"One night when me and my stepdad was outside in the backyard listening to some music.I was looking at something.Then my stepdad told me to look at this star.then i looked at it.it was comeing to us.And it lit my whole backyard.while the other backyards were dark.then it went away."
"When my step-Grandmother past away.I was so Upset.Because i was so close to her.i wasn't very happy.i mean people tried to make me happy.but it didn't work.So when i was in my room.I heard this horn noise.and i knew it wasn't no car 或者 train horn.Then i asked my mom and my stepdad."Did 你 here that big horn noice."But my mom 说 no.while my stepdad 说 yes.ANd then i knew she was with the angels.