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Humphrey, Kate, Lilly, and Garth all got what they wanted. Humphrey and Kate got married and Lilly and Garth got married. It was all a happy ending… 或者 beginning in this case. Winston looked at Tony and gave him a sharp look.
He finally 说 “Maybe this will work,” to Tony who was the leader of the Eastern pack.
“Oh,” Tony hesitated. He knew Eve was right behind him and he didn’t want to get jumped if he 说 no. Not only that but he himself also like happy endings. He heard a growl from Eve, looked back and 说 “Alright.”
Winston and Tony saw Humphrey and Kate Loving on each other then looked over to Lilly and Garth. Lilly was hovering over Garth and would not get her nose of his.
“What do two 狼 do after they retire?” Winston asked.
Tony knew Winston was on to something. And he knew exactly what it was. Marcel flew in out of nowhere.
“May I introduce 你 do Golf?”
Paddy gave Marcel his driver and Marcel nailed the ball right through the crowd of wolves. Winston approached Humphrey. He opened his mouth to try and let words come out but he’s not used to saying “Thank you” to Omegas.
“Humphrey I just wanted to tell you, I really appreciate the fact 你 说 由 Kate’s side this whole time. I just wanted to say thank you.”
Humphrey’s smile widened even 更多 “You’re thanking me for something I’d do all over again?”
“Yes, I pretty much am. But, is there anyway I can make it up to 你 for being with her and standing 由 her side?”
Humphrey took some time to think, but he remembered something he hadn’t even been in before, the Moonlight Howl. “Let Kate and I lead the Moonlight Howl tonight.”
“You want to lead the Moonlight Howl? Please don’t call me gay, but I always thought 你 had a very… beautiful howl, in fact, the best I ever heard.”
“Really? 你 really think that?”
“Yes, I do and I really appreciate all this. 你 can lead the Moonlight Howl.”
It was about 4:30 and the Moonlight Howl was going to come at 8:00 and Humphrey was probably the most exited for this. Even 更多 than Lilly.
Humphrey approached Kate who was taking a nap before the howl. “Kate, Kate, wake up.”
Kate looked up at Humphrey, “Are 你 excited for this?”
“Way excited, I can believe Winston was so lenient and let us lead the Moonlight Howl!”
“I know. 你 know the Moonlight Howl is a mating ritual right?”
“Yeah, after the Howl, a 狼 and his howling partner go back to their 巢穴, den, 书房 and mate.”
“Wow I never knew that.”
Humphrey prepared and “warmed up” his vocal chords. So did Kate and all the rest of the wolves. The 下一个 3 hours past 由 SLOW for Humphrey. To pass the time he slept it off. Kate woke him up 10 分钟 prior to the Moonlight Howl. That night they spent the night at Humphrey’s parent’s house. They rotate between staying with Eve and Winston and staying with Humphrey’s parents, John and Angelica.
“Mom, Dad, don’t forget the Moonlight Howl is in 10 minutes.”
“I’ll be there, buddy, Mom and I just need to get ready.”
John and Angelica were both Alphas. The oldest kid and the Alpha was Hutch, and then Humphrey, an Omega. As Humphrey and Kate were walking to the mountain, they heard the first howl. They started walking up the mountain. Mooch, Salty, and Tony were howling together.
“Umm, Kate, look at those 3, do 你 think they’re going to mate?” Humphrey said. Kate could clearly tell he was freaked out.
“You know, I really don’t know about that one. It would be disturbing though.”
Humphrey saw Reba and Janice dancing around Shakey. Humphrey knew he would mate with both of them. At that spot Humphrey mouthed “What the hell.”
Winston and Eve weren’t howling but they were definitely enjoying themselves. Humphrey saw Garth howling. It was terrific and amazing compared to what it used to be. The rest of the 狼 were dancing with their mates. Humphrey and Kate got to the 最佳, 返回页首 and all the 狼 turned to them.
“You ready?” Humphrey asked Kate.
“Oh yeah, ready!” Kate replied totally pumped.
They howled their amazing duet and the 狼 were amazed. They were a good couple.
“Oh yeah! Uh-huh! Yes!” Shakey 说 nervously.
Their duet wasn’t long but was great. When it ended the 狼 though that’s it?
“Was that great?” Humphrey asked.
“Yes great!” Kate said.
The got 首页 and played dodge rock. The rock weren’t thrown hard 或者 to the head.
“Give it up Humphrey! You’ll hit…”
Humphrey threw a rock to her chest which knocked her down.
“Haha! Omega 1 Alpha 0!” Humphrey taunted.
“Yeah?” Kate threw one really hard to Humphrey’s crotch.
“Ahh! Ahh!”
“That’s what 你 get for taunting the girl!”
Humphrey tackled Kate. They both laughed.
“Dinner!” John yelled.
“Since the Moonlight Howl is so late, why don’t we eat before the Moonlight Howl?” Humphrey asked.
“It’s tradition,” Kate replied.
Angelicas paws were soaked with caribou blood from trying to cut the meat. “I need to go down to the stream and wash off.”
“You do that, mom,” Humphrey said.
It’s been 14 hours since the packs united and they already have a decent meal.
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A rainy apocalypse survival-Hunger game like in towns and cities
Humphrey,Poor 迷失 and stranded on his own. He finds a few other rival 狼 that agree with him to join,
Humphrey: *Soaking with rain* "What the fuck is this?!" *As he would look down he would find a empty AK-47 As he got that he would then say Humphrey: "Huh? What's this a Seden? *Smiling evily* "Oh it's time!." *Drives off in the sedan moving his head up and down repeating it with a >:) Face Humphrey: "I got A M19? And rounds for it?" "Good!" *He would hear gun fires and bullets hitting his sedan* Rival 狼 gang: "Shoot...
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    I didn't ask for this. I want to go back to the way things were. My name is Trisha Abbinanti, welcome to my story.

    “Trisha, my dear, please mind your manners. Slouching is not the way an Alpha like yourself sits”. I quickly glanced at my mother and erected myself upright. “Y-yes ma’am. I apologize”. As I averted my attention 前锋, 期待 once more, I could still feel her deep blue eyes trying to catch the attention of mine. We sat for a brief moment in complete silence, her eyes still embedded into my fur. She resented me, and I knew it. The...
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my newest video. hope 你 guys enjoy :)
Claudette was on the rocky overlook that was attached to the front of her den, watching the moon, wondering if her parents and brothers were also watching, waiting, for her to come home. She had been captured 由 some rogues, whom had covered their scent trail so that no one could follow them, just a 月 earlier. Her new friend, that had also been captured as a servant about a week after her, Felin, was beside her, watching Claudette with sad eyes.

He smiled at her. "You're so pretty, 你 know that? Has anyone ever told 你 that? I think 你 are."

"Really? I think 你 are kinda cute too....
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**This is announcement from the US air force/US marines. America has declared war against Russia. Our boys are getting ready to be shipped to Russia-Controlled Germany. Wish them good luck in the battlefield!**

"WERE SHIPPING OUT TOMORROW?" exclaimed Humphrey
"Yes, yes we are" replied Winston
"I have a family to say goodbye to and that may be the last time I ever see them" Humphrey continued
"Your 表演 like a dick, Winston" Humphrey 说 feeling very pissed off
"Fine at the end of the week, we ship out" With that...
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Hey, this story is my first here :) The characters are Humans in this. It's a Balto/ A&O crossover so characters fro Balto will be in it. The story is based mainly in America, UK and Russia. 年 2029. This story contains strong language so reader discretion is advised.
Anyway, Enjoy :D

0900 hours
May 15, 2029

Winston and Tony were walking around the Jasper Military Base, talking to each other.
"Why did America declare War on Russia anyway, so we can be even powerful?" Remarked Winston
"Sorta.... Yes" replied Tony
"I always knew 你 were a power hungry cunt! You'll do very well as General when...
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Ok people here's Chapter 11.

Runt's POV

I opened my eyes and saw that I had 迷失 some calories. I looked at my siblings and saw they were not as bloated as last night. My parents began to wake up. "Hey sweetie. I see 你 迷失 a little weight," Mom said. I smiled a little. "Excited for your 日期 tonight son," Dad asked. "Yeah. When are we going to prepare," I asked. "Later in the afternoon," Dad said. My tummy grumbled a little as I was hungry. "Wow I'm surprise your still hungry from yesterday," Mom 说 as we laughed. They both the 巢穴, den, 书房 and time pasted until they came back with four caribou.

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