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Humphrey was just walking into a bar. And he sat down on a chair. Ordered a drink. "Who the hell are you?!" Balto showed up. "None of your Fucking busness!" Humphrey snapped. "I hated your movie, its just a cheap knock off of balto." Then balto just pushed Humphrey. "Don't go there!" Humphrey said. "I just did, 屁股 wipe!" Balto said. Then Humphrey and balto gave evil eyes. Then Humphrey grabbed a glass bottle and hit balto with it. And balto was bleeding. "FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!" balto shouted. He jumped on Humphrey...
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Chapter 7: 狼 Trappers and Dog Catchers

Everyone suddenly stopped as they heard Daria crying out for help. When they looked over, they saw that she had a snare pole around her neck and was being restrained 由 a human holding onto it.

Several trucks had slowly driven up while they were arguing and had completely taken them 由 surprise. The humans had gotten word from Kenya's owner that his dog had gotten loose and had possibly run off with a small pack of wolves, as he had found 狼 tracks in his backyard. The local dogcatchers visited the man's 首页 and sure enough, they found the tracks of...
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(Special thanks are at the end to prevent spoilers)

Chapter 5: Family Matters

Humphrey woke to the bright sunlight streaming in through the entrance of the den. He opened his eyes, but squinted as the sun was in the line of his sight. Humphrey yawned and slowly got up and stretched. A shadow passed over the cave as something blocked out the light of the sun.

Owen entered the cave and approached Humphrey.

"Sleep well?" he asked.

"I've had better nights," Humphrey replied.

"Come to me once everyone else is up." After saying this, Owen turned and left the cave.

Not too long after, Kate began to wake...
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Special thanks to:

jhilton0907 for the idea that Humphrey was part of another pack.

Chapter 4: Humphrey's Other Pack

After leaving the territory behind them, the group began to get to work. The cool morning mist slowly began to lift, allowing 更多 of the surrounding forest to become visible. The tall trees, with their many leaves shaded much of the forest floor from the beating heat of the sun.

Stinky began to take the lead, using his profound sense of smell to try and pick up his father's trail.

"Well, Stinky," Humphrey 说 after letting his son sniff around for a few minutes. "What do you...
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Scene 4:

(After leaving the territory, the group starts to get to work. Stinky is sniffing the air.)
Humphrey: Well, Stinky. What do 你 smell?
Stinky: You, but younger and less mature.
(Humphrey laughs nervously)
Humphrey: Yep, that's definitely me.
Kate: Anything else, Stinky?
Stinky: Hold on.
(Stinky sniffs the air again, then sniffs down towards the ground.)
Stinky: There's a trail. It's faint, but it's there. It's leading deeper into the forest.
Runt: Well, let's go see where it leads.
Claudette: Yeah Stinky, lead the way.
Stinky: Okay, follow me.
(They begin to slowly head into the woods, with Stinky...
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posted by tony_wolf
last night claw and i were having a nice meat feast of caribou deer wilderbeast and a bit of fish.so today when garth came 锄, 锄头 from alpha school he then i woke upsaid dad can 你 come to my meeting so i did he was 3rd ranked in the whole school and 雏菊, 黛西 2nd and kate 1st so i got him a treat. I
说 he could do whatever he wanted 或者 buy anything he wanted that night I had a bad dream
.I was in a fight and garth was trying to save me but before he got there i fell on the ground
and they started biting me then i got up

read 更多 part 2 coming soon
(Real quick. I do plan on making this into an actual video trailer for 你 guys because just 写作 down what I came up with doesn't do it justice. Not 由 a long shot. It will almost certainly not be finished 由 the time the actual story is released because I still need to learn how to CG animate stuff, but I will get it done, no matter how long it takes. In the meantime, here's a 描述 of what will happen along with a link to the song that will be used in it.)

Fades in:
Trailer opens with a shot of a large plume of smoke rising from the forest. Fades out.

Fades back in with a shot of the...
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posted by Mitsi1991
Kate's Inner Monster Prt. 2

Kate opens her eyes and takes a deep breath... "Finally, I'm free
after all these years of being trapped in this prison. Kate turns around
and sees' the claw trap holding her down. With both paws she grabs
the steel trap and opens the jaws breaking it in two. "HEE childs
play, she snarls. In the distance she can hear the two hunters getting
closer. HEE HEE, I think its time to 显示 these wanna be hunters a
little lesson! Kate turns around and runs into the blackness of the
forest getting ready to give these hunters a little surprise that they
will never forget.

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Kate tried to find a mate, but it seemed she wasn’t attractive anymore. Shakey would betray Humphrey, but he already has a mate. Kate couldn’t think, but she remembered how Humphrey got his mate.
“I should shoot Cando, then rush to the hospital and hit some on the way, and pick them up to take them to the hospital!”
Humphrey and Lilly were romancing, and Lilly was paralyzed again. It was enjoyable to Humphrey too, however he only felt the everyday romancing part. The part that’s making him feel as good as Lilly is making her feel this good. Mooch went to Humphrey’s house to explain...
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Lilly sat there on the couch, watching Tv. She had drawn over 20 日本动漫 pictures of Ba'al and her.

"I've never been so miserable in my life..." Lilly said. She took out another sheet of computer paper and began drawing herself and Ba'al.

"I just want to reset time and make sure this had never happened." Lilly said. Lilly began drawing herself. She drew herself in a dress having long beautiful hair.

"I know it's wrong but... I still kinda 爱情 Ba'al..." Lilly said. She had finished drawing herself and started on Ba'al. What she was drawing was Ba'al as a third grader sitting on a bench and herself...
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posted by Mitsi1991
Kims Haunted Past

    It was very early in the mourning when Kate was awaken from a terrifying nightmare. Kate rubbed her eyes and laid on her back starring at the ceiling of the den. “Man, thats the fourth time this week I've had the same nightmare,” She thought. “Why am I having these nightmares, what do they mean?” “Its the same thing every night?” “Maybe I just need some air to clear my head,” she thought. Without waking Midnight and Humphrey Kate stretched and gave out a yawn and walked out of her den. To her surprise sitting at the edge of the 巢穴, den, 书房 was...
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Kate and Humphrey were resting in the den. Winston had been right. Mating was very tiring.
"We'd better go back. Lilly will be worried." Kate said.
"Okay." Humphrey responded, getting slowly to his feet. He began to walk towards the 巢穴, den, 书房 exit, but somthing held him back. "Ouch!" he said.
"Ow!" Kate had felt it too. Their tails were knotted around each other. Humphrey tried to get his off, but it wouldn't respond to the signals from his brain.
"Afterlove," Kate sighed. "It doesn't happen often, but it's not unusual."
"What causes them to tie themselves together like that?" Humprhey asked.
"I don't...
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posted by hank666
It was silent the rest of the day, no sight 或者 smell of Humphrey 或者 Eve. But Kate was still on edge of the events that had taken place just hours before. Winston and Hutch were trying to figure out how to survive this infection. Out of no where, Cando came running into the den.
Cando:"Sir! they have spotted Eve!!
Cando:"They have spotted her coming this way!"
Winston:"Is she infect-."
Suddenly, crys of pain and suffering were heard just out of the den. Winston Immediately ran out followed 由 Kate. They did not believe what they saw....Eve. She was feeding on another 狼 of the...
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Its may fifth and its not in stores not mentioned on tv etc i'm starting to get frustrated and I can't take it the release dates extending. The release dates get later and later will be going to 下一个 年 so i've heard when I wish these so called informants stop doing this to us I want proof I don't see proof i'm sick of hearing 日期 after 日期 after 日期 voice actors storylines that truly may not exist 你 know that entertainment weekly trip has a plot actors and even a 日期 supposed to be read on the site so i investigated to find no such 文章 it angers me if this guy knew this why not...
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posted by kates-mate101
Chapter 3
The wind gently blew. The tweets of birds filled the air. Seth woke up. It was about 7 in the morning. It was quite warm and humid after the down pour from the 日 before. Seth was still tired. He didn’t bother getting up. He just laid there where he slept. Under a tree. He slowly fell asleep again. Kate woke up. She turned over just to find her nose pressed against Seth’s. She opened her eyes, surprised to feel something against her nose. She leapt from where she slept. “AH!” She began breathing heavily. “Phew...” She sighed; relieved to know it was only Seth. She looked...
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posted by alphawolf13
Chapter 2: The return

A winter later humphrey patrolled the tranning grounds , His 毛皮 rippled with new powerful muscles , his face a darker , 更多 confident look with powerful eyes. Over the time he spent traning with Winston he had learned to kill with scary efficency . He could track deer from a mile away. He could Almost become invisible to anything unsuspecting. He leapt from rock to rock till he stood on the cliffs peak. He laughed to himself he recalled when it had took him half a 日 to traverse it now a matter of 秒 . That was just part of his traning . He had to hunt with his...
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posted by shidqiomega
100% no sexual content

in Saturday.The scoutboy is have race. The race will be started in the deepest jungle in Jasper. there are 4 groups the first is the "Red" group,The 秒 group is "The Disipline",the Third is Green eyes group,and the last is The survivalist.The Survivalist is the most smarted group they making a software to make an animal can talk.finally the race is begin they need to find a clue to make their way to the finish but they need to camp when tired.now the disipline group is on the lead.The green eyes is behind and the other behind of them.the survivalist is the third but...
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 爱情 train
Love train
That's all the soundtracks I found with the autors and who played/produced them. Enjoy ^^

Me And You
Written 由 John Frizzell and Gabriel Mann

On The Loose Again
Written 由 John Frizzell and Gabriel Mann
Performed 由 Gabriel Mann

When we Stand Together
Written 由 Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Mike Kroeger, Joey Moi
Performed 由 Nickelback

Written 由 Ryan Tedder & Sam Watters
Performed 由 Jordin Sparks
Produced 由 Ryan Tedder & The Runaways

Written 由 Chester Bennington
Performed 由 Linkin Park

Feels Like Tonight
Written 由 Dr Duke &...
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(June 3, 2011)
(this is right after I woke up for the first time after the crash)

The first thing I heard was a soft, gentle beeping. I kept my eyes closed and just listened to it for what seemed like hours.
From the scents I was receiving, I could tell where I was; disinfectant, disease, hand soap. I could only be in a hospital.
When I opened my eyes, I was quite startled to see a 狼 staring at me. The 狼 had light brown eyes and reddish 毛皮 and I recognized her immediately. Scar, from Alpha and Omega.
I smiled at her.

"Colby!" she squealed.
"How do 你 know my name?" I asked, raising my eyebrow....
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Time flies 由 and the festival of metal draws ever closer and even the old retired 狼 are looking to make a good impression on the howling stage.

Eve: Winston Honey, its been days since we have practised our 唱歌 或者 even our howling, come on in and practise with me darling.

Winston sat outside enjoying the rays of sunshine raining down upon him until he heard the fiery voice of his death 天使 beckoning from their log mansion.

Eve: Winston!!

Winston: God damn it woman, can't 你 see that i am trying to rest out here, this back doesn't straighten itself out 你 know.


A scared...
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