Barney Stinson Hangman - Guess the Quote

Doodlebug81 posted on Jun 29, 2012 at 02:14PM
- You can guess only one letter at a time
- Person who wrote quote gives 1 prop to a person who quess a letter
- Person who wrote quote gives 5 props to a person who quess a quote
- Person who quess the quote write other quote and gives props
- It'd be good if Person who wrote checked every day
-If ^ does not respond within 3 days, someone else can make a new quote

- represents a letter and every other sign stays the same.

Person A: -'- -------
Person B: "E"?
Person A:-'- --e---e!
Person B: "O"?
Person C: "m"?
Person A: -'m --e-ome!
Person B:"I'm awesome!"
Person A: Yes, your turn!

And Person B write new quote.
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