Padmé laughs at Anakin's commet about their 爱情
Padmé was extremely grateful that she and her husband were finally together again.

They had been apart for five long months because of Anakin's involvement in the Outer Rim Sieges.

She was also extremely relived about how he had taken the news that she was pregnant.

For Padmé had been terrified waiting in the shadows of the Senate Office Building's giant pillar columns wondering how he would take this shocking, unprepared news.

Luckily for her Anakin had not only understood he had been ecstatic.

As she was sitting in her senate pod half listening to the angry debates around her she thought back to that evening.

As soon as Padmé had gotten word that her dear husband was back she was one of the first people at the Senate Office Building, she had slipped behind the giant pillar columns hiding in their vast shadows waiting for for her husband to sense her presence and come to her were they would have their own reunion.

Which they did and it was 更多 wonderful than she could ever have imagined it would be.

Padmé glanced around the senate one last time and feeling rather uninterested and tired decided that she wanted to beat Anakin 首页 so they could have their first night together in five months.

Turning to Captain Typho she 说 warmly "Captain I'd like to retire now."

Typho replied confused "But m'lady I thought 你 were going to stay for the entire session that is what 你 normally do."

Padmé replied warmly "I know that Captain it's just that I like it very much if 你 took me 首页 now."

Typho 说 formally "Very well m'lady if that is what 你 wish."

Padmé smiled as she and Moteé followed him out of the senate pod.

She stepped out of her speeder and politely accepted the Captain's goodnight.

Then she dismissed her two handmaidens and sent C-3PO on a busywork errand.

Padmé walked up the soft sweeping staircase that led to her bedroom.

She took off her senatorial robes and rummaged through her closet for a nightgown to wear.

After a few 分钟 of searching she found one in a silk satin floor length pale steel blue night dress, it had thick altar straps, in the middle there was a silver blue broach attached on each side of the broach were six strands of pearls.

Padmé slipped it on and immediately loved how the thick straps gave her critical support and took much needed weight off of her back.

She looked at herself in her vanity mirror and especially liked how the dress fitted her growing belly.

The strands of pearls on each side of the sliver blue broach, fell elegantly on her arms, and shined brilliantly in the dim light of her bedroom.

Padmé then slid on her snippet japor amulet with which she now had it looped on a turquoise crystal chain for the jerba leather she used to wear had long since frayed and worn out.

She sat at her vanity and brushed her thick gleaming coiled brown hair pulling the 最佳, 返回页首 half of it up fastening it in place with a crystal studded tiara.

Padmé then took her hair brush from its place on the left hand side of her vanity and started towards the balcony.

Before she made her way to it she looked at her reflection in the vanity's mirror once 更多 and thought Ani my 爱情 prepared to be shocked.

She then walked out onto the balcony.

Padmé was surprised to see that Anakin had beaten her there.

Smiling happily he ran to her and once again that 日 swept her off her feet and into his arms spinning her around four times.

As Anakin was going for a fifth time Padmé took some deep breaths.

Finally she got out forcefully "Ani put me down!"

Stopping mid-spin he set her down gently and replied apologetic "Sorry Padmé it's just I'm so glad that I'm with 你 again, guess I just let my excitement get the better of me."

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him softly.

Padmé then 说 understandably "I know Anakin I know just please try to be a bit 更多 careful all right?"

Anakin smiled kissed her then replied softly "Yes my 天使 I will be I promise 你 I will be."

Padmé smiled and 说 contently "Okay Ani."

They held hands gently for a few 分钟 staring into each others eyes 展示 the 爱情 for one another the look in their eyes 展示 just how deep and true what they had together was neither of them wanting 或者 caring to speak.

After a while she broke away to go over to stand 由 the balcony's railing and brushed her long coiled brown hair.

Anakin stayed 由 the entrance to apartment soaking in the perfection of her beauty.

Padmé turned and 说 optimistically "Ani I want to have our baby back 首页 on Naboo, we can go to the lake country, to Varykino."

He smiled and replied reverently "Oh, why there?"

Padmé sighed and answered fondly "Well it is the place that means the most to us."

With that she went to him and wound her arms around his waist and gave him a deep lingering kiss, he returned the 吻乐队(Kiss) with equal passion.

They came apart slowly and Anakin buried his face in her hair and breathed in deeply.

Anakin whispered passionately "That is certainly true Padmé it does mean a great deal to us." He kissed her tenderly.

Padmé brought her head up and replied softly "Varykino is incredibly isolated no one will know we are there, it's the perfect place were all three of us can be 安全 and happy, after all I had many great times at Varykino when I went there for school retreat."

She turned back to look at him and smiled with a maternal glow about her twirling strains of her russet spiral hair around her fingers.

Padmé 说 motherly "I want to leave early so I can start preparing the baby's room I already know the best spot, right 由 the gardens the 玫瑰 that grow there in the spring are just beautiful, and the view from it is truly breathtaking, I should be ready to leave in four months."

She turned to him again still with a maternal glow and asked warmly "What do 你 think Ani?"

Instead of answering her Anakin replied breathlessly "You are just so incredibly...beautiful."

Padmé smiled and 说 embarrassingly "Oh Anakin stop it, it's only because I'm so in 爱情 with you, it makes me shine."

He laughed and 说 insistently "No, no it's because I'm so in 爱情 with you."

Padmé gave him a teasing look and replied wryly "So are 你 saying that 爱情 has blinded you?"

He laughed again and replied lovingly "Well that's not exactly what I meant."

Padmé 说 teasingly "Anakin I've been married to 你 for three years I think I know that it's probably true." she laughed heartily.

Later that night in their 床, 床上 Padmé scooted over to Anakin she wanted to 包, 换行 her arms around him to pull him close to her however when she felt his side of the 床, 床上 she quickly realized that her dear husband wasn't there.

Instead the silken sheets of the 床, 床上 were cold and vacant after a moment Padmé also realized that they were dampened with sweat.

She looked towards the soft sweeping staircase that led to the veranda and thought with a slight sadness Oh my Ani.

With a great deal of difficulty Padmé got out of 床, 床上 and made her way to the veranda.

She was right in her guess that Anakin had been out here after all he was sitting on right hand sofa staring out onto the night scape of Coruscant.

She went to him and rubbed the back of his head gently.

After a moment of silence Padmé asked warmly "What is it, Ani?"

Anakin turned towards her sighing deeply he wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her close to him.

He again breathed deeply and replied remorsefully "I'm fine sweetheart I didn't mean to wake 你 ,go back to sleep 天使 I'll be there soon."

Padmé smiled sadly and 说 unconvinced "You know that I won't possibly be able too, without knowing why 你 are up in the middle of the night, so please Anakin what's wrong?"

He smiled weakly and again that night instead of answering her 问题 he dodged it and picked up her amulet he then fingered it softly a wistful expression on his face.

After a while lightly touching it Anakin took a deep breath and 说 nostalgically "I remember how happy 你 looked the 日 I gave this to you, I also remember thinking 你 wouldn't like it, thinking that it would be too plain."

Padmé smiled in spite of herself, she kissed Anakin soft and slow.

She took his hand of flesh and squeezed it softly.

Padmé then replied reverently "I did and always have loved this amulet, I 爱情 it so much because 你 made it for me."

Then after a few moments had passed she realized that Anakin was trying to distract her form the matter at hand.

It angered her through the anger soon faded away when she saw the deep unbridled pain in her husband's eyes, Padmé vowed to find out the cause of this pain and help him deal with it.

She squeezed his hand once and replied slightly annoyed "Anakin how long is it gonna take for us to be open and honest with each other?"

Anakin took a deep breath and turned to her again.

He then 说 anxiously "It was a dream."

She nodded and replied soothingly "I see was it bad?"

Anakin 说 with a great deal of difficulty "It was like the ones I used to have about my mother just... before she died."

Padmé 说 trustingly "And?"

He took another deep breath and replied voice strained with emotion "It was about you, my angel."

Padmé rubbed his back softly she whispered tenderly "Tell me Ani...please."

Anakin stated falsely "It was only a dream."

He squeezed her hand softly once and then kissed it tenderly.

Anakin then he got up form the sofa and went to the edge of the veranda.

Knowing he still had something 更多 to tell her Padmé stayed silent.

Anakin took a deep breath that made his shoulders shake finally he 说 horrified "You are going to die in childbirth."

She placed her hands on her middle gingerly and asked quietly "I see, what about the baby, did 你 see what happens to it?"

Anakin sighed again and 说 frightfully uncertain "I don't know, oh my 天使 I just... don't know."

She shook her head.

Padmé softly and firmly wound her arms around his waist.

She took a deep breath and replied reassuringly "Anakin it was only a dream it doesn't mean it's going to happen."

Anakin shook his head and 说 fiercely "I won't let this dream become real Padmé I won't loose 你 I can't...I can't even 熊 the mere thought of losing you."

Padmé looked downward for a 秒 then she brought her head up to Anakin's.

She took a deep breath and 说 to him realistically"This baby is defiantly going to change our lives that is for certain, I doubt that 皇后乐队 Apailana will allow me to continue to serve in the Senate and if the Council discovers you're the father you'll be expelled-"

Anakin cut her off waving his left hand at her as he 说 knowingly " Yes, Padmé I know."

She looked at him and asked hopefully" Do 你 think Obi-Wan will be able to help us somehow?"

For a 分裂, 拆分 秒 she thought she had seen her love's eyes grow dark as soon as she had 说 Obi-Wan's name.

He smiled at her and 说 somewhat harshly "No we don't need Obi-Wan's help."

Anakin then smiled down at her fondly.

He 说 lovingly "Our baby isn't a problem Padmé it's a gift a wonderful, beautiful gift."

Having nothing 更多 to say Padmé buried her face in his strong broad chest letting him hold her know somehow some way they'd find a way to work this out.

After a while being in his arms she gently pulled herself away from him.

Padmé looked at him adoringly and 说 warmly "It's getting terribly cold out here come upstairs now, Ani come up to our 床, 床上 with me."

She then kissed him softly on the lips.

Anakin slipped his hard mechanical hand in her soft human one and 说 softly "All right I will, I 爱情 you."

He then kissed the 最佳, 返回页首 of her head gently.

Padmé squeezed his hand once and replied passionately "I 爱情 你 Ani."

They then walked hand and hand up the soft sweeping staircase and into their bedroom.

As they got into 床, 床上 together she had hoped she had reassured her troubled husband.

Instead of laying down Padmé sat up against the headboard of the bed.

Seeing this Anakin did the same, he gently placed his head in her lap and stroked her belly softly, she in turn caressed his hair.

After a few moments in silence Padmé replied warmly "Ani I swear to 你 that nothing bad is going to happen to me."

He smiled at her in the dim darkness and kissed her tenderly.

Finally Anakin exhaled and 说 conflictingly "I 爱情 你 Padmé."

Padmé smiled back at him and replied softly "I 爱情 you, but something 更多 about this is bothering 你 what is it?"

Anakin exhaled deeply and 说 frighteningly "Padmé, I can't help how I feel about this dream, my dreams they are known to prophetic, I mean I dreamed about my mother being in danger and she was, and I was too late to save her."

He tenderly kissed her belly and 说 determinedly "I won't be too late with you, I will save 你 both my sweet, sweet angel."

Padmé softly kissed the 最佳, 返回页首 of his head and replied comfortingly "You have nothing to worry about my love, I am making plans to go back to Naboo and when my time comes I will be with the very best med-droids on Varykino, they will make sure the baby and I are completely safe."

Anakin once again took a deep breath and exhaled deeply.

He then agilely pulled himself up and buried his face in the nape of her neck, she in turn wrapped her arms around his neck and gently kissed the 最佳, 返回页首 of his head.

After a while being entangled in each other Anakin slowly and carefully disentangled himself form their embrace.

He kissed Padmé softly on the lips.

Anakin then 说 promisingly "Padmé I have been thinking about this for awhile now and when it is time I want to go with you."

Padmé gasped and replied shocked "Ani please no, if 你 do leave around the same time I do people will talk I will not let 你 jeopardize everything that we have both worked so hard for!"

Anakin 说 protectively "Padmé please the only way I can guarantee your safety is to be with you."

She retorted annoyed "No, Anakin it's too risky, 你 need to trust me and trust my judgment."

He let out a ragged breath and 说 nervously "Padmé, all I know is I want us to be together all three of us."

Padmé took is hand of flesh and kissed it softly.

She then replied diplomatically "We will be Ani we will be, look there is still four 更多 months to speak about this so for now why don't we leave this subject for another time all right?"

Anakin slid back down and resumed the same position on her lap as before, he started to tenderly rub her middle.

Padmé breathed a quiet sigh of relief, she then began to caress his hair and closed her eyes contently.

After a few 分钟 of silence he asked curiously "So what do 你 think?"

Padmé replied lazily "About what?"

Anakin rubbed her stomach softly and asked fondly " Boy 或者 a girl?"

She smiled and 说 intuitively "I think it's a boy."

Anakin kissed her middle softly and replied passionately "Why?"

Padmé smiled again and replied earnestly "Mother's intuition, I suppose, what about you?"

Anakin, grinned and 说 wryly "I think it's a girl."

She asked contently "Why is that?"

Anakin replied softly "I felt it kick just now and it's just as strong as 你 are."

Padmé blushed and 说 lovingly "Oh Ani stop it."

He gently pushed himself up wrapped his arms around her neck, and kissed her passionately, Padmé leaned into his embrace.

They broke apart and Anakin 说 adoringly "I 爱情 you."

She smiled and replied warmly "I 爱情 you, now sleep my dear Ani."

Anakin kissed her again and 说 "All right, good night my angel."

She smiled and replied reverently "Good night, Anakin."

The couple then drifted off into a content sleep.

Padmé wakes to realize Anakin isn't in 床, 床上 with her.she goes off to find him.
After she has found him Padmé asks Anakin what is he doing up in the middle of the night
Padmé waits paitently for Anakin to explain his dream to her.
Padmé and Anakin talk about their situation
After their talk the couple seek comfort in each other's arms