School the 下一个 日 was 更多 than I expected. Micheal oddly always wanted to be around me. I was fine with that though. He's basically one of my best 老友记 now. Him,Zach, and Tenzin hang out ALL the time at home. I practically see him 24 hours a day. Thats OK though, because I think Kayla has a crush on him.

I walked into my 4th period science class. The weird aroma of chemicals and explosions filled the room. Micheal and a punk girl sat at the back wearing safety goggles and laughing hysterically. I went and sat at my table.

As soon as the tardy 钟, 贝尔 rang Kayla and Tenzin walked in. Tenzin wore a ski 帽 over his head.

Micheal immediately jumped up. "Whats up Dude?!" He yelled as him and Tenzin highfived. Kayla followed behind Tenzin, blushing as Micheal eyed her.

The teacher mentioned for Micheal to sit down. "Class, we have two new students in class today. Why don't 你 introduce yourselves?" The teacher asked.

"My name is Tenzin Bei Fong. And this is my cousin......Kayla......Shu. We are both from China."

The kids all began to whisper at their weird names and the fact that they were from China.

The teacher eyed Tenzin. "Why do 你 have a hat on? We do not allow hats in school."

Tenzin suddenly pulled out a piece of paper. I'm guessing he'd been through this before today. He hand the paper to Tenzin. The teacher nodded and smiled at him. He then walked to a 台, 办公桌 in front of Micheal. Kayla came and sat in the empty 座位 下一个 to me.

"Hey Kayla, What did the note that tenzin give the teacher say?" I whispered as she neatly laid her 图书 in a pile on the desk.

"Its a note from Aang just saying that he has some crazy disease and he must keep a hat on at all times to protect his head and keep it warm. Something about brain 或者 head dis functioning."

"He has something like that?"

"Ha, no! Tenzin has an 《绿箭侠》 like Aang, remember? He can't go around as a 12-year-old bald dude with an 《绿箭侠》 tattoo can he?"

I guess thats true.

I sighed and went back to my work. I tuned out my teacher's voice on something stupid like how volcano's erupt 或者 how evolution works. Kayla was extremely fascinated 由 it.

My thoughts wondered to the 阿凡达 dreams I had had the past few weeks. Something really bothered me that Aang said. He 说 something about a dark force walking my world. Oh no. so scary! Wow. It seemed pretty weird to me.

I became bored of the teachers long unexciting voice and played with a ball of 火, 消防 under my desk. It bounced around my finger tips and threw sparks at each direction.

"I hope 你 don't get caught doing that. My father 说 that in your time bending is forbidden." Came a voice 下一个 to me. Kayla's big blue eyes and dark hair fell under the 台, 办公桌 下一个 to me.

"Oh its okay. Us benders do it for fun anyway. It's not like they'll figure out we're benders just because we're near some 火, 消防 或者 floating water."

I raised my head back over the 台, 办公桌 and Kayla did the same. In front of me stood my teacher. "What were 你 two doing down there?"

"Um..........I dropped my pencil. We both went to reach for it. Sorry." Kayla 说 sweetly with a wide smile to her lips. I immediately distinguished the flame in my palm and began 写作 notes.

The rest of the period Kayla and I whispered and giggled at the way Micheal annoyed the teacher with little splashes of water 或者 the way he would knock down the Teachers cup of coffee. Micheal even got Tenzin to give a prissy 流行的 girl, Jessica, a serious whiplash of air.

Before class ended Kayla and I exchanged schedules to see if we were in any other classes together. We had Science (of course), math and art together. Kayla told me that her twin Kyra had most of her classes on the other side of school. At least Kyra and Sam could be near each other.

After Science we all had lunch. It was probably the best lunch I ever had. Hayden, Micheal, Zach, Tenzin, Kayla, me, and a couple other kids all ate lunch at the same 表 in the corner of the cafeteria. It started as a normal loud group of kids hanging out at lunch, but then it turned into a massive bending 食物 fight that, of course, Micheal and Tenzin started. Tenzin and a boy named Riley (air bender) had a contest on who could air bend 食物 higher with out being caught and Micheal of course wanted to be a boy and bended someone's 浓情巧克力 牛奶 into Riley's face.

I ended up screaming of laughter and 苹果 果汁 came out my nose. Zach didn't like my 苹果 果汁 being sprayed all over him so he chucked a hamburger patty at my face. He missed me and it hit Kayla. She wasn't glad so she through an 苹果 which accidently hit Scarlet (Micheal's science partner, she's an earth bender) and, 你 don't want to know the rest. We did have to clean up the cafeteria with the janitor and have extra detention, but it was SO worth it!

I had so much fun with my 老友记 that I forgot all about the fact that Tenzin and Kayla were only spirits from the past. Micheal, Tenzin, Kayla, and my brothers all seemed very protective of me. One of them never seemed to leave my sight.

On the ride back 首页 Kayla and Kyra each sat in the back with Sam and me. We worked on homework and Kayla 或者 Kyra would almost scream every time we hit a road bump. They saw the bus ride as a roller coaster.

It was funny how fast Aang's family and Zuko's family became modern people. They each bought a house right 下一个 to us. My parents had to teach them many things on paying bills, but they didn't really care much.

The month's seemed to past 由 faster then I thought. The blue eyed 火, 消防 bender Kayla and the brown eyed water bender Kyra became Sam and my best friends. Tenzin, Micheal, Eli and Zach became so close that they each joined the 篮球 team and hardly left each other's presence. Takani grew to like me and my family. She loved being in 3th grade. Her best friend was a girl named Hannah, a water bender from school, and my sister Lilliana and her moved past evil stares at each other.

I got many lessons from each Zuko, Toph, Aang, and Katara, but around March Katara stopped. Her round belly became 更多 bigger then ever and she stayed in the blue painted house she lived in with her husband Zuko. (Again, I'm sorry for being a Zutara and Taang fan.)

Then, on March 23rd, Zuko and Katara's family spent the night in the hospital with my mother. We were going to get another little bender in the world.