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posted by suzyisbrute
Okay hi people I am Suzyisbrute also known as:Baily/Raphaella 湾 amanda thompson,Darxy/Draxterina s Mulleb,and Suzy Airups.

anyways I just wanted to keep everyone(even though I currently have only one 粉丝 thnx Sierra!)
updated on newest stuff

okay first I changed my 图标 and slogan they rock.
and I need help from da people!I need to get 更多 流行的 me and my fpb(dex3fan)have been working on many things Im about to ask her if we should make a club that mixes are 俱乐部 like a Suzyisbrute and Dex3fan page but anyways thats still iffy I have been complaining about some things like the Darxy divorce...
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posted by suzyisbrute
ok people as u know if 你 read my story(going back)
或者 my new one(going forth)Baley is one of 《嗜血法医》 and Blossom's making an update called SUZY 或者 BALEY witch is odd and obseessish ok so the a weird thing happened the other 日 when I was getting my hot sauce(I like it spicy)my mom 说 leave some for my recipe and i 说 ok but there isn't even half lefta no it wasn't a typo I added the x-tra a luckily my mom didn't notice it was still humiliating so of course being a lot like my character Baley I covered my mouth and ran into my room just humiliating so so humiliating!
I mean I know my Dad is Italian and my Mom is Irish but come on big same same 或者 what!

-baley I mean Suzy