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ThatGirlGrace posted on May 15, 2009 at 08:46PM
"When I'm sad, i stop being sad, and be awesome instead. True story."


add more guys :)


 "When I'm sad, i stop being sad, and be awesome instead. True story." :D add 更多 guys :) I(
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一年多以前 Saul_Mikoliunas said…
The bathroom. Only one towel? What? No hairdryer? You know where I keep that stuff? You're place, BEAT IT!

That was just the first one I thought of hahah
一年多以前 Hello1578 said…
My fave line is: :"Be at the bar in 15 minutes. And Suit UP!..Where's your suit?"
一年多以前 nphturtle said…
Nothing and everything is possimpible. Words to live by.
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一年多以前 Hello1578 said…
That's a really good one nphturtle.
But I think everyones fave line is... SUIT UP!!
一年多以前 MetallicarXD said…
'I can't get sick. My sick glands were replaced by an extra awesome gland.'
一年多以前 HouseOfficeFan7 said…
in my body where the shame gland should be... there's a second awesome gland. true story.

female acrobats from Montreal! SUPER flexible! We are gonna get Cirque du SO LAID! What up!

That's why when it's my time to RIP, I"m going out of this world the same way I came into it. BUCK NAKED! Yeah! It's gonna be awesome. Open bar for the guys... Open casket for the ladies. What up!

I'll definitely think of more.
一年多以前 HouseOfficeFan7 said…
you're suited in an unmistakably upward direction!

relapse five! that's when we high five... then it's awkward for a little bit... and then we high five again!

"I met a girl today, Ted. She was so perky and full of life... and not at all fake."
"You're talking about her boobs, aren't you?"
"Si. And that's not Spanish, it's cup size. What up!"

"Alright Ted! Sleeping with a news reporter... 'This just in...' okay!"

"De... wait for it... NIED! DENIED!"

Well, this video pretty much sums it up.
一年多以前 hstb said…
“Whenever I star feeling sick, I just stop being sick and be awesome instead. True story”

“I'm fine. My nose is just overflowing with awesome and I had to get some of it out”

"Our friend Robin used to do porn....wait for it....ography!"

“Step 1: You start running. There is no Step 2.” [Talking about how easy it's to run a marathon]

“Christmas is a time when people are lonely and desperate, it's the most wonderful time of the year!”

“You take out all the suspense! In a horror movie, the killer doesn’t grab a bull horn and announce: ‘Attention unsupervised teens here at the lake house. At precisely 3AM, I’m gonna jump outta that closet right there and hack you all up with a machete. P.S. Fire is my only weakness’…”

“I can’t believe I’m taking sex advice from Ted Mosby. It’s like taking fashion advice from… well, Ted Mosby”

BTW, I love that video ^
一年多以前 Crazy4GaryLevox said…
I love all of Barney's lines but these are my favorite Barney lines

Whenever I start feeling sick, I just stop being sick and be awesome instead. True story

Flight Suit Up

I'm awesome

have you met me

Ted Mosby SUIT UP

this is so going in my blog

what up non finishers

and the night begins now

I wear suits and I'm Awesome

When I get sad I stop being sad and be awesome instead True story

ouchie in my mouth

thats so not raven

Daddy's home

一年多以前 wolfclan121 said…
big smile
Season 1. Hey Ted this is funny.....still funny, oh and now its sad.
Season 2. Hypeathitical hifive.........NICE!
Season 4. Ted: Who invented that stupid rule anyway? Barney: Jesus. Marshel: Barney, don't do this, not with Jesus. Barney: Jesus waited 3 days before he came back to life. If he had waited 1 day ppl would be all like 'Hey Jeasus, what up? Uhhh I just came back to life. Well u look preety alive to me dude.' Then he'd have to explain how he was reserected and it was a miricle and they'd be all like 'OK bro wateva u say.' And he couldnt wait 1 day cos its a Saturday and everybody's busy. No, he waits 3 days until he comes back to life.......Plus its a Sunday and everybody's in church! There like 'Oh no, Jesus is dead' Then he sprints down the hall..! BTW thats when he invented the hi5.
Season 5. Daddy's Home (couldnt think of 1)
Season 7. (so far that ive downloaded) Barney: Have I ever lied to a women to have sex?....Hmmm....tck tck......if were being honest....yeah. Nora: Ok...more than once? Barney: More than once?....pfft....if were splitting hares...there was a time when I lied to women 4 sex having purposes.