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posted by ILUV3OH3NAT
Throughout the series Amy & Ricky have showed hints that maybe they had potential of being a couple & maybe on the 下一个 episode they wil. On the previews for 下一个 week's episode it shows Ricky on the phone with Amy & what he says almost made me have a 心 attack! Here are Ricky's (almost) exact words... ''Do 你 think we could ever be a couple''!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully they WILL get together!!! They might make a good couple because i think Ricky & Amy really care about each other but they be a horrible couple because Ricky can't stand being with just one person. There also could be a problem with Amicky because of Rick's sex addiction. Ricky constantly has to have sex & because of the pregnancy Amy probally wouldn't go for it. But really, who knows: they could be a great couple! Maybe if they got together Amy could help Ricky get over his sex addiction but if he stays with Adrian then she's just making it worse.... Anyway, hopefully Amicky will finally happen... FINGERS CROSSED!