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jedigal1990 posted on Aug 19, 2009 at 01:10PM
here is a spot where you can post your favorite scene or moment with anakin and padme

Mine has got to be when anakin returns back to courascant and padme tells him she's pregant and also in the apartment where they are just casually talking about the baby and returning to naboo. there are soo many to chose from

tell me what you think

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一年多以前 XNaley_JamesX said…
Oh, that scene is one of my favorites too!!!
-the wedding
-the first kiss
-the picnic in naboo
-this one on the picture

Actually, there are soooo many, I really can't choose LOL :D
 Oh, that scene is one of my 收藏夹 too!!! Also: -the wedding -the first 吻乐队(Kiss) -the picnic in na
一年多以前 jedigal1990 said…
big smile
same here basically if it has anakin and padme in it then i like it
一年多以前 Starwarschick18 said…
My main 2 favorites R the picnic on Naboo.
& When They R on the balcony together in Revenge of the Sith before Anakin has his dream

They R SOO romantic!
一年多以前 GalindaGirl said…
I totaly agree! They are all SO GOOD! Mine would pry be . . . when Anakin and Padme' are on the balcony in episode III . . . the wedding . . . and when Anakin goes back to Coruscant in Episode III in the beggning. It was romantic!
一年多以前 GalindaGirl said…
But wasn't the best romance I've seen.
一年多以前 swcwf22 said…
love the picnic on naboo one! and the scene at the ebd when padme arrives in mustafar
一年多以前 jedigirl55 said…
That first kiss and when she tells him she is pregnant.
一年多以前 TVjunkie7598 said…
I love the part where padme tells annikan She's pregnant in episode 3 the face he makes is sooo cute
一年多以前 TVjunkie7598 said…
Galinda girl I totally agree with you the part on the balcony is soo romantic because they are talking about there baby and their life together then he has that dream it almost made me cry the first time I saw it
一年多以前 skyguysSkygirl said…
hmmmmm thts a hard one i wood have to say first kiss,weddin,wen she tells anakin she pegnant, the balcany were thy talk bout the baby, and anakins nightmare
一年多以前 ladyhadhafang said…
Okay, this question's a sadistic sonuvabitch, but I'll try. XD

Phantom Menace:

-Their first meeting. I just love how they hit it off right away. :) Not to mention Anakin's first words to her: "Are you an angel?" (D'awww... :3)

-A scene in the TPM novelization where Anakin tells Padme about a nightmare he had.

-Padme consoling him about being away from his mother. I wish I had a friend like Padme, really. :) And Anakin giving her the japor snippet, and Padme confiding in him her fears for Naboo. Considering she's actually the queen, that has to weigh heavily on her, the poor dear...

Attack of the Clones:

-Their reunion.

-Anakin's nightmare (a sadly deleted scene, but you can see it on the Blu-Ray).

-Their discussion of compassion after said scene. Not only is it a good insight into how Anakin perceives the Code, IMHO (it's not about a strict set of rules and regulations for him; it's about believing in something, and generally being a good person), but it's just a sweet scene in general. Flirting and loving it, really. :3

-Anakin meeting Padme's family. (#Goddammit, George, why'd you have to go and delete it...)

-The scene on the balcony.

-The meadow picnic.

-The dinner scene and the fireplace scene. *Cuddles Anakin tightly -- and Padme as well*

-Anakin hugging Padme before going to rescue Shmi.

-Padme comforting Anakin after him losing control in the Tusken camp.

-Geonosis. Just...all of Geonosis.

-The wedding.

Revenge of the Sith:

-Their reunion. (Especially Anakin's reaction to her being pregnant)

-The balcony scene. I think it's one of the few times in the movie we see Anakin relaxed -- which we definitely need. Poor boy...*Hugs him* I think Padme and Obi-Wan were the only ones keeping him from diving off the insanity cliffs, really.

-"Don't shut me out".

-"I Promise You".

-"Wait For Me".

-Mustafar. It's heartbreaking, yes, but so well-done...

#Is very bad at choosing. XD
一年多以前 padmetwo said…
For me its in episode 1 when young anakin asks if padme is an angel. But the picnic, the first kiss, wedding and coruscant is cool too. I reckon in episode 3, when padme visited anakin in mustafar, if obi-wan hadn't been there, he would return to being a Jedi. Bother Obi-Wan!