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"Come on, Tiana!" Mya said,"We don't want to be in a traffic jam!"

"Okay, okay! Let me just get my purse!" I 说 while looking in my drawer.

After we reached the shopping mall, there was a huge sale on bags & shoes! We both scream "AHHH!"

As we get as much clothes as we wanted. Mya saw a store which had a sale on DBZ outfits for boys & girls!

Hey, Tia! Mya said, "Wanna get a drink?" Mya asked.

"Sure!" I replied.

We went to a 冰沙, 思慕雪 shop, and we ordered a 草莓 smoothie.

"Wanna go some 更多 shopping?" Mya asked.

"Maybe later." I replied.

After we finished drinking, we went outside for a little walk.

"Isn't it amazing outside?" I asked.

"Yes, your right, Tiana! It is amazing!"

After that we went swimming. It was like a hotel with shopping malls! Then we realized it was a hotel! So we decided to stay in the hotel for 2 weeks.

To be continued...
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This is my brother in RL!
angry bird plush
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angry bird plush
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"You'll never get away with this, Pranka!" I 说 bravely.

"I already have." Pranka said.

"I don't think so." I 说 with a grin on my face.

After that, Ariana & Indigo popped out of the bushes.

"Tiana!" They both shouted.

"Indigo! Distract Pranka! I'll help Tiana." Ariana 说 while taking the chains away.

"Thanks, Ari." I thanked Ariana.

As I run out of the forest, I forgot Tiara.

"Girls, wait! I forgot Tiara!" I 说 worriedly.

"I'll come with you, Tiana! My parents upgraded me a rocket pack to fly!" Indigo said.

"Let's go!" I said.

"3, 2, 1." The rocket pack said.

As we were flying, I grabbed Tiara....
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"Are 你 sure that 你 remember? I can tell that you're going the wrong way." Tiara said.

"Okay then, why don't 你 sniff your way to the hotel?" I said.

"Operation: Find the Hotel is a go!" Tiara said.

"Wait up, Tiara!" I shouted.

"Come on! Keep up!" Tiara shouted back.

So, as I ran, I was 迷失 in the forest. I was alone... Suddenly, I heard an evil laugh.

"Mwahahahahaha!" The evil laugh continued.

Suddenly, the mysterious evil laugh was from Pranka!

"Pranka?!" I 说 with a surprise.

"Yes, Tiana. It is me." Pranka grinned evily.

As Tiara went on, she herd me scream.

"HELP! HELP!" I shouted.

"Tiana!" Tiara gasped.

"No one can save 你 now!" Pranka grabbed me against the tree.

"Oh, yes there is." I 说 with anger.

"Oh, yeah? Who?" Pranka asked.

"My Kat." I smiled.

"Your Kat?" Pranks scoffed.

"Yes! Hold on Tiana!" Tiara 说 bravely.

As Tiara attacked, Pranka killed her.

"Tiara! No! No." I screamed.
After I got home, my Katself opened the door & was surprised.

"Tiana! Where have 你 been?" Tiara (My katself) said.

"Oh, with my friends." I said.

"Why do 你 look so... grey?" Tiara said.

"Don't ask. What's with all these letters?" I asked Tiara.

"Huh? Oh 你 mean those letters." Tiara said.

"These are all my letters I've written to the Princess. But, why would she send them back?" I 说 with confusion.

"'Real 老友记 don't care what your cover is... Friendship is a wondrous & powerful thing... & then the path cut through the Orchard there will always be a way through... The best thing...
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