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posted by kbrand5333
My 2nd place-winning fic for Arwen short challenge 7! I had to trim it for length to meet the word count requirements. This is the FULL version.

“My lady, he’s here.”

Four words. Four small words I’ve been dreading since the 日 my father told me that he had promised me to King Arthur of Camelot.

“Thank you, I’ll be down presently,” I say, not turning around. It was rude of me, I know. I usually treat my servants better than this. Hopefully they will forgive my curtness, understanding my reticence to be whisked away 由 some… escort… to go and be married to a complete stranger....
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 15: link

    Guinevere carries the laundry basket into her house and takes it back to the bedroom. Arthur was out cold for the afternoon, so when she finished work she went to his flat to get some 更多 of his clothes and personals and stopped for takeaway on her way home.
    She hears the 电视 on in her room as she approaches. “Hey,” she says setting the basket down. “Have 你 been awake long?”
    “About ten minutes. I have to pee.”
    “Come on, then,” she says, pulling the bag of dinner...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 14: link

    “Guinevere…” Arthur shouts from the bedroom.
    “Yes, Love?”
    “Hungry. Can I have lunch?”
    “What do 你 want?”
    “Toasted cheese sandwich?”
    “What are you, seven?” She’s laughing at him now.
    “I like those when I don’t feel well.”
    “I know…”
    “And an apple. Cut up. And do we have any bendy straws?”
    “Yes, I bought you...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 11: link

    “This was a good idea,” Gwen says, stepping out of Arthur’s car at the valet, looking up at the Grand Hotel in Birmingham.
    “I thought so,” Arthur says, coming around and putting his hand on her lower back, ushering her inside.
    “I’m glad 你 booked the extra night, too,” she says, grinning at him.
    “Well, I’m actually kind of in the wedding,” Arthur admits, “so I would have needed to drive up here tonight anyway for the rehearsal. Staying here saves a lot of driving....
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 9: link

    Gwen looks up from her laptop at the sound of the door opening and closing. Arthur’s back. She grins but stays put, listening as he locks the door behind him, drops his laptop bag on a 厨房 chair, and walks back to the bedroom, the hard soles of his dress shoes clicking on the wooden floor.
    “Hey,” he says softly from the door. “Sorry I’m late.”
    “I heard about the pile-up on the motorway,” she says, smiling up at him as he crosses to her and kisses her. “But thank 你 for calling, too.”
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 7: link

    “So who gets to go first?” Gwen asks, holding the jar of body paint, standing in the doorway of the living room.
    Arthur looks up from the Macbook on his lap. He arches an eyebrow at her and smirks. “You’re the artist,” he challenges.
    She snorts and disappears, back to the bedroom. Arthur hurriedly slams the laptop shut, fumbles with the remote to turn off the TV, and scurries after her, swearing as he bangs his shin on the coffee table.
    “Nice princess sheet,” he says, striving...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 5: link

    “Shit, my phone!” Gwen exclaims as the elevator doors open on the first floor. She and Arthur were about to head 首页 for the day, back to her house for a little 晚餐 and an evening in.
    “Did 你 leave it?” Arthur asks, looking down at her.
    “Yeah. 你 go on ahead, I’ll just go back up and get it and meet 你 at my house,” she tells him. “There’s a spare key in the back garden under a pot of petunias,” she adds quietly just before the doors slide closed again.
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 8: link

    The sound of glass breaking beneath his head jolts Merlin from his fitful slumber. Oh no! he thinks, scrambling into his bag.
    The last item Merlin put in his bag before they left, almost on a whim, was the phial of water from the Lake of Avalon, entrusted to him 由 the Fisher King. The phial that has just broken under the weight of his head.
    “No, no no…” Merlin mutters frantically, dumping the contents of his pack out onto the ground.
    He watches, amazed,...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 32: link

    Being Friday night, parking is troublesome. Lance finds a place for his Citroën a ways up the block, and Arthur piggybacks on the spot, squeezing his motorcycle in sideways in front of Lance’s car, the front tire on the sidewalk.
    “Arthur, you’re going to get a citation,” Gwen cautions, but Arthur seems unconcerned.
    “Nice motorbike,” Lance 评论 as Gwen once again stuffs Arthur’s 夹克 away.
    “Thank you. Her name is Morgana,” Arthur says, sweeping his arm grandly.
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posted by RosalynCabenson
Part 4: link

A/N: For Issie: here the reunion for 你 hpe 你 like it ;) Sorry that it's short but Guen was impatient for a new chap so I left it with that.

Part 5

Morgana paced impatiently across the room in her little hut. She had just returned from her 搜索 for Gwen with no success. Now she is waiting for Agravain to come back with the plans.
“Oh, this little slut who wants to sit on MY throne,” she cursed. “I hope my hunters find her before she had reached Camelot.” She was burning with rage and threw a clay cup across the room. It crashed against a wooden 墙 and fell to the ground...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 48: link

    ”One 更多 match. Tournament will be over.”
    I feel so awkward around her this morning. My 心 is pounding. Surely I’m not nervous about the tournament. Is it… is it her?
    “You can go back to being Prince Arthur.”
    Yes, I suppose so. Do I want to, though? She seems… shy this morning. Oh. She’s coming closer.
    “Um… I thought 你 might wear it… for luck.”
    Is she granting me a favor? Oh. Oh, my. She is. Wow.
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 5: link

    He opens the door and she walks in. His apartment is clean, but mostly empty.
    “Well, this is certainly… Spartan,” she says.
    “Hey, at least I have real furniture. Some of the guys at the firehouse have lawn chairs in their living room.” He takes his shoes off and places them on a mat just inside the door. Gwen follows suit. Okay, he has a no shoes in the house rule, she thinks, smiling, but then she remembers his occupation. Oh. Soot.
    “You’re kidding.”
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Summary of Episode 4X06.

Morgana uses ancient magic to bend Merlin to her will, turning him into a deadly assassin on a mission to kill the king. But with Arthur oblivious to the danger, his only hope rests with someone else noticing his manservant's strange behaviour before he commits the evil deed. Colin Morgan, Bradley James and Katie McGrath star.(Angel's name is not listed here)


Cast and crew

Gaius Richard Wilson Merlin Colin 摩根 Arthur Bradley James Agravaine Nathaniel Parker Morgana Katie McGrath Gwen 天使 Coulby George Leander Deeny Voice of the Dragon John Hurt Sir Elyan Adetomiwa Edun Sir Leon Rupert Young Sir Percival Tom Hopper Sir Gwaine Eoin Macken Audrey Zee Asha
DirectorAlex PillaiProducerJohnny CappsProducerJulian MurphyWriterLucy Watkins
posted by kbrand5333
    A pale 橙子, 橙色 glow is just starting to appear in the eastern sky. The streets of Camelot are still, apart from a trio of figures with a cart, making their way quietly through the lower town. They come to a stop outside a modest house, but clean; the house of the maid Guinevere, nursemaid to the late king.
    One of the men motions to the other two to wait outside, and he creeps towards the door. He listens. No sound. Gently he eases the door open and peeks inside. No movement. He slips in, closing the door soundlessly behind him.
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