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posted by barbie3466
I can't wait for the new 芭比娃娃 movie to come out! i 爱情 watching 芭比娃娃 电影院 everyday!!!;) Spy Squad coming out Spring 2016 . my 最喜爱的 芭比娃娃 movie is Princess and the popstar because Kiras Character shes my favorite!!! i also can't wait to see 芭比娃娃 in her sisters in a Great 小狗 Adventure becase i 爱情 小狗 and i like seeing Barbies sisters like in 芭比娃娃 life in the dream house web show. How many of 你 would like a 芭比娃娃 theme park with lots of 芭比娃娃 rides and fun games and so much more? please respound yes 或者 no.and give me your dream of 芭比娃娃 stuff like 电影院 或者 whatever!