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 B.A.P - Badman MV ~♥
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This B.A.P 壁纸 contains 音乐会. There might also be 学术长袍, 长袍学者, 法官的长袍, 学术袍, 法官袍, 学术礼服, 乐队队员, 波士顿, and 乐手.

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 3rd Mini Album-Stop It_B.A.P
3rd Mini Album-Stop It_B.A.P
Don’t frown with that pretty face
If you’re not mad, don’t kill me
Don’t just say you’ll understand and that it’s fine
Don’t be mad, I want 你 to smile

You can do whatever 你 want in front of me
You don’t have to be coy with me
So please don’t get mad at me

Tell me, this isn’t right, this is too much baby
You get mad, then 爱情 me again
Why do 你 go back and forth, why? (oh baby)

You might get upset at me and resent me at times but
I want to tell you, who gets mad so easily

Don’t get mad at me, stop it, please don’t do this
I’m getting annoyed, I’m getting mad – I 爱情 you...
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