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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Use this six-sided dice to play

Your name is (NAME). 你 are 21 年 old third-year college student attending (COLLEGE) and are in need of a summer job. 你 complain about this to one of your professors (HIS/HER NAME), and he/she tells 你 their cousin, (HIS NAME), is looking for a new nanny. While 你 do like kids, being someone's nanny doesn't sound appealing to you. But student loans need to be paid, so 你 吞, 燕子 your pride when your professor puts in a good word for 你 and 你 go in for an interview with the man's secretary.

Two weeks after the first interview, 你 are called back...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Your names are: (1)______ ______ ______ and ______ ______ ______ [first, middle and last] 你 are both retired and have been married for almost thirty-one years. Your five children have grown up and moved out – and 你 currently have nine grandchildren!


Your oldest is a boy. He is twenty-nine and married to a wonderful woman named Eloise, with whom he has three young sons. He has always been very athletic and sporty (even in the womb) and began walking at a very young age. Right now, he has a job coaching his sons’ 足球 team. His first name is after a famous athlete. His middle...
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Ok..I noticed that there weren't a lot of 文章 here, so I decided to add one. I found this webpage a few 分钟 ago, and it was actually a bit interesting. So I decided to post this webpage here, in case there were any expecting mothers here who are curious about whether they were having a son 或者 a daughter. This is for them, and anyone else here of course :)

When it comes to guessing your unborn baby's sex, myths abound, but there are a few ways to know for sure.

By Colette Bouchez
WebMD Feature

Reviewed 由 Cynthia Haines

From almost the moment a woman discovers she's pregnant, the guessing...
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Use this dice to play: link

You and (DH) have been married for well over a 年 when 你 decide the house is too big for just the two of you. (ROLL THE DICE) months later, 你 get pregnant with boy/girl twins. The boy's middle name honors DH's uncle and the girl's middle name honors your grandmother.

What are the baby's first names?
1: link
2: link
3: link
4: link
5: link
6: link
Twin's names:

After the twins, 你 and DH have three 更多 children. 你 also adopt as a way of expanding your family and helping a child in need of 爱情 and care.

Child #3
How many years pass after the twins are born?
1 或者 2: two...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Use this dice to play: link

Your name is (NAME) and 你 are the 18-year-old mother of two daughters and a high school dropout. 你 had your first daughter when 你 were 15 and your ex-boyfriend, (HIS NAME), refused to take any responsibility for her. He was later shipped off to military school 由 his parents and no one has heard from him since. Your 秒 daughter's father, (HIS NAME), was much nicer to 你 and wanted to help out, but was killed in a drunk driving accident. 你 had your 秒 daughter not long after 你 turned 17.

What are your daughters' names? Roll the dice
1 或者 2: First &...
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Use this dice to play: link

Your name is (NAME) and 你 are 15 years old. You're pretty, smart, thoughtful, compassionate, hardworking, and 你 爱情 to help those in need. 你 live with your single mom (your father walked out when 你 were 4 years old) in a low-income area of a big city. The 日 你 turn fifteen, 你 apply for your first job and you're accepted. What 你 make is not much, but your mom needs help making ends meet with her job as a waitress. Juggling work and school doesn't leave 你 a lot of time for socialization, not that it really matters to you. 你 don't have a whole lot...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007

First Names:

January = Hugh
February = Luke
March = Rhys
April = James
May = Sean
June = Quinn
July = Max
August = Dean
September = Miles
October = Charles
November = Flynn
December = Jude

Middle Names:

01 = Isaiah
02 = Donovan
03 = Cillian
04 = Leonardo
05 = Alexander
06 = Tobias
07 = Joshua
08 = Frederick
09 = Christopher
10 = Jonathan
11 = Archibald
12 = Gabriel
13 = Harrison
14 = Theodore
15 = Emerson
16 = Zachariah
17 = Nicholas
18 = Anthony
19 = Dominic
20 = Oliver
21 = Gregory
22 = Remington
23 = Elliot
24 = Sebastian
25 = Elijah
26 = Jeremiah
27 = Benjamin
28 = Josiah
29 = Timothy
30 = Emmanuel
31 = Nathaniel


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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Your name is (1)______ ______ ______ (first, middle, last, doesn’t have to be real) and are 22 in college. 你 fall in 爱情 with your professor, (2)______ ______ ______ (first, middle, last, again doesn’t have to be real) who is 27. About a 年 and a half later, 你 get married in (3)______. On your honeymoon in (4)______ (European country) 你 end up pregnant with triplets. Three girls. Their names all have something to do with flowers, whether it’s their first 或者 middle name. Their names are (5)______ ______, ______ ______ and ______ ______.

2 years later, 你 miss having a baby, well...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
If 你 had to choose between each pair of names for your child, which would 你 pick? All of the names are found in song titles, and their respective songs and bands / singers are in brackets. Have fun!


Lucy 或者 Iris? (Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds 由 The Beatles / Iris 由 The Goo Goo Dolls)
Eileen 或者 Roxanne? (Come on Eileen 由 Dexy’s Midnight Runners / Roxanne 由 The Police)
Grace 或者 Virginia? (Grace Kelly 由 MIKA / Meet Virginia 由 Train)
Delilah 或者 Cecilia? (Delilah 由 Tom Jones & 嘿 There Delilah 由 the Plain White Tees / Cecilia 由 Simon & Garfunkel)
Ruby 或者 Caroline (Ruby...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
你 and your husband (or wife, if 你 happen to be male) are living in blissful retirement in (1)______ (city, country, etc) and your five children have grown up and moved out.

Your first child was a girl, born in the middle of December. She was born with a little tuft of bright red hair, and grew up to be a fiery, short-tempered redhead. She is now 25 and works as a (2)______ (career). Since she was born near Christmas, her middle name has something to do with the holidays. Her first name can be whatever 你 like. Her name is (3)______ ______.


our 秒 child was a boy, born one 年 later....
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
In these types of games, I’ll give a series of multiple-choice questions, with each answer corresponding to a name. At the end of the questionnaire, 你 will have named your hypothetical children (first and middle) based on your responses. Have fun! :)

(Names are taken from Nameberry’s “Surname 收藏夹 List”)

First Name:

Which superpower would 你 choose out of these options?

Flight – Harper
Mind-Reading – Jackson
Time-Travel – Cooper
Invisibility – Grayson
Super-Speed – Carter

Middle Name:

What is your 最喜爱的 beverage from these options?

Water – Blake
Tea / Iced...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Two months after (DAUGHTER) is born, tragedy strikes. (BOYFRIEND) is killed on his mission. 你 are devastated, and so is the entire agency. They elect 你 as the new leader, but 你 can’t take the honor. 你 give it to (FRIEND) and fill her spot. She has been part of the company for 7 years, while you’ve been there for a year. (FRIEND) is surprised and delighted.

Three months later, (AGENCY) has recently added a new member. His name is (HIS NAME). He is one of the best spies to ever leave a government agency. 你 remember admiring his work as a young agent. 你 meet with him and immediately...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Your name is (1) ________ ________ ________ (first, middle, last), and you’re a twenty-one 年 old (2) __________ (a job / career). 你 and your twenty-three 年 old boyfriend of two years, (3) _________ _________ _________ (first, middle, last), just got some exciting news: you’re pregnant! Both of 你 are surprised, considering 你 didn’t plan on children until after 你 were married, but you’re happy nonetheless. Nine months later, your give birth to a healthy, happy, smiling baby boy. 你 name him (4) _________ _________ (first, middle), after your husband and father.

Two years...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
You are ___ ___ ___ {first, middle(s), last}, a single twenty-two year old girl from ___ {choose from below} working as a ___ {choose from below}. While leaving a coffee shop one morning, you bump straight into a tall person and spill your coffee all over your new white shirt! The person—a man—apologizes a million times, and invites you out for coffee to make up for it. His name is ___ ___ ___ {first, middle(s), last} and he’s ___ {choose from below}. It’s not long before you’re dating, and falling in love.

where you live:
- A. San Diego, California
- B. New...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
First Birth
If 你 were born on the…
1-7: B
8-15: G
16-23: B
24-32: G

Girl FN: Must Start With the same letter as your middle name.
Girl MN: Must me exactly six letters long.

Boy FN: Must start with the same letter as the dad’s first name, but it cannot be the same.
Boy MN: Must start with the same letter as the mom’s first name, but it cannot be the same.

Second Birth
A perfect vacation would be…
The beach- B/B
New York- G
The mountains- B
Anywhere in Europe- G/G
Disneyland- G/G/G/B

Girl 1 FN: Must start with S.
Girl 1 MN: Must be the name of a stone. (Ex: Pearl, Sapphire, Jade, Ruby)

Girl 2 FN: Must...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
When (DH) comes 首页 from a mission, 你 have a serious talk. 你 want him to stay with 你 and your kids, but he wants to be out in the field. After hours of talking, 你 convince him to retire and help 你 and (FRIEND) with assigning and surveying missions.

A 年 later, with (DH) at your side, 你 decide to try for 更多 kids. 你 deliver a baby girl nine months later. Name can be anything 你 want.

What’s her name?

My part is done. Feel free to add 更多 babies, 或者 pets.

你 live happily ever after.

posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
你 are twenty-six years old and your name is (1) _____ _______ _______ (you can make it up if 你 want). 你 live in (2)___ (choose an option):
A) Orlando, Florida
B) Augusta, Maine
C) Honolulu, Hawaii
D) Vancouver, British Columbia

You work as a (3)__________ (your dream job). One 日 during a storm, a man shows up at your doorstep, looking cold and drenched. He introduces himself as (4) ______ ______ _______ and asks to use your phone. Thinking that he’s rather cute, 你 let him inside. While he waits for his ride, 你 get to know 更多 about him. He is (5)____ (choose an option):
A) a twenty-eight...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Your name is (1)______ ______ ______. 你 are twenty-three years old and studying at (2)______ (university/college) to become a doctor/surgeon specializing in (3)______ (choose from below):

A: Cardiothoracic surgery (Heart)
B: Pediatric surgery (Children)
C: Orthopedic surgery (Bones and muscles)
D: Nerological surgery (Brain/nervous system)
E: General Practitioner (GP)

During your final 年 of study, your friend convinces 你 to apply for a scholarship to receive a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work as a doctor in a developing country. To your surprise, 你 win the scholarship and 移动 to (4)______...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Ok… follow the steps

1. How many siblings do 你 have…. ?
a)1-2 b)0 c)3-5 d)6-8 e)above 8

if 你 chose … a)youll have 5 children b)youll have 1 child c) youll have 4 children .. d) youll have 3 children .. e)youll have 2 children

First Child!
If your 最喜爱的 color is ..
a) blue - your first child will be a boy
b)black - 你 will have twin boys
c)purple - 你 will have twin girls
d)red - 你 will have triplets *g,g,b*
e)pink - 你 will have one girl
f) other - 你 will have twins *b,g*

Use your mn’s first letter to create names. Cannot be past 6 letters

Second Child!
If your type of...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
1. 你 conceive her on your honeymoon. Her first name has to be the place where 你 honeymooned, and her middle name is the 月 或者 日 你 got married.

2. Three years later, you're pregnant again. Twins! A girl and a boy. The names have to start with the same letter. Their middle names can be anything!

3. 你 decide you're going to adopt a baby from a foreign country. Her first name has to be something in nature (plants, seasons, etc.) and her middle name is a color.

4. Two years later, you're pregnant again. You're now into this hipster thing, so 你 give your baby a very unique name, something...
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