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This Blair & Chuck 粉丝艺术 contains 商务套装 and 西装. There might also be 肖像, 爆头, 特写镜头, 特写, and 爆头特写.

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 what are 你 planning S?!
what are you planning S?!
hope 你 enjoy my latest installment. serena is out of hospital now and blair has been avoiding conversations with chuck.

Archibald apartment:

serena and nate are making dinner. chuck visits alot to see serena and nate also hoping to run into blair but she has been avoiding him. he likes coming over when victoria is there too because he loves to see her. even if she doesnt know who he is. nathan is playing with tristan and nate is watching from the 厨房 and talking to serena.

S: we have to get them to at least talk to each other. it's not the...
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“Josh Safran previews a new season that he says will be lighter, poppier, and a lot 更多 fun.”

By lighter, poppier, and a lot 更多 fun, in the writers room Josh Safran meant:

1. Josh: Begin this season with Chuck almost dying…again. Literally make him jump off that building this time guys.

2. Josh: Make sure and have 粉丝 assume Blair is pregnant with Chucks baby (it keeps those viewers coming) then have her drop a bomb on chuck saying it’s not his. (and end the episode with chuck drinking alone, no.. not just for this episode, EVERY episode, duh.)

3. Josh’s to do list: Give interview...
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 victoria clair bass!
victoria clair bass!
this skips 4 years so blair has had her child and serena and nate are married they also have children. nate works in politics and chuck hasnt been in manhattan since blair and him broke up 4 years ago. he didnt even come back for nate and serena's wedding. gossip girl is no longer here. so thats the catch up.

***4 years later***

archibald apartment(Serena and nate's):

blair is having 茶 with serena. nate is at work and blair has took victoria(her child)to see nathan(Serena's son). serena is also expecting another baby.

S: B 你 need to go out...
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This is my 最喜爱的 scene. :) And the other version of this clip is no longer available on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 sooo i'm adding this one. 爱情 it...well, for as long as it lasts. It might get deleted too. :(
blair & chuck
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blair & chuck
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Chair Tales S02E12- Citizen Zane

.... Continued from last episode...

B: Chuck? (she looks at him, worried, waiting for a response)
C: (is in shock) Are.....are 你 being serious?
B: Yes Chuck...we're having a baby!
C: I've been away for the past few weeks.....we only just started sleeping together two days ago.
B: Well....after the engagement party of course....
C: But i saw 你 take the pill the 下一个 were on the pill cant be pregnant.
B: Chuck...i wasn't on the pill....i came off when we apart…and that pill was a pain killer, i had stomach
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1. Congratulations Laura! First of all tell us a funny episode of your life 或者 something funny about yourself.

Thank 你 Fra! Something Funny…Hmm let me think: I like Guy Stuff, yeah have a little laugh, but It’s true, for example I play football and basketball, I like loose clothes and my bff is a guy. To weird? I guess not!

2. Now it’s time to do an embrassing speech about 你 winning FOTM and being extremly grateful! ;)

Well to tell 你 the truth I am grateful. I’m so happy to see this spot up and about like in the old days. And thanks to 你 guys for making it happening!

 How not to fall in 爱情 with them?
How not...
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