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Two Paths Parayzo

She had just recorded her first demo and was planning to get back to the 音乐 scene she had left behind. Valeria had put her career on hold in 搜索 of true love. All she found was heartbreak. Now she was determined to pick up where she had left things off.
At last she had found her true musical identity, going back to her roots in the 街, 街道 parties of Bahia, land of 颜色 and rhythms, in the northeast of Brazil.
He had spent most of his life traveling around the world since leaving 首页 at the age of 13. A child star, he had finally matured and was redefining...
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I've ranted about this before (in groups, on my blog, even on AC itself), and things seemed better for awhile. But now, of course, the problem is back. The de-raters!

I understand there may not be much that AC themselves can do, but it still makes me bad. I just had my first 文章 showcased and I was pretty happy about that. Three hours 以前 it had a 4.9 rating. I get 首页 and guess where it is... 2.0!! That's just bull!

If people are so jealous that they don't have th ability to write a decent article, and that makes them feel resorting to grade school tactics is a good idea, then they don't belong on Associated Content. If anybody knows of a de-rater, out them! Let the whole community know who these untalented, immature children are so we can lynch them ourselves!

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