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1)Ants never sleep.
2)Butterflies tastes with their feet.
3)Camels have three eyelids that helps to protect them from dust.
4)All polar bears are left handed.
5)Almonds are a member of 桃子 family and apples belong to rose family.
6)Honey is only the 食物 that doesn't spoil.
7)Dolphins can swim and sleep at same time ,but they sleep with one eye open
8)The 毛皮 of polar bears are not white, they are clear but they look white when light reflects from them.
9)Caterpillars have 4000 muscles - humans have only 629.
10)Sharks go limp when turned upside down.
11)The smallest 鲨鱼 species grows to around 15 cm long.
12)The 最喜爱的 meal of 鲸, 鲸鱼 shark, the world's largest shark, is microscopic organisms called plankton.
13)To produce 1 kilogram of honey,bees travel a distance equal to four times around the earth.