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Bali Treasures Drum Factory, a musical instrument production company that was founded in 1889. It is the largest musical instrument production company in the world. which has been recognized and received many awards. as a musical instrument company that has produced millions of high-quality musical instruments. the biggest supplier of musical instrument stores in the world. Bali Treasures Drum Factory is 首页 to Djembe and other musical instruments.
Djembe is a Drum instrument from the African plains. which was discovered during the kingdom of Mali in 1200SM. since then Djembe has become a musical instrument that must be used 由 all African tribes.
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Bali Treasures Drum Factory, we make musical instruments from the hands of skilled craftsmen. material of choice and done very detailed. to produce high-quality musical instruments. for 音乐 爱人 all over the world.
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