Attack on Titan May i ask how share a link here?

Joelwow posted on Feb 08, 2014 at 03:53AM
When i entern "Links" I can't find the way to post a link... Could someone help me? I just wanna share a news about Attack on titan mobile game.But i am sure if i can post link here
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一年多以前 I-Luv-L said…
To share a link you copy the URL of the thing you want to share. then you go to the 'Links' section of the club you want to post the link on. Then you paste the link in the place it says 'URL' then type in the name of the link. Put some tags or whatever and if descriptions. Then press 'Submit' then you are done.
Joelwow commented…
But I can't find the place 你 说 'URL' in the 'Link' section. I can only see the posts from others 一年多以前