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posted by Fitch
Hands Up link
Hands Up link

17/12/15 link
17/12/16 link
17/12/17 link
17/12/21 link
17/12/22 link
17/12/23 link
17/12/31 link Remix
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Honeymoon link

17/09/06 link
17/09/07 link
17/09/07 link
17/09/08 link
17/09/09 link
17/09/10 link
16/09/14 link
16/09/15 link
16/09/15 link
17/09/16 link
17/09/19 link
17/09/21 link
16/09/22 link
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Wake Me Up link

17/03/09 link
17/03/12 link
17/03/14 link
17/03/15 link
17/03/16 link
17/03/17 link
17/03/18 link
17/03/20 link
17/03/21 link
17/03/22 link
17/03/24 link
17/04/02 link
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Like 火, 消防 burning
I found 你 in the light
It’s the reason I found my life again
What did I see at that moment?
Your scent makes me forget everything

Your 爱情 Your way
A name that I can meet
Only when I’m lost
Your 爱情 Your way
A miracle that followed instinct
(yeh yeh ya)

You’re the only one for me
Can’t change with anything
Diamond 4 ya
Diamond 4 ya
You’re my everything
The reason I live
Diamond 4 ya
Diamond 4 ya
(Woo Woo)

You blossomed inside my hardship
You’re the melody (woo woo)
Always whisper to me 由 my side
So we can go together, hold onto me

Hug me deeply
Come to this black and red cell
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Oh Something something
about you
Something something
about you

I didn’t believe it in this reality
I hoped that wasn’t true
Oh yeah
(The world is completely dark
I feel suffocated)

Countless lies
Built on 最佳, 返回页首 of one lie
Ah yeah
(It’s not even funny now
I won’t be deceived any more)

In front of the faded line
Stop right there
Look at the stained illusion
Everything has broken down

There’s no utopia, that’s just an escape
Now wake up, wake up, wake up

Step on the world and get up
The world has flipped inside out
(I can’t, I can’t Stop)
(C’mon, It’s going down)

Change everything
What’s real...
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I’m awakening a different me inside
The faint light that was turned off
Wake me up, open my eyes
Yeah wake me up

This is an endless tunnel
In darkness with no light
(Wake me up, Wake me up)
I need to find myself

I need to jump over my limit
I can’t just stop like this
(Wake me up, Wake me up)

Wake Up,
We’ve pressed for time
That innocent child has grown up suddenly
Now I’ll awaken this fearful society

Share a story with the new me
You can’t put a price on m life
It’s a life that can’t be exchanged with anyone else’s

Our reality is like pain
That is trapped inside a stone pot
What I can do is
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posted by Fitch
Skydive link
MelOn Premiere link

B.A.P MV Skydive link

16/11/10 link
16/11/11 link
16/11/12 link
16/11/13 link
16/11/15 link
16/11/16 link
16/11/18 link
16/11/19 link
16/11/20 link
16/11/22 link + link
16/11/24 link
16/11/25 link
16/11/25 link
16/11/26 link
16/11/27 link
16/11/29 link
16/11/30 link
16/12/01 link
16/12/01 link (no background music)
16/12/02 link
16/12/02 link
16/12/03 link
16/12/04 link
16/12/23 link
16/12/24 link
16/12/29 link
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We can skydive free fall
Skydive free fall

We can skydive we go
In this world before me
I’ll throw myself
Go to the other side

Catch catch light
I’ll bring you
I want you, back in time
Trust me and follow me
Baby Let’s ride

In the darkness
This scarred 幻想 calls out to me

Yes, That’s right
A bright spotlight shines on me
Then I fly high
Baby we can fly

Just let go,
Trust me and follow me
Throw your body (bang)

The sky has no start 或者 end
I fly like a shooting star
My body pulls in even more
Out of control

Throw it all out and skydive
(Burn your passion, dynamite)
Skydive (everyone throw yourselves without...
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What should I say?
How should I describe this feeling?
As if my breath
Will stop
I feel frustrated
And anxious
I can’t express it with words
After 你 left me
Everything has changed
Without 你 girl
Without 你 girl
I can’t go on without you

Loving one person
Letting go one person
If only I knew
How hard it was
If I only I knew back then

What should I say?
If this is love
I really don’t think I can do it again
Everything has left

What should I say?
What to wear, what to eat
I don’t care
All day, I’m drunk with sleep
I dream and then I don’t
I don’t know what to say
After 你 left, as if
Nothing ever happened...
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Under that hot sun
I throw myself and let my body go
Rock (rock)
Be 更多 dangerous crazily
Try running down my path
I still alive
With 更多 class, scream
Rock (rock)
Do whatever 你 feel like
Ya’ll, do what I feel
Get down with it
Get down to it
Just do it, don’t look for a map
Get down with it
Get down on it
Burn it up up above, no need to be intimidated
Move to the rhythm bang bang
Just face it head on
I like the way you’re movin’

Hey, turn it up (oh!)
Up the volume oh yeah
Whatever 你 do, do whatever 你 feel like
Don’t give it up (oh!)
Talk is cheap
Don’t give up, I believe in you
Keep goin’
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Yeah, that’s my jam
Burn it up
On this beautiful night
Shake your body, party
Everyone, you, you, 你 got it
Yeah, that’s my jam
Pump it up
Scream, everybody
With the rhythm, shout It
Feel it, you, you, 你 got it

So hot in here
Monday through Sunday
Play, shoot, goal in
Stick to me, I’m fresh and ill
A big chance for the ladies
Lady, when 你 hear my voice
You’ll feel so good, you’ll die
Ayy, sexy, come to me baby

Ruby lights and
we bump so loud
The 低音 is getting louder
Ready to turn it up
Burn it up, keep it going
‘cause now it’s time to play, yeah

Come close baby
You and I, drinks all night
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 ♥ Bang Yong Guk ♥
♥ Bang Yong Guk ♥
 ♥ Kim Him Chan
♥ Kim Him Chan
 ♥ Jung Dae Hyun ♥
♥ Jung Dae Hyun ♥
 ♥ Yoo Young Jae ♥
♥ Yoo Young Jae ♥
 ♥ Moon Jong Up ♥
♥ Moon Jong Up ♥
 ♥ Zelo/Choi Jun Hong ♥
♥ Zelo/Choi Jun Hong ♥
Earlier this week, B.A.P returned to New York City for their third 音乐会 in Times Square's PS游戏机 Theater since debuting in 2012. While one would think they'd find the venue comforting, the boy band expressed a nervous excitement ahead of the show, which was the seventh North American 日期 in their current 'Live on Earth' world tour.

Before the boys proved how much they've grown since their last NYC 显示 two years ago, the group's Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup and Zelo spoke to Fuse exclusively about their current tour, future 音乐 plans, friendship and more. Read on for...
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Since the release of their 4th single “EXCUSE ME” in September 2014, 6-membered K-POP group B.A.P have released their 1st full album “Best. Absolute. Perfect” after approximately one and a half years on March 30. This work which is titled exactly like their group name is overflowing with their confidence. It’s a 给 with their previously released singles, but the highlight is the inclusion of 3 coolest new songs; B.A.P are finally restarting their activities in Japan!

―― It’s been 3 years since you’ve debuted in Japan, what’s something memorable from these 3 years?DH: The...
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Start Date: Feb 20, 2016
Countries: 17
Shows: 30

Date: February 20-21
Country: link
Venue: SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium, Olympic Park

Date: Thursday April 14
Country/City: USA, San Francisco
Venue: link

Date: Sunday April 17
Country/City: USA, Los Angeles
Venue: link

Date: Tuesday April 19
Country/City: link
Venue: The Orpheum

Date: Thursday April 21
Country/City: USA, Dallas
Venue: link

Date: Saturday April 23
Country/City: USA, Chicago
Venue: link

Date: Sunday April 24
Country/City: link
Venue: link

Date: Monday April 25
Country/City: USA, New York
Venue: PS游戏机 Theater

Date: Wednesday April 27
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posted by Fitch
Feel So Good link
Feel So Good link

16/02/25 link
16/02/26 link
16/02/27 link
16/02/28 link
16/02/29 link
16/03/01 link
16/03/02 link
16/03/03 link
16/03/04 link
16/03/05 link
16/03/06 link
16/03/08 link + link
16/03/09 link
16/03/10 link
16/03/11 link
16/03/11 link
16/03/12 link
16/03/13 link
16/03/15 link
16/03/16 link
16/03/17 link
16/03/18 link
16/03/18 link
16/03/19 link
16/03/20 link
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Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh
Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh
Escape from this suffocating city
To that place I have dreamed of
A sound that calls me
Towards that light
I leave, running
Today, us together
Today is the day
Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh
Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh
Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh
Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh

The globe is my friend
Where ever (we) can just go
I Go Performance 或者 Travel
Whatever it is It’s Okay
Yeah I Know Something
Life is beautiful Play N Chillin’
I am wi ing wi ing (tn: onomatopoeia for whirling sounds) 或者 bingbing (tn: twirling)
Fly around Kwejina chingching (T/N: Kwejina chingching means to feel good/be satisfied)
Where your 心 goes Woo
Living however 你 want Oh Baby
Leave me alone Woo
Can’t stop My Carnival Oh
Seoul to Seoul Fly away
London to Tokyo
Every 日 is like Carnival Wherever
Life is like Choco
Seoul to Seoul Let’s leave
Paris to New York
We had a lot of fun all day
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The tickly sun and
The wind that is blowing gently
Are fragrant Because of you
Your pretty lips
The feeling that you’re always looking at me
Just puts me in a good mood
So Because of you
Don’t leave my side
As long as I have 你 I think I can fly anywhere
I Fly high Yoo Hoo
Don’t be wary
Today is the last Babe
Tell me anywhere 你 want to go
No one but 你 will do
Before this night ends let’s leave the party
Yes Whenever I’m with you
The whole world shines on us and
It feels like everything has stopped
The whole world is beautiful
Because of you
Cause of 你 Cause of you
Just stay 由 my side follow me...
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Just throw it at me
Watch the rocks hit me and roll
Say that I am stupid
Hey see who flies the best
Huh I’m a bird that looks far away
The bird that flies the highest
In the end who ends up the best here
Be embarrassed, that territorial behavior
Don’t interfere, just please me alone
It’s suffocating All 日 Your nagging NO
Everyone Hurry Up Hurry Up Fly away
I’ll just (go) my way this way Ye Yi Ye Eh
Even if they ignore me here and there it doesn’t matter any
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Up In the sky
(I) will be the bird that flies the highest
(I) will be the bird that flies until the end of the blue sky
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