This is a 粉丝 fiction I wrote for a local contest that it won. A friend of mine, wanted me to 上传 it to here so she might read it. I will be doing it in chapters so it's not to much to read all at once hope 你 enjoy. So without further ado let's explorer the origins to our 最喜爱的 story.


* Long before Central 46, and the Shinigami battled hollows.While Seireitei, and the Shinigami order were still young. Seireitei was divided between 3 major houses first the house of Sakura who controlled the lands to the South of East, and made their living from the orchards, and the Sakura trees. 秒 the Ren-Aira house who controlled the lands to the North, and West, and made their living 由 mining Sekei rock. Lastly the Genresei house, who controlled the 心 of Seireitei, and made their living 由 taxing others. But rumors of war, and of another house rising in power hung in the air. This Kuchiki family was gaining power 由 taking land from the other families, and threatened the stability of Seireitei, and its inhabitants.

Chapter 1:

*The land was barren, and desolate as far as the eyes could see. Small plants dotted the land. They struggled to spring up through the hard sand, and those the succeeded died soon after. The air was still, small traces of Raitsu hung here and there weighing it down. The sand occasionally shifted from a small hollow scurrying about, but otherwise lay still. The only disturbance in an otherwise tranquil world, was a small blue door hanging in the air a few meters from the ground.

*Two men in black robes emerged from the door. They were uneasy, ready to draw their swords any moment. It wasn't until they paced a around a bit, and scouted the land, that they relax. They walked a miles from where they had emerged. The sand shifted filling in everywhere their foot fell, making it as if nothing had ever disrupted the scene. The first was a 狐狸 faced man. He had fair skin, void of any filth 或者 abnormality. His long wavy blonde hair hung to his shoulders loosely, and swayed freely when he walked. The other a stocky man with ebony skin. His bald head, and face were coated in filth. Scars highlighted his leathery skin, like badges of honor. He had all the makings of a warrior, Even to the metal Pauldron on his left shoulder, with a Sakura 树 engraved on it.

Chiyo: Sniffed at the air. He reeled back in disgust, as the salty taste of it assaulted his senses. "Pitiful" he thought as if he had already concluded everything he needed to know about this world.

Katsurou: Paced around, and shook sand out of his sandals. "Chiyo there's nothing here. Let's face it the predictions were wrong." he complained in his rough voice. He plopped down on a small 爬坡道, 小山 of sand. The sand flying a few feet every direction from his weight, He picked up a skull laying nearby, and began tossing it like a baseball.

Chiyo: "It would seem so my impatient friend." He took in the land scape in its entirety, even Katsurou playing with a skull like a child.. He stooped and inspected the sand. He took a handful of it, then let it pour out of his hand back to the ground. "Interesting"

Katsurou: Was too busy playing with his skull to care about what Chiyo was doing. He sighed in boredom. "This is so boring Chiyo, 你 promised me there would be 更多 excitement on this assignment. my blade is getting rusty, it needs action."

Chiyo: Couldn't help but laugh at him. "Well if 你 had listened beyond, we are going to Hueco Mundo, then maybe 你 would have heard me tell that this is a recon assignment." Chiyo took in the Raitsu in the air, and how barren the land was, He could sense Raitsu far below, but whatever was casting them were weak, and posed no threat to the World of the Living. He was beginning to think his childish friend was right. He stooped down once more, and drew symbols in the sand with his finger. "Bakudo 12" Green Raitsu snaked through his symbol connecting them. A picture of a man in a lab 涂层, 外套 appeared in the middle. "This is Chiyo Sakura, reporting in. The readings from Hueco Mundo are inconclusive, The Hollows here are weak, and pose no immediate threat. Further observation may be required."

Operator: Sighed, like he was relieved. "Good work, please return from the field immediately Master Sakura."

Chiyo: Brushed his hand through the sand, and the sigils disappeared. He stood, and brushed himself off, then he turned to Katsurou. "Come, Katsurou were leaving."

Katsurou: Cast his skull aside. He stood to brushed himself off. "Finally, this was a waste of a good afternoon for training."

* The door opened once 更多 blowing sand away, and the men entered. the door snapped shut behind them, leaving the land just as it was once more.

* The men emerged on the otherside in a square filled with people buying, and selling. The people paid them no mind, but no one dared to step within 5 yards of the men. They avoided eye contact, and hurried on their way. They waited there for a few moments, before a young girl , with blue hair, came running down the road. She stopped before them, and caught her breath.

Chiyo: "Nana, you're late. I thought I raised 你 better. A Shinigami cadet must always be on time." his face solid, but his eyes betrayed him.

Nana: "Yes brother, I came right away when I heard of your return. Here" she held out a white 长袍 to him.

*Chiyo took the white 长袍 from her, and dawned it. The black symbol on the back was of Sakura tree, the symbol of his family.

Chiyo: Brushed the wrinkles out of the robe. "That's much better." he smiled. "Now back to business. Katsurou 你 should return to the barracks, we will meet later, and Nana I would like 你 to accompany me to the market." Chiyo turned and bowed to Katsurou.

Katsurou: Bowed in return with his left arm over his chest. "A pleasure as always Master Sakura."

Chiyo: Watched him disappear, hen he turned back to Nana. "Come Nana lets go." He tussled her hair playfully as he pulled her along.

*Chiyo strolled towards the market, leisurely with his hands behind his back. But even leisurely, it was hard for Nana to keep up.

Chiyo: Looked to his left, and noticed her falling behind. he laughed. "Oh Nana, so grown up, and yet so young. All 你 have to do is ask." He slowed down to match her pace. "When is the last time we ventured together?"

Nana: It had been so long since, she had seen her brother laugh. With his health these last few months, she was afraid that she would never see him smile again. "A long time mast..." she stopped midsentence as Chiyo was giving her that look that he always gives her when he's annoyed 或者 disappointed.

Chiyo: "How many times do I have to tell 你 that brother is fine, I'm not father." he 说 sourly. He noticed that he had hurt her feelings, so he smiled gingerly, and tussled her hair again. "Come let us get something to eat 你 must be hungry."

*Chiyo led her from stall to stall full of various, items people were selling. The 心 of Seireitei was the industrial center, 首页 to the market, and shops. The house of Genresei controlled it, but were good 老友记 of the Sakura family. Chiyo saw a 水果 stand further down, and pulled Nana towards it.

Chiyo: Stopped in front of it. "How about some fruit, its been awhile since I've had any."

*Chiyo turned towards the stand with an elderly women, behind. Her back was towards him. So he picked a nice red apple, and tossed it to Nana.

Chiyo: "How does taste." he asked as he watched her bite into it. He laughed when he the 果汁 on her face. He loved his sister as if she was his own daughter. So he couldn't help but admire how she had grown in these few years. The sun fell on her accenting her fair skin without imperfection. Her blue hair shown almost silver in the sunlight, and he couldn't help, but admire how beautiful she wad. The only thing that betray her was one small scar on her cheek, received when her older sister pushed her from a balcony. She was now a young women, and it saddened him. He had missed so much of her growing up. He came to his senses as he noticed he was blankly staring at her "Excuse me Madam, how much are these." He 说 quickly turning from Nana.

Elderly Women: The elderly women turned to Chiyo to greet her customer. When she realized her mistake she quickly fell down. "Please forgive my ignorance. Master Sakura."

Chiyo: Felt embarrassed. He gabbed the women's arm and lifted her. "Please call me Chiyo 或者 just Sakura." He id brushing her off.

Elderly: "But that would be disrespectful, 你 are the head of the Sakura house. After all an elder women, from the 13 district is nothing in you're presence." she 说 looking at the ground.

Chiyo: "What beautiful eyes 你 have, wont 你 let me see them." The elderly women lifted her head slightly. "That's better." He grinned at her goofily. "That's where you're wrong. here I am among you. We are all of the same breed despite wealth 或者 standing. I am no monster to wield my standing over you, like a zanpaktou to your throat." "Now how much is 水果 as delicious as this worth."

Elderly Women: "They are free. The orchards belong to your family after all.."

Chiyo: "No that won't do at all, how about 你 take 5 silver pieces plus an extra 2 gold. And in return you, and your family dine with my family tonight as our guests, doesn't that sound nice Nana?" Nana shook her head in agreement with a grin. The elderly women began to weep. Chiyo bowed to the women. "Please don't cry, it would be our honor. But I must be going now."

*Chiyo stood up tall. He left the money on the ledge, and led Nana away. The strolled among the stands, until late in the afternoon. Chiyo just enjoyed to see his sister so happy. He couldn't remember the last time he had a 日 to do nothing. Chiyo eventually began to make his way 首页 with Nana at his side. When a fight in he ally caught his attention, Nana kept walking, and talking to him, but when she looked back Chiyo had stopped dead. He just stood there observing the fight.

Chiyo: "One of these people is leaking Raitsu at an alarming rate. I can feel it clashing against mine." He thought as watched the fight. He noticed it wasn't a fight at all, in fact it was seven men beating a kid, that looked Nana's age. He moved towards the fight at a faster pace. Two men were holding the kid as the other 5 took turns hitting him. He grabbed the one currently hitting the kid, and threw him back against the wall. "Are we so low to beat a defenseless little kid, do 你 know no honor." he yelled at them. "What is the meaning of this?"

Thug: The men were taken aback when they realized who this man was. "This boy owes a lot of money Master Sakura."

Chiyo: Held his hand up cutting them off. "Are we such beast that we exact it 由 hurting each other then?" He threw a bag on the ground at their feet. "That's 50 金牌 that should cover his debt, go now before I lose my patients." he watched as the men scurried off, out of sight, then he turned to the boy who had collapsed against the wall. He inspected his wounds, and concluded that they were nothing serious, just a little bruising. "It was this boy's Raitsu I felt, he's already surpassed Nana." he worried quietly. Chiyo was caught off guard when the boy's eyes snapped open, and he pushed Nana out of the way. He took off running down the ally, but Chiyo appeared before him, as he ran right into him and Chiyo caught him. "Do 你 really think 你 can outrun me?" he 说 laughing a little. "Now I have a 问题 for ya Where's your zanpaktou." he asked almost playfully.

Boy: Was silent, and struggled to get away, until he noticed Chiyo's hand tightening on his arm. "I don't have one, it broke." he finally 说 shamefully

Chiyo: "This boy is leaking Raitsu in large amounts. I can feel it pressing against mine, and it's quite strong. But he has no training he can't control his power." Chiyo thought to himself. "I see such a shame but... In payment of me saving you, I want 你 to bring you're zanpaktou, and come to Sakura estate is that understood." The boy, and Nana were both shocked, but the boy agreed. "Go then." He moved out of the way, and watched the boy until he disappeared around a corner.

Nana: "What was that all about brother?"

Chiyo: Turned away from where the boy had disappeared too still 迷失 in thought. "Nothing shall we continue?"

*Chiyo once again began walking casually towards their house with Nana beside him. Nana droned on, but Chiyo was still thinking about that boy. He was so 迷失 in thought he almost walked into the gate to the gardens. He noticed how dark it was outside, the sun was far past setting.

Chiyo: "I'm afraid this is where we part ways, 你 should return to the barracks, and I have matters to attend to." Nana, hugged him, and kissed him on the cheek then she disappeared,

*Chiyo pushed the gate open, and walked through into to gardens. The Sakura estate, was a three story house on the outskirt of the 3rd district. The house was beautiful on the outside, decorated in gold, and ivory. His mother had collected various exotic flowers, and trees that took up a majority of the gardens that surrounded the house. They ere now in full bloom, and their scents mixed in the air making the grounds pleasant to be in. Servants use to be seen hustling around day, and night. But Chiyo's first order when becoming grand master, was to 火, 消防 most of the servants. He converted the 2 district into a school for training Shinigami, and the only servants were the ones to work the fields. He strolled through gardens not ready to go inside quite yet. He stopped to admire a sakura 树 in full bloom. He had loathed hi father, since he was a kid, but he wished he had his guidance at the moment. "I wish I could just stay in this moment forever." he 说 when he heard footsteps approaching him. "How fairs the World of the Living Hime?"

Hime: "It's boring, the same as always. How fairs the runt."

Chiyo: Had hated his sister she was always hateful towards Nana after his mother died. She had always blamed Nana for their mothers death, even though Nana, was just a child. "She is at the academy."

Hime: "Like that runt, could ever fight. 你 should send her to the medic corps."

Chiyo: "Well, when 你 are grand master such choices are yours, but for now, I am the grand master."

Hime: Brushed against Chiyo, but Chiyo didn't budge. "Be careful what 你 wish Chiyo, my brother 你 may find a 刀 through your chest." She noticed Chiyo wasn't intrigued so she made her leave.

*Chiyo watched her leave, then straighten himself. He turned back to the Sakura 树 one last time before heading towards the house.