never f**k with Eve...
Waking up from her weird dream of humphrey.Eve decided to check up on them to see if they didn't do
"ANYTHING" last she gets up and walks out of her and Winston's 巢穴, den, 书房 to a nice crisp morning..the sun running down her back and up her spine. her hair flowing prefectliy with every step she took. as she finally reached Kate and Humphrey's 巢穴, den, 书房 Eve couldn't believe her ears.she heard moaning sounds inside of the den. thinking the worst she poked her head in and her worst fears were realized...Humphrey was just finishing up with kate howling in delight of"stuff". seeing this caused Eve's niceness meter to deplete completely and filling up her anger meter to full throttle. stealthily she went inside and hid behind a large rock covering her to keep her out sight from the young mating wolves...Wow that was amazing Humphrey!Kate 说 as she turned over to her side. 你 too my sweet alpha!Humphrey 说 as he climbed off of her smiling happily. i hope my mom doesn't find out 或者 we both be big trouble! Kate 说 worried what her mom would do to Humphrey if she found out....( witch Eve already did..O_O). C'mon let's get something eat!... good idea!. so the two 爱情 狼 walked out of the den...not noticing a certain sexy she 狼 that heard and saw all afternoon Eve stalked Kate and Humphrey but keeping a low hiding behind bushes and trees. pretending to attack Shakey 由 pouncing on him( giving him an erection because of and hiding behind rocks and logs just to stay out of sight of the two wolves. How could he do this i told them specifically not to mate until there married! Eve 说 to herself as she watch them 吻乐队(Kiss) 由 the river until Winston called Kate's name to go do something important..Wait here Humphrey!Kate 说 to Humphrey. Aw! do i have to? Humphrey 说 disappointed. Yes! but don't worry i'll be back to do 你 Know What with you! Kate 说 seductively making Humphrey get an erection because of Kate's words. Ok i'll hold...Humphrey 说 reluctantly..
Kate smiled and ran to her father. not knowing that Eve was behind a 树 waiting for the right moment to Kate left. Eve came out of her hiding place. Hello Humphrey! Eve 说 in a cold tone.Hey Eve what's up? Humphrey asked her.
更多 like what's down! Eve said. Huh? what are 你 talk-Thunk! Humphrey 说 before being hit upside the head with a baseball bat.Sleep well omega your gonna need it for later.....Eve 说 as she dragged Humphrey's body away from prying eyes to a secluded place.....far away from civilization...uh oh.....O_O