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I have no balance
not want to fall
talent wanted
would like to escape

Do not take it anymore
withstand this pressure
is a major challenge
control my emotions

It's time to set me free
it just depends on me
if I'll be devoting
at the 最佳, 返回页首 of the world
I'll see where everything up close
almost able to touch the sky

At the 最佳, 返回页首 of the world
dreams come to me
have wings to fly
at the 最佳, 返回页首 of the world
(At the 最佳, 返回页首 of the world)

I will not discourage
I'll do it right
even though I try
I hit one hour

Nothing is easy
seek the solution
but do not think about defeat
because my 心 is strong

It's time to set me free
it just depends...
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The video will be 发布 由 me when I'll have the DVD, so maybe on 6th 或者 7th October... But first, hope 你 like this translation...


Call her princess
The crown isn't needed
Call her princess
You'll recognize her

You can understand it from her style
From the smile that she has
From the things she can say
From how she'll have her hair

She spins...

Call her princess
The crown isn't needed
Call her princess
You'll recognize her

She has style
And she's always active
And even if she trips over
Laughing she's stand up

Call her princess
The crown isn't...
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This is for corinne17 aka Miss Adri too...
Hope 你 all like it, BTW!


Life is a long journey that will surprise you
With a thousand adventures to face
I swear, I'll never surrender
I'll throw myself fast in it
And I know that I won't be alone anymore
If I think about you
And about the strenght that 你 give me

We are united (United...)
Connected (Connected...)
I feel 你 here with me even if you're not
I know that (I know that...)
You think about me (You think about me...)
And all will resolve this way
No, nothing will never
Nothing will never
Nothing can divide...
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Lena_t asked me to post this...

Your life is a miracle
That has to be shared with who
With the 爱情 will heat your 心 up
And whoever you'll receive
Will transform in wealth
Every instant of joy and sorrow

你 know, 爱情 grows always more
Open your heart, try it
Magic: the 更多 你 give yourself and the 更多 你 receive
更多 爱情 你 give, 更多 it returns to you
你 are my Tika, I am your Ro
Always, forever, wherever I go...
If this 爱情 grows always more
Open your heart, 你 too
你 too

Vi asked me to translate it long time ago...


Just a 日 for myself
In the life I'd like
Free from every duty without compulsions
No lesson, lunches 或者 dinners
Without notebook to follow
No one that has to tell me what I can do...
That's my day...

Just a 日 for myself
In the life I'd like
Without working the moment I wake up
No hems to sew
Or the sleeves to make
No wedding dresses to finish
Nothing to pay...

How could it be?
How could it be?

Free to try
Free from my duties
Free to fly
Free to sing
And choose who to love...

If 你 think I am
That lucky, 你 know
It's not the money...
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posted by LeiaAmidala2000
As 你 all may know, Mattel fired Kelly Sheridan. This has made tons of people mad and protest. Kelly recently 发布 this statement on her 脸谱 page:

"I'm hearing very interesting things from the powers that be. There is some reconsidering going on. 粉丝 are making their opinions known. Kind of amazing."

Will they re-hire Kelly? Will they reconsider the 'modern' movies? What are your opinions?

I think that Mattel should listen to their fans. We have, for a while now, been protesting the new voice and the modern stuff. I personally don't like this 'new image' they have been going for. If I wanted that kind of stuff, I'd go watch, play, and collect Bratz.

-Leia <3

I found this out at: link
posted by warior_princess
the idea of making the doll 芭比娃娃 appears in 1909
and this happened when the lady (Roth handler) notes her little daughter Barbra plays with her paper 玩偶 and she was not end at play only with theses 玩偶 but she created from her mind and inspiration stories and situation and acts it with her doll
so her mother assured from that the little girls need to a doll with particular qualification
in order to play with it
and not like the 玩偶 that were found in the markets in that time
indeed the dream of Roth is achieved and the doll 芭比娃娃 appears and take her name from the name of Barbra the name of Roth daughter and the doll received a global fame
when she reached to 35 years they make for her site on INTERNET
in addition to that they make for her 电影院 and games and magazine
Ruth Handler watched her daughter Barbara at play with paper dolls, and noticed that she often enjoyedgiving them adult roles. At the time, most children's toy 玩偶 were representations of infants. Realizing that there could be a gap in the market, Handler suggested the idea of an adult-bodied doll to her husband Elliot, a co-founder of the Mattel toy company. He was unenthusiastic about the idea, as were Mattel's directors.

During a trip to 欧洲 in 1956 with her children Barbara and Kenneth, Ruth Handler came across German toy doll called Bild Lilli.[1] The adult-figured doll was exactly...
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posted by rizwansait1
Do The Mermaid lyrics
Do The Mermaid...
Everybody Jump, Jump right in.. Hula with the flow and then shimmy with the swim, Oh yeah !!
Do the mermaid hey-ey...
Grab your nose, 浮潜 down All the pretty mermaid girl are dancing all around Yeah Yeah !
Do the mermaid Hey-ey ...
Now everybody make the 船, 小船 rock,rock,rock..
Everybody make the 船, 小船 rock,rock,rock,rock,flip..
Do the surf girl,
Do the surf girl..
Everybody drop, drop right in..
Join the party wave and take a 龟, 海龟 for a spin...
Oh yeah, Do the surf girl...
Now everybody nose,nose right down..
All the pretty surfer girls are dancing all...
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posted by lillyna23
when i was young
i played for fun
made up the words
nobody heard
but now i see
all eyes on me
and suddenly
i'm in a dream
i got a feeling now
everything rights somehow

here i am
being who i want
giving what i got
never a doubt now
here i go
burning like a spark
light up the dark again

i'm stepping up
right to the top
that's how i'm wired
i take it higher
i'm in control
i broke a mould
the girl u see
is up to me
i'm lifting off the ground
finding the perfect sound

here i am
being who i want
giving what i got
never a doubt now
here i go
burning like a spark
light up the dark again
again (3x)
again and again...
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posted by pinpurlnitya
PPS: magic lies in your 心 is a seguel to PPS, With the same characters. In this new adventure, Keira finds out that she 迷失 a part of family somewhere beyond the seas and Tori discovers a plot of Keira's new manager+ Tori's new (first) tutor, Saneffa Crider who's also Crider's cousin who convinced him to steal the Diamond Gardenia. Saneffa's dream is to divide the 老友记 and rule Meribella. With the help of some friends(old and new), They realise that magic is not always with wands and objects but in the 心 where 爱情 lies.
In a new 芭比娃娃 Movie, Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy Princess. Mariposa, the 蝴蝶 Fairy has become the Royal Historian of Flutterfield! She’s sent as Ambassador to Shimmervale, a faraway kingdom, to make peace with the crystal 精灵 that live there. In Shimmervale, Mariposa befriends Princess Catania™, a crystal fairy who hasn’t flow in many years. Instead, she flies through her kingdom with the help of a beautiful flying friend - Sophie, the Pegasus! The winged horse draws Princess Catania’s chariot through the skies, until Catania conquers her fears and flies on her own again.
posted by CleoCorinne
Well I've been waiting all year
Just for this 日 to get here
And I’ve been learning
Nothing goes exactly like 你 plan

Yeah I’ve been flying so low
Wishing I was in SoHo
I thought I’d be a no go for this show
But here I am

You might have seen me checking out
What’s underneath that tree
But I have realized that there
Is just one gift for me

It's a perfect Christmas
It's a perfect Christmas
It's a perfect Christmas
'Cause I'm with you

The ornaments are rocking
Somebody 偷了 my stocking
I think I threw out all my gift cards
With the recycling

The 圣诞节 lights are tangled
The mistletoe got mangled
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And Giselle Dancing 芭比娃娃 天鹅 Lake Today competition with Mattel 芭比娃娃 粉, 粉色 "Shoes", a quality jury - chaired 由 Eleonora Abbagnato great star, prima ballerina of the Paris National Opera - reward dancers 或者 groups who have been able to better interpret the spirit of the film.
But we found better detail .... In his new movie "Barbie and 粉, 粉色 Shoes" DVD released 由 Universal and released on March 6, 芭比娃娃 celebrates two of the most beautiful ballets of all time: Giselle and 天鹅 Lake, memorable music, the dance all steps of the greatest classical dancers dancing world, two fascinating stories...
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"Next fall, we voyage far from planet Earth and take off on a new adventure to a new galaxy. To a new planet. To meet up with a familiar friend."

(From the teaser trailer)

I think this movie has a different idea of story, if 你 compared it with some 前一个 芭比娃娃 movies. And I'd like to share my idea about the story, as I don't find any plot of it.

Barbie starred as an astronaut girl, that exploring the 太空 with her team. But suddenly there was damage to their spacecraft and they were forced to landed on an unknown planet.
The planet was very similar with Earth, with beautiful forest, nature, and animals. They are also meet with the residents and befriend with them. There is a hidden magic 星, 星级 that keeps the planet alive.
But when the evil peoples want to 偷了 the magic 星, 星级 from the planet, 芭比娃娃 and her team tried to protect this planet, for their familiar friend.
Year: 1812 (whatever count is used but I'm sure it's AD.)The 年 when 'Barbie As The Island Princess' took place (in AD) was probably in the 1770's 或者 1780's.

Setting: The Appolonian 城堡 Of Dertys. (the 城堡 on the cliff near the sea has been abandoned.) This place is a bit of away from the center of Letavia, the kingdom's capital city.
Island of Amoleo : The island which Ro was shipwrecked before.

Characters: HRH Princess Destina (Ro's Daughter.), HRH 皇后乐队 Rosella (formerly known as Ro), HRH King Antonio,Mistress Emmeline Tister (Princess Destina's governess/personal tutor.) Tika,...
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你 can hear this song in the video "Various 芭比娃娃 songs on Italian" that I 发布 yesterday...


Still in the sky like a star
Beloved daughter, beautiful daughter
My love, I'm watching 你 from up there
Every dream you'll dream will come true
And because of that, 你 won't suffer anymore


I had to write something 更多 to post this on the articles, so hope 你 like it ;)

And tell me what other songs do 你 want me to translate, I'll be very glad to do it... and It's quite funny to do...

Barbie™ in Rock ‘N Royals: Courtney® doll (CKB57)
SRP: $24.99 | Age: 3+ years | Available: June 2015
• Girls can relive the 音乐 and fun of the Barbie™ in Rock N’ Royals movie with the Princess Courtney™ doll
• Princess Courtney™ transforms from her royal 袍, 礼服 and into a rockin’ outfit after she discovers her voice at popstar camp
• Plays two unique songs from the movie

Barbie™ in Rock ‘N Royals: Erika™ doll (CKB58)
SRP: $24.99 | Age: 3+ years | Available: June 2015
• Follow the storyline and transformation moment from Barbie™ in Rock N’ Royals movie as popstar...
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Story written in Polish and translated 由 translate.google.com
Soon the good version

Barbie and the Wonderful Lamp

There once was a poor tailor in Asia, who had a son - lazybones - named Aladdin. In vain this poor man had tried to teach his son diligence. In the end he died of grief.
One day, when 阿拉丁 was playing with friends, passing close to the African magician. For years, looking for a boy named Aladdin, the son of a tailor, who had him find a magic lamp. When he heard that his colleagues are calling on behalf of Aladdin, the magician said, 'You are the Aladdin, the son of a tailor?'
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posted by FairyAmbassador
(Source: barbie-4ever.blog.cz)
I can be a hero (uh-uh), I can be a'strong (yeah, yeah)
I'm not a bird 或者 plane, they should know my name
Not just a girl (not just a girl), uh-huh
I can be free (uh-uh), free to be me (yeah, yeah)
I can speak it out now, no doubt, say "hello" to the world ("hello" to the world)

Scream it out like hey, hey
Don't listen to what they say, say
'Cause it doesn't matter, no way, no way
One goal, one dream, 'cause we're on the same team, babe

(Oh...) Raise our voices, (oh...) raise our voices
So it's time to 显示 our faces and raise our voices
(Oh...) We're gonna raise our voices,...
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