transforming the particles into quasi-needle-like objects capable of piercing and puncturing. This Hadō is usually done over a five-ten meter diameter making anyone/being in that range a target.

Hado 59 Kuro 黒 (Black)
Despite the name, Kuro is one of the brightest Kidō used. Generally a yellow energy capable of blinding is generated and released over a forty meter diameter.

Hado 74 Isaku 偉裂く (Great Tear)
Generates a series of blue enegry which possess the force of a lightning bolt(s).

Hado 76 Kantakewari 幹竹割り (Cleaving in two)
Is the collection of Reiyoku in the form of a spinning, round disk capable of severing whatever it comes in contact with in two. If used by a capable user they will be able to make multiple Kantakewari at once, controlling each, and increasing them to enormous sizes, hence its level.

Hado 89 Ookishi Sekka 大きしせっか (Big Flash)
Fingers arch and palms clasp. By using this Hadō a ton of Reiyoku is gathering into a bright golden ball of energy that will bulk, project and erupt forth at amazing speeds incinerating whatever is in its path. Some compare this technique to the Arrancar’s Gran Rey Cero.

Bakudo 5 Kanshaku 癇癪 (Flashbang)
An energy bright enough to prevent the target from seeing is released and temporary blinds the user for a couple of seconds.

Bakudo 26 Kyokko 曲光 (Curved Light)
Hides the target from sight, by bending light. The spell has the ability to totally hide the presence and reiatsu of the user or specified object.

Bakudo 65 Robai Sokyo 狼狽双鏡 (Flurried Twin Mirrors)
Creates a mirror in front of the user, and behind the opponent - blocking incoming attacks and sending them back through the second mirror at the target.

Bakudo 87 Kamibuki 神吹 (God’s Breath)
Increases or decreases gravity in a square based area.

Bakudo 92 Kanpeki Danku 完壁斷空 (Perfect Wall Splitting Void)
Surrounds the user in a box composed of Danku. Each Danku can block power up to level 96, absorb it, and then fire it back.
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
Kagamigazou ('Mirror's Image')

Release command: Replicate (Ripurike-to)

Bankai: Tokisetsubi Kagamigazou ('Time device, mirror's image')

Shikai abilities:

Sarumane ('Indiscriminate imitation') This ability is the basic and only ability of Kagamigazou. Whenever an enemy attacks, the move they use is instantly copied and then can be used against the opponent as many times as their reiatsu will permit. This ability can copy ANY (no matter how strong it is) ability and abilities can be changed at will whenever the opponent chooses to use another attack or defense. This ability will also copy abilities of non-Shinigami, including Arrancars, as they use Zanpakuto; can also copy abilities of Visoreds. As long as the ability is used in plain sight, Kagamigazou can copy it, whether it hits its target or not. Because of its nature this ability is essentially manipulating space in order for it to copy the attack.

Bankai abilities:

Jikokuana ('Time hole') The wielder points the Zanpakuto at a spot in the ground in their immediate vicinity, then emits the strange reiatsu of the Zanpakuto, which creates a time-hole. For every ten seconds the wielder waits, one second elapses in this time hole, which is in the exact same spot in the same time, but one minute prior to the time outside of the time hole. When the wielder has waited long enough, they jump into the time-hole and fall into the same place, but before the opponent has released an attack. This allows the wielder to jump through time, in order to replicate the abilities of the opponent and use them. Only one time-hole can be active at a time, but there is no restriction placed on the quantities of time-holes, as long as no more than one is active at a time. If the wielder tries to activate more than one at a time, the time-hole will suck them in and cause a paradox, usually resulting in serious injury at best, and death or becoming lost in time at worst.

Special ability: Time-changer's Shihakusho. This special robe, looks similar to the cliche magician or wizard's robe with a hood, and white circles all over it. This Shihakusho allows the wielder to pass through the time-hole, without causing a paradox or injury. This also gives enhanced speed (by as much as two times more).


In its sealed form, Kagamigazou has a white hilt, with blue triangles inside the white wrappings. The blade is silver, with a round guard, that has engravings that resemble a mirror.

In Shikai the tsuba and guard are the same, but the blade has a prominent, circular bulge in the middle, that is clear in appearance, and the end is curved more than normal katanas.

In Bankai, the tsuba is the same, but the guard is black, with white clock hands engraved. The blade is also black, with two grey circles, one smaller than the other. The blade is much longer and slightly thicker and wider. The end of the Zanpakuto has a short chain, with clock hands hagning off the end.
一年多以前 whiteflame55 said…
Some ideas for higher level Bakudo. Let me know what you think (sorry for the lack of Japanese names on the first 4, all of them that I tried to translate ended up way too long).

Bakudo 180 (Blessing of Stamina)
The user releases a breath of green steam from their lips. They select one target, into which the green steam enters, relieving them of all the fatigue they suffer. This lasts for 5 minutes, after which all the fatigue will return at double the rate for the person receiving the blessing. Each person can only receive one blessing at a time.

Bakudo 181 (Blessing of Relief)
The user releases a breath of blue steam from their lips. They select one target, into which the blue steam enters, relieving them of all the pain they suffer. This lasts for 5 minutes, after which all the pain will return at double the rate for the person receiving the blessing. Each person can only receive one blessing at a time.

Bakudo 182 (Blessing of Power)
The user releases a breath of red steam from their lips. They select one target, into which the red steam enters, restoring them to maximum energy from any state. This lasts for 5 minutes, after which all energy will drain from them. Each person can only receive one blessing at a time.

Bakudo 183 (Blessing of Fortitude)
The user releases a breath of grey steam from their lips. They select one target, into which the grey steam enters. Of all the breaths, this is the least certain. It fuels whatever state the person who receives it desires most. If they feel desperate for courage, that’s what they receive. If it’s vengeance, then rage will be fueled. This lasts for 5 minutes, after which all emotion will drain out of them, leaving them completely numb. Each person can only receive one blessing at a time.

Bakudo 189 Fumetsu no Shukufuku 墓へ (Immortal Blessing)
The user releases a breath of pink and purple steam from their lips. It streams out to all living beings within a certain radius of the user, as well as the user themselves, entering their wounds and mouths. Every wound will instantly be healed, all fatigue will disappear, and all energy will be returned to them. After 5 minutes, this spell wears off, returning each to their starting states. The user will receive any and all pains, injuries and fatigue suffered by those who receive this blessing, most often resulting in their death.
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一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
Bakudo No. 191 – Earth-Shattering Bone ('Mono Sugoikotsu')

Incantation: The most resilient element of all, shatter now and render those above into dust.

Description: Both arms must be placed forward, with fists bunched and then both fists must touch the opponent; when this touches the opponent, they instantly begin to shatter into pieces and become dust. This can only be used by Shinigami with very high-level reiatsu, i.e. the Captain-Commander, though a Captain with exceptional reiatsu may use the attack, though it will be more unstable and harder to pull off (limits chances of successful shattering). This can only be used against Hollows (Arrancars, lower-level Espada and Menos, Adjuchas and Vasto Lordes classes)
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
Hado No.168 – Black Lightning Attack ('Kuro Tokkan')

Incantation: The god above and the ground below, meet in an instantaneous flash of light, the light darkens and grows blacker than night and the flash explodes in a dazzling burst. Dark lightning attack!

Description: Both arms are raised into the air for a moment as the incantation is said, then they are dropped to ground level and the lightning appears from above and meets the opponent at ground level. This does a lot of damage and is quite a lot more powerful than Hado 88.
一年多以前 whiteflame55 said…
Takuma awoke in a flash of blazing pain and light. Well, at least, that’s how it felt. The pain was from injuries long-since healed, and the light had left him shortly before. What light he saw now was little more than a memory, and what pain he felt now little more than an aftershock. He would have awoken to the ringing in his ears as well, but that was something he was accustomed to. That’s all he ever heard now, a never-ending ringing.

His dreams were always full of incredible sights and sounds; he had lived with the ability to perceive both for so long. Now, that kind of perception was beyond him. Sitting there in bed, the world around him was no more than a black, noiseless mess, only discernable by touch and smell. It made him feel weak.

He quickly wrapped the purple headband around his head, feeling the soft press of it on his scars. As he did, the world came alive. Pulses of energy constantly eddied out of him, and each rebounded off of the various objects around him, bringing back a mental image. It had been a gift from Kurotsuchi Mayuri, though the man had hardly treated it as such. To him, Takuma had merely been another experiment; a successful one. It had taken him years to be able to accurately detail rebounding energies into a map of his surroundings, years more to be able to do so subconsciously. It had taken decades to be able to map sound the same way, being able to use rebounding energies to make out noises and speech. In that, he had gone beyond even Mayuri’s expectations. It was a small consolation, but it made it possible for him to fight as needed. And he was always needed.

Takuma was no Kenpachi, he didn’t seek warfare in the same way that Zaraki had. He had learned all too well that war came to those who waited, and that those who sought it too actively only invited their own deaths. Seeking it himself had only brought him darkness and silence.

Well, that wasn’t quite true. The loss of his eyes and ears WAS debilitating, but external perception had changed as well. Others regarded him differently. Respect from his squad, dread from others, complacency and bewilderment from opponents – each had its benefits. Sometimes, he wondered if he ever would have become nearly as capable without losing those senses.

Still, red marred his absent vision from time to time. Blood and pain were ingrained into his memories of captivity. The arrancar who captured him had attempted to cause him as much pain as possible, hoping to uncover secrets from an infamous vice captain. By the end, he had long since lost track of the number of times they had destroyed and forcibly regenerated those tissues, leaving them a scarred and worthless mess that had to be removed when he was rescued. He was deeply indebted to both Soi Fon and Unohana, the former for the extrication, and the latter for saving his life afterward from the injuries he had sustained.

But that was all past, and ever since he’d become a captain, it could no longer be his focus. His squad was often the first in the field, and he always led it there directly. Every day, he trained his body and his senses. He expected the same of his squad, and they were allowed to train however they wished. So that was where he headed, to the training yard.

Yet some people took it to a whole other level…

Kirodzuki: And where the fuck have you been?

Takuma sighed quietly to himself. The young man who stood across the room from him was intensely capable, and in many ways, Takuma liked him. However, he was obstinate to a fault, and crude to a fault. Takuma put on his best smile, hoping to nip this in the bud.

Takuma: A captain’s meeting of cour-

Kirodzuki: Don’t gimme that shit. You promised me a match.

Takuma’s smile became icy. Almost anyone else would have dreaded that look, but Kirodzuki was…different. He was unfazed.

Takuma: We have battles raging in the world around us. Not everything can focus on y-

Kirodzuki: Bored already. You’re available now, let’s do this.

Takuma could never understand it. The young man was nowhere near a match for him, and every fight just ended in fresh injuries for him. Still, he regularly called out his captain, despite the obvious deficiencies. He saw his Takuma’s blade as one of the best non-kido blades in Soul Society, and he always wanted a whack at it.

Takuma: Not today.

Kirodzuki looked stunned: Fuck that! You said-

It was Takuma’s turn to interrupt this time. He was getting irritated.

Takuma: It’s about time you trained with someone else anyway. You’re getting nowhere with me.

Kirodzuki spat: And who the hell would I face? My squad mates aren’t strong enough, and most of the other vice captains and captains fight like cowards.

It wasn’t hard to grasp his meaning there. He hated kido users, and there were plenty of those to go around. Takuma didn’t emphasize it in training, though he knew he would have to eventually. That would really irritate the young vice captain.

Takuma walked over and put an arm around his shoulder reassuringly. If he kept arguing with him, he’d get nowhere.

Takuma: Alright, alright, I promise you a match later today, but I want you to try engaging other vice captains. You’ll get nowhere if you just face captains like me.

Kirodzuki grumbled in response. He was far from polite, especially regarding authority, but then, Takuma never desired that. He wanted people in his squad who could think and fight for themselves, and authority was only as strong as the arm that wielded it.

With that, he took his leave. He’d need to find Captain Chevalier before the day was out, and get some real training done. The mission was ahead of them, and the possibility of failure was not one he’d allow.
一年多以前 gaiaking235 said…
Aion looks to both Kanna and Mil, and shrugs.

Kanna: Our kingdom is the capital of light therefore it generates it endlessly.

Kenshi: That doesnt answer my question. (he says with a glare)

Kanna: Look you insolent bug-

Mil: Kanna calm down. (turns to Kenshi) Since our Kingdom contains so much light, the shadows grew stronger as well. After a while they became monstrous and attacked anything that generated light. After we were sealed away the shadows began to gain power and have become even more sentient.

Kenshi: So..... they're like hollows then.

Aion: No your hollows don't even hold a candle to the beasts. They have limitless power when around something that generates a shadow. Its even said that they shadow the light of the heart and make you feel completely empty, before devouring your immortal soul.

Kenshi: So they're just like Kanna then.

Aion laughs: You could say that.

Kanna glares: laugh all you want just don't expect my help.

Mil: Another thing master Aion. My knights have spotted May in Hueco Mundo.

Kenshi bounds up to an astonished Mil: What about her!
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
Heh, Whiteflame, you did Kirodkuzi exactly how I'd imagined I was going to make him.
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
This the properly done revision of Ajisukita. The last one crap and had hardly any information about the abilities of its Bankai.

Ajisukita ('Manifestation of the Thunder God's Power')

Release command: Strike from the thunderous realms above (Dageki yori sono ikazuchi ittenbanjou zenki)

Bankai: Hageshii Raikouarashi ('Violent lightning storm')

In Shikai, the katana is longer and has considerable control over the Shikai abilities, particularly Kamikaze.

Shikai abilities:

Hiraishin ('Lightning rod') This ability allows for absorption of lightning-based spirit energy (or rather lightning energy), by holding the blade up in the air and when Hiraishin is spoken, the blade of Ajisukita glows blue and begins to blue lightning energy. This lightning energy can be stored in the blade until the Shikai is deactivated, and can be used for a variety of attacks (including attacks in Bankai, which still require lightning energy to be activated). The energy is not lost from the transition between Shikai and the release of Bankai.

Hiraishin: Kamikaze ('Lighning Rod: Divine Wind') This attack is a combination of the Thunder God's peculiar mastery of divine wind (this attack is a divine attack, not an elemental attack, but the point peculiarity is that Ajisukitakahikone even bothered to learn it at all) and lightning energy absorbed from Hiraishin (either directly absorbed and then used for the attack right away, or energy that had already been stored from Hiraishin), which form into a large curling blast and will head straight for the enemy. If the enemy shunpos (or uses Sonido, or any other ability that increases speed greatly) then the attack will disappear and reappear in sync with the opponent. If the opponent doesn't move, the attack hits them as normal. If the opponent uses a speed increasing ability more than once, then the attack will become lost and will not hit the target. Damage for this attack varies, depending on the amount of lightning energy placed into the attack.

Hiraishin: Toku ('Lightning Rod: Shield') This brings up a shield made up of lightning energy, which varies in strength, according to the amount of lightning energy used for the shield. This shield can only be used once, as a last resort and can block any attack, physical, Kido and elemental.

Bankai abilities:

Ajisukita: Inazuma Kago ('Thunder God's Power: Lightning Cage') This forms a cage with strands formed from lightning energy and is designed to have enough space between the bars to fire Byakurai ('White lightning') out of, but the strands are quite strong and will give the opponent a small shock if they touch any of the strands. This cage can only be broken by high-level Hado and large outbursts of reiatsu. Physical attacks won't work on the lightning bars.

Ajisukita: Inazuma Shasei ('Thunder God's Power: Lightning Bonds') This forms bonds above the opponent, which are then dropped down, in order to wrap around them and hold them for about thirty seconds. For twenty seconds, they receive mild shocks, enough to make them lose their focus and concentration. After thirty seconds, the bonds explode. This is only a mild explosion, only enough to do miniscule damage on opponents who are at Seated Officers. Unseated Shinigami will sustain fair amounts of damage from this attack.

Ajisukita: Denji Shougekiha ('Thunder God's Power: Electromagnetic Shockwave') This attack does not depend on the levels of lightning from Hiraishin, instead it directly manipulates electromagnetic particles in the lightning storm above and combine this with the wileder's own reiatsu. When this attack is released (which takes about thirty seconds) it explodes upon contact of the opponent's reiatsu and releases a huge explosion, larger than that of Hado 88. After the explosion, if the opponent was running low on reiatsu levels, then this attack can also cause the Shikai or Bankai to go back into its unreleased state and also includes Arrancars and Espada in Resurreccion form. This does no damage to the Zanpakuto itself.

Special Ability: In Bankai, the wielder (Raijin) has complete control over and lightning energy, and though he has those particular abilities, he can also use Hiraishin in Bankai and Haretsu ('Explosion') in his unreleased state, and Bankai. He cannot use Kamikaze or Toku in Bankai. His speed is also enhanced by his Shihakusho, which takes the form of a grey robe, that looks somewhat like a cape. His sandals disappear in Bankai and he wears similar footwear, but resemble boot-like sandals, with rubber lining on the bottom to ground him and stop him from electrocuting himself.

Katana appearance: Normal katana, with a black/blue tsuba and a golden guard shaped like a normal four-pointed cross. The blade is silver.

Shikai appearance: Longer, but same blade as normal katana, though it has become silver with a blueish tinge to it and a black tip running along the top edge of the blade. The guard is now black and looks similar to the guard of Senbonzakura, though the inside is joined by metal lightning bolts. The end of the sword has a blue tassel attached.

Bankai appearance: The blade is only slightly longer (1.35 meters, as opposed to 1.3 meters in Shikai), but is much slimmer and now resembles a nodachi (japanese long-sword). The sword blade is now black, with a blue tinge and the guard is still basically the same, though the guard is no longer square-shaped, but instead is simply four prongs, shaped as lightning bolts. The end of the tsuba (blue/black still) has a long, black chain hanging off and a small, metal lightning bolt attached to the end ring of the chain.
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
Just to let everyone know, but we have a new RPer, Kevy1, who will be taking over control of Aizen and the Espada. I'll interject his turn between Gaia's and mine, so he can go now and then I'll go.
一年多以前 gaiaking235 said…
Okie dokie then
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
Oh, Gaia, you should copy and paste Ignis into this forum.
一年多以前 Kevy1 said…
Back in Hueco Mundo Aizen is sitting on his thrown and Rose is brought in front of him.

Aizen raises his head and looked straight at Rose with a sinister look in his face.

Rose was made to kneel to Aizen by Aguanter Espina

Rose head shifted slowly upward to face Aizen

(Anger rages in her heart)
Rose: What do you plan to do with me Aizen?

Aizen: You ask a question to which you know the answer to... how foolish. That is why a being such as yourself should not even exist. Your inferiority make me sick.

(Rose digusted)
Rose: You talk as if you were a God when You have degrade yourself for the sake of power. Aizen do you no longer possess a mine of shinigami.

Aizen: One such as yourself could never hope to understand the complexity of a transcendant being. But I'll try to explain it anyway. When flame start to burn it is small an fragil so much so that a slight wind can out it, but as it devours everything around it an the flame grow larger and larger the wind that was once harmful for it now makes it stronger. And so the part I seek is the path of the flame, one that transcends all.

Rose: Your insane.

Aizen laughs with a smirk on his face.

Aizen: Lock her up I have no need for her at this time Aguanter Espina

Aizen now awaits the arrival of the shinigami
一年多以前 Kevy1 said…
Hey sorry for being so short but I have school tomorrow.
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
Its cool. I'll do mine now, I guess.
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
-Kido Training, Raijin Makes a New Friend!-

Raijin, Renji and 3rd Seat of Squad Thirteen, Rukia Kuchiki, are outside on a nice day, showing Raijin how to cast Kido.

Raijin: I don't see the point in this. Why can't we just practice swordsmanship with the Captain-Commander?

Renji: Because you need to know this. Bakudo and Hado come in handy in tight situations, isn't that right, Rukia?

Rukia: Yeah. So hurry up and do it again! You aren't leaving here, until you can perform a Shakkaho.

Raijin glowers at her: Fine. *Concentrates* Hado No.31, Shakkaho!

This time, Raijin's reiatsu glows red and the Shakkaho is released, destroying part of the rocky formation in front of them.

Raijin: Finally. Now what?

Renji: Let's go.

Rukia halts them: Hold on. Where do you think you're going?

Raijin turns: I'm done. I'm not having anything more to do with this crap! I need proper training from the Captain-Commander and I intend to get it. *Stalks off in a bad mood*

Renji: Don't worry, he's not really that mad, he is just an impatient guy. I guess we both know who that reminds us of... *Grins fondly, remembering the good old days*

Rukia: I miss Ichigo. He was damn annoying, but he certainly knew how to liven things up.

Renji: Yeah.

Meanwhile, Raijin is sitting down, watching the sky. When he finally looks up, he sees Demandred walking towards him.

Demandred: You must be Raijin Masamune. *It wasn't a question*

Raijin: Yeah. You are Squad Thirteen Captain, I believe. Your 3rd Seat was teaching me Kido.

Demandred: Yeah, I heard. Don't know why you went along with it, personally. I dislike using Kido, such an annoying thing to learn. Anyway, the reason I'm here is that Captain-Commander Hitsugaya wants to teach you swordsmanship. It seems that you are lacking in many ways...

Raijin: Hmmmphh. I'll learn, but only because Master Hitsugaya says so. *Raijin had really taken a liking to Toshiro*

Demandred: Don't take it personally. You are young and haven't had the time to learn the Way of the Sword, but the Captain-Commander is a master. I hear that Shunsui will also be assisting.

Raijin: Captain Kyoraku? Well, that is good news! *Raijin ponders momentarily*

Demandred: You best go see the Captain-Commander now then. *Then the Squad Thirteen Captain leaves*
一年多以前 gaiaking235 said…
Hey guys later today ill post the complete nova bios for Aion and rose XD. Oh and Kevy it was May who was captured not Rose but her little sister.
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
Awesome. I hope you make Aion's quite epic. It definitely should be.
一年多以前 frosttakahashi said…
Mil: Well. During your little rampage in the soul society you allowed the enemy to escape with her.

Kenshi: I.... I was only trying to help sensei Val.. *he looks away ashamed of himself*

Kanna: We don't need help defending ourselves from a weakling like you! *she says staring daggers at Kenshi*

Kenshi: I was only trying to help! Besides! You're the one who sent me there! *he points at Kanna* It's your fault!

Mil: Enough! We must depart now! *his knights surround Kanna and Kenshi*

Kenshi: Whatever... *he jumps over them and off the roof*

Kanna: He better prove useful to us brother. *she looks scornfully at Aion* Or next time I'll enjoy killing him for his outbursts. *she fades away in mist*
一年多以前 gaiaking235 said…
big smile
Okay first Rose's

Nova name: Kirin

Release command: Travel across the sky on paths of lightning. Kirin!

Description: Rose points her rapier to the sky and her reiatsu flares bright red then shoots into the sky. Clouds spread from the spot while surging with red and white lightning. A bolt strikes directly in front of her, and a pure white Unicorn emerges surging with red lightning, originating from its crimson horn. Rose's rapier becomes a jousting lance, which she mounts the unicorn with. (Rose by no means controls the weather but uses energized photons to crate plasma.


Teleportation: While atop Kirin Rose can teleport any distance away as long as she can perfectly visualize it. During dissapearance white lighning strikes where Kirin stands and they dissapear. Reappearance occurs the same way except a red light shines in the area for 3 seconds before the lihtning strikes and she reappears. (Cooldown of 20 seconds) Rose also cannot teleport into objects.

Unicorn Hammer: Rose points her lance or Kirin points his horn at a target. With the lance a white lightning current is emmited, while with Kirins horn red lightning is emitted. Each current has the power of two cero at bala speed and must be shot at the same time. Each blast must charge for 6 seconds and has a cooldown of 30. (Rose does not need to be mounted on Kirin to use this power.

Unicorn's blessing: Rose dismounts Kirin who touches his horn to her forehead. Red and white lightning strkes them both and Rose emerges as a humanoid version of Kirin. In this form Rose has their combined power and abilities available to her. (This form lasts only 6 minutes at which point she reverts back to normal and can't use her powers for the rest of the day.)

If I don't post Aion's tonight it will be my first priority tomorrow afternoon.
一年多以前 gaiaking235 said…
The forum hates me.
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
Lol what? Haha Rose's abilities sound pretty mean. I still have to make Kyoraku's Bankai, so I'll have that posted later on, once I've finished working on the abilities and translating them. XD
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
Oh yeah, Kevy1, I'm borrowing Shinjuku Dragoneye, Cero Espada, for a battle with Frost. XD
一年多以前 gaiaking235 said…
Whenever I post it says error and it won't update the amount of replies when I do yet my comment is still there. And kyoraku has to have like godly powers he is one of the oldest captains so he has to be like yamamoto shikai powerful. And Unohana the same since she is like the second strongest captain after yamamoto.
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
Shinjuku landed at the Menos Forest. Grudgingly, he looked around to see if he could sense any reiatsu, for a battle. The Espada was intensely bored; it was as though there was no one to fight. Even Ulquiorra was trash compared to him.

All he could he could sense, besides the other Espada in Las Noches, were Adjuchas and Menos.

Shinjuku *Sigh* There's no-one to fight me. I'll see if I can find that clan of morons we captured that girl from. Huh!

The Espada used Sonido to ascend. When he was in the air, he then opened a Garganta and disappeared.
一年多以前 whiteflame55 said…
Renee plopped down in the sands of Hueco Mundo ahead of her allies. She scanned the sands all around her for signs of life, but saw only the lifeless mounds all around her. They were far from Las Noches.

She wasn’t long alone. The others came in behind her, each warily, but quickly, taking a step out of the makeshift garganta. To his credit, Hideaki had made it hold out for the trip, though they had several stumbles along the way as the thing warped around them, disrupting their created paths. When at last Renji stepped out of the garganta last of all, the thing began to shimmer, and winked out only a few seconds later. Sajin took the opportunity to command, and as the eldest captain, no one questioned him.

Sajin: We need to split up. Each captain will separate with their vice captain, so Takuma with Kirodzuki, Renee with Acelin, and so on. Renji, you will go with Raijin. That leaves Demandred and me to make up the last team. Any questions?

No one responded to him, so with a wave of his hand, the groups dispersed. Renji and Raijin immediately took the lead, while Sajin and Demandred held to the back of the pack. Renee and Acelin took off in a slightly different direction from the rest, heading more east.

Acelin: You will not mind terribly if I engage our first foe, would you captain?

There was an edge to his words. Much as it had been years since he became her vice captain, he still held a grudge. Throwing him a bone or two might be enough to keep him in line, though.

Renee: Alright, but take care, Acelin. The foes out here are stronger than those you’ve faced in the field before.

Acelin smiled at her: As you wish, milady.

Sajin turned to Demandred as they ran, noting the slower pace he took to reach their destination. Much as it was no surprise that Renji and Raijin had taken the lead, Demandred’s recalcitrance had surprised him. He wasn’t a hothead, but he had been practically demanding this incursion for decades. The younger man seemed to sense his thoughts.

Demandred: I’ve waited a long time for this, and I refuse to see us fail. We are the strongest team here, and I won’t put our power to waste by engaging in the first battle we find. You placed me with yourself, Captain Komamura. I intend to honor the duty that comes with that placement.

Sajin nodded. Demandred had always been a thoughtful person, if incredibly blunt when it came to conversation. They had trained together multiple times over the years, though Sajin’s new techniques (and perhaps a couple of Demandred’s) would be a surprise. They would be at a disadvantage compared to the other groups when it came to training together, though that should become less of a problem as any fight moved on. There was, indeed, wisdom in hanging back.

Sajin: Still, let’s try to keep Renji’s team in sight. Those two are bound to get themselves in trouble.

Demandred nodded, and pushed the pace a little faster.

Takuma kept having to pull back Kirodzuki, though his vice captain kept trying to surge ahead. And every time he would yell a curse…might as well bring all of the arrancar down upon them. Much as he wanted to keep up with the front runners (if not surpass them), Takuma kept them to a distant third place behind Renee’s and Renji’s teams. Renji wouldn’t be stymied, and Renee was the better scout.

Kirodzuki: Let me fuckin’ go! We’re here to fight you bastard!

Takuma glared at him, one of the few things that could shut him up. His face might as well have been carved from stone, and when he spoke, the calm on his voice was all the more harrowing.

Takuma: You listen to me, or I kill you myself. You’ll get to fight when I say, do I make myself clear?

Kirodzuki started to sweat, and nodded. He might not respect authority, but he respected power, and Takuma had plenty of that to offer.

As they moved across the sands, the land around them began to stir with life, though all of the hollows around them made efforts to move as far away as possible. Even hollows knew the death stood before them if they did. And so they made their way towards Las Noches, intent on putting an end to Aizen’s plans.
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一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
Gaia, Unohana is part of Squad Zero. Isane is Captain of Squad Four in this, and Hanataro is Vice-Captain. But, yeah, I'll post that Bankai of Kyoraku's soon. I agree, though, he should be pretty powerful now, as he has been a Captain of the Gotei 13 for over fifteen hundred years.
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
Name: Nami Tigrase

Rank: Vice-Captain, Squad Three.

Mannerisms: Blunt, and very direct, Nami is never one to give up, which is why his Zanpakuto, Kagamigazou, suits him very well. Though he hasn't achieved Bankai, his attacks are very versatile.

Zanpakuto: Kagamigazou

Kagamigazou ('Mirror's Image')

Release command: Replicate (Ripurike-to)

Bankai: Tokisetsubi Kagamigazou ('Time device, mirror's image')

Shikai abilities:

Sarumane ('Indiscriminate imitation') This ability is the basic and only ability of Kagamigazou. Whenever an enemy attacks, the move they use is instantly copied and then can be used against the opponent as many times as their reiatsu will permit. This ability can copy ANY (no matter how strong it is) ability and abilities can be changed at will whenever the opponent chooses to use another attack or defense. This ability will also copy abilities of non-Shinigami, including Arrancars, as they use Zanpakuto; can also copy abilities of Visoreds. As long as the ability is used in plain sight, Kagamigazou can copy it, whether it hits its target or not. Because of its nature this ability is essentially manipulating space in order for it to copy the attack.
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
Name: Shunsui Kyoraku

Rank: Captain, Squad Eight.

Abilities: Master of the Way of the Sword, excellent analytical skills and fighting with a sealed Zanpakuto, Master of Shunpo and reasonably skilled Hado and Bakudo-user.

Zanpakuto: Katen Kyokotsu

Bankai: Kagemusha: Shigekioni ('Shadow Warrior: Advancing Demon')

Bankai abilities:

Shadow Warrior (Kagemusha)

When this half of the game is active, Shunsui is the Shadow Demon for a minute, then the opponent is Shadow Demon. After that, they each get randomised amounts of time as Shadow Demon. After five rounds each of randomised time, the game changes to Kagemusha. As Shadow Demon, Kyoraku can disappear through any shadow at any given time and has doubled reiatsu. His reiatsu is part shadow and very dark. Kyoraku can also twirl shadow around him, which mixes with his blue reiatsu and then is released as a large blast, very similar to Getsuga Tensho. As Shadow Demon, the opponent has the ability to draw shadow around him and then entwine his Zanpakuto with it, joining completely with the metal in the blade; this acts as an excellent shield, resisting large amounts of damage from another Zanpakuto. This ability has a 15 second lag-time when intertwining with the Zanpakuto, but when the opponent wants unjoin there is thirty second lag-time. While using this defense, the opponent can also attack from any point of the defense. This is because the shadow energy is part of the Zanpakuto while Shadow Demon; the attack looks like Gin's Shinso while attacking, except the blade is more flexible. If an elemental spell is used, the metal is affected by the corresponding element. For example, ice will turn the metal deathly cold, fire will heat the blade and burn them and the metal will conduct electricity. The opponent's speed is also increased by two times, plus their reiatsu is dense.

Advancing Demon (Shigekioni)

When this half of the game is active, when Shunsui is Advancing Demon, he can't be stopped while advancing in any direction at any angle. After thirty seconds the opponent can be stopped while Advancing Demon. This goes on for two rounds, then Kagemusha begins once more. As Advancing Demon, Shunsui can condense shadow spirit energy into the blade of his Zanpakuto, greatly increasing the sharpness of the Zanpakuto's spirit and causing the blade itself to cut deeper and leave shadow energy in the wound. When the opponent is Advancing Demon he jas the same abilities as Shunsui. When Shunsui has shadow energy in his wound, his speed is decreased by two times. When Shunsui's Advancing Demon status transfers to the opponent's, the spirit energy in Shunsui's wound vanishes. This is the same for the opponent as well, meaning when they have shadow energy in their wound, their speed is decreased by two times. Then it changes back to Shunsui.

Special Ability: Bushōgōma ('Spinning Top?')

After Kagemusha and Shigekioni have been active twice, there is a break period for thirty seconds, where Shunsui's power and the opponent's are equal.
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一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
In Bankai, Kagemusha: Shigekioni has two Zanpakuto; one sword is a long nodachi and the other is a large, Japanese style broad-blade. The nodachi is Kagemusha and the broad-sword is Shigekioni. The nodachi has a blue/grey tsuba and the guard is shaped like a typical large, warrior's guard and the blade and guard are both silver. The tsuba has a short, silver chain, with a black ring in the end. The broad-sword has a long, refined tsuba, with different-style wrapping, which is leather-brown with intertwining grey wrapping. The blade is about 1.45 meters long and is three times larger than a normak katana. This broad-sword has a ring at the end, with a demon's horn attached (this can also be used to stab the opponent).
一年多以前 frosttakahashi said…
the garganta opened into a dense and dark forest in South america
webs are strung everywhere and spiders are in them.

Shinjuku: Doesn't this feel familiar? *he keeps walking following a faint familiar reiatsu towards the center*

Jyvan:* Laying in a hamak further into the forest a spider thread above him twitches* It looks like i have an intruder. *he jumps out and stands in the big circular clearing he is in*
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
Shinjuku feels the reiatsu, as he enters the forest. It was faint, but Shinjuku had felt it before. He continued to follow the path, until he came to the middle.

Shinjuku: That reiatsu! A good fight!

Shinjuku flares his reiatsu, hoping to flush the spider out of its web. The spider doesn't even move, so Shinjuku uses Sonido, getting closer to the, now, less faint reiatsu.

Shinjuku: Jyvan! Come out, you coward. *Flares his reiatsu once more and draws his Zanpakuto, Diabloz.
一年多以前 frosttakahashi said…
jyvan: *high above him again in his hamak* Oh. Its you. Go away gecko. *he rolls over and pretends to snore loudly*
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
Shinjuku: No, I haven't a good battle in a long time. You are a worthy opponent, Jyvan, and I will fight you!
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
I think it is Gaia's turn next, as the posts by me and Frost are for a separate one on one fight.
一年多以前 gaiaking235 said…
oooops sorry. um i wont be on for a while so you might want to skip me sorry ill be on first thing in the morning though i just have a huge project.
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
More Fraccion

Espada No.5 - Aguantar Espina

Fraccion: 4

Names: Jiroga Namis, Kadyn Wrench, Sogor Mith and Leelee Averil

Zanpakutos: Maleficio ('Devilry'), Metalico Pegote ('Metal Appendage'), Andador ('Summoner'), Felino Furia ('Feline fury').

Espada No. 6 - Pantos Condos

Fraccion: Luka Nova

Zanpakuto: Avivar Mortalidad ('Quickened death-rate')

Espada No.7: Nero Lanca

Fraccion: None

Espada No.9: Sky Ritz

Fraccion: About ten, or so, basic Fraccion, without the ability to release and serve a higher purpose for Sky. He can use their bodies to explode his opponent, as he has fitted reishi bombs in each one.
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
It's cool, Gaia, just post whenever you can.
一年多以前 frosttakahashi said…
Jyvan: *still pretending he isn't awake*
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
You doing a very good job of making this difficult XD.

Shinjuku: Oh, come on. Are you afraid?

Stamps his feet: I came all this way to fight you!
一年多以前 frosttakahashi said…
Jyvan: *sigh* You annoy me. *he sonidos behind shinjuku kicking him up into the air then sonidos again above him bringing his foot down on his rib cage sending him crashing into the ground* You say you want to foght but you can't even defend yourself, *he points his finger like a gun at shinjuku* Cero. *he fires a black and red cero at him*
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
Shinjuku smiles: That was all I needed. Cero!

His red/orange Cero blast smashes into Jyvan's. Shinjuku Sonidos, smashing his Zanpakuto into Jyvan's.

Jyvan: This is a waste of time! You aren't worthy.

Shinjuku: Is that right? Then, time to kick it up a notch. Gran Rey Cero!

This Cero, is orange, with slight black outline and spirals recklessly at the former Espada. Jyvan holds out his hand and takes the blast. There is a large explosion and trees are blown up and around, while smoke is everywhere.

Shunjuku waits momentarily, then jumps right into the fray. When he appears where Jyvan had been, he sees that other Espada has taken little damage, only a few scratches on his body.

Shinjuku: Damn, you sure can take a blast, can't you.
一年多以前 frosttakahashi said…
Jyvan: I'm still half awake. *he disappears and reappears with his finger directly on shinjuku's forehead* Die.*he fires a cero at point blank range*
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
Shinjuku steps back as the blast goes off, which explodes in his face. Shinjuku snarls and lands clumsily.

Shinjuku: That was too close for comfort.

Then he Sonidos behind Jyvan cutting his shoulder slightly, then Jyvan strikes back, but Shinjuku parries with his Zanpakuto and the two Zanpakuto clash together. Sparks issue off both the blades, though Shinjuku is slower than the other Espada, his strength is greater and the other began to slide backwards, until he dropped his Zanpakuto, dropped low and then kicked Shinjuku back with all his might.

Shinjuku: Good, good. I see you haven't changed one bit.

Shinjuku flew straight back at the other and slashed furiously with his Zanpakuto. The other parried each blow, until finally, Shinjuku managed another small cut.

Shinjuku: Cero!
一年多以前 Kevy1 said…
Aizen launches an attack.

Aizen calls espada 5
Aizen: Aguantar Espina

Aguantar came slowly with his hand on his forehead, his head facing the floor. To answer Aizen he remove his hand and raises his head to face him.

Aguantar: Yes Aizen, why have called me.

Aizen: You seem to be anoid by me calling you.
A smirk arise in Aizen's face

Aguantar: hmph... not really what is it that you want?

Aizen: I want you to encage anyone who enter Hueco Mundo with the assistant of the espadas that are below your number. You and they are to leave immediately.

Aguantar grew angry
Aguantar: I don't need assistant, I can handle mere shinigami.

Aizen: I gave you and order not a request.

Silence took the air for 5 seconds and then

Aguantar: Cero

The blast distroyed Aizens thrown and the surrounding area completely.

Aguantar: Hmph weak

Aizen: Can you repeat that.

Aguantar: What?!
Aguantar looked to his shoudlder and saw a sword piercing throuh it. His blood sprayed out. He turn his head around and their stood Aizen.

Aizen: Try that again an it will be the end of you existence.

Aizen removed the sword quickly in one go.

Aizen whips his sword to remove some of the blood.
Aizen: Do what was ordered.

Aguantar left for the mission with anger boiling in his heart toward Aizen.