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Cando and Scar have been married for a while now and they still haven’t gone on a honeymoon. They planned out theirs. Cando had to get leave from work to go on this trip. They were leaving that night. They 偷了 and figured out so much technology from humans that howling wasn’t necessary. Instead they called.
“Yo, Winston. I need leave. Scar and I are going on a honeymoon.”
“Sure, Cando. We don’t have much going on anyway.”
“Thanks Winston,” Cando hung up, “He 说 yes. Where should we go?”
“Anywhere. We could just take a road trip.”
“True. Yeah, the truck gets great mileage! 9 whole miles per gallon!”
“Quit Joshing.”
“Sorry! I’m sorry It’s just funny.”
“It holds 35 gallons. That’s still 305 miles with out fuel.”
“I still 爱情 that thing.”
“You 爱情 a truck 更多 than me?”
Cando jumped onto Scar, “I don’t 爱情 anything 更多 than I 爱情 you!”
Scar rolled onto her back and let Cando crawl on her and mount her. They’ve done this technique every time they mated. Cando remembered something.
“Crap! I forgot about Humphrey’s surprise party!”
“He has a surprise party?”
“Yes. It starts in 3 minutes.”
“We better hurry!”
Humphrey was supposed to be back about 5:00. Cando and Scar were fashionably late at 4:59. They came through the door.
“Surprise!” Everyone yelled.
“Woah it’s just Scar and I! Oh here he comes! Back to your positions!”
Cando and Scar jumped into their positions. Humphrey soon came into the door.
“Surprise!” Everyone yelled.
“Oh guys 你 didn’t have to do this!”
Kate approached Humphrey and hugged him, “We wanted to! 由 the way, 你 get a special surprise tonight.”
All the 狼 came to an uproar.
“Happy birthday!”
“Johnny, I have something to give to you.”
“Yeah, follow me.”
They came up to a 苔原 Super Duty, double cab with a diesel engine.
“Oh my God! No way!”
Johnny looked at this black, massive beauty.
“Thanks so much dad! Now I can go to the drive through and order what ever I want and take forever!”
Humphrey was embarrassed but he laughed. Mooch came and tackled him out of nowhere.
“Happy birthday buddy!”
“Thanks Mooch!”
Shakey jumped in between Humphrey and Mooch.
“I wish 你 a happier birthday!”
Salty slid in, “I wish 你 the happiest birthday.”
“Man, I miss my Omega days!”
Humphrey heard the strum of a guitar. He looked to wear he detected the noise.
“No way! It’s Metallica! Holy Crap! This is the best birthday ever!”
“I knew you’d like it.”
“All I want to say is happy fricken birthday Humphrey!” James, the singer said, “I know 你 like the song And Justice for All, so we’re going to play it.”
“Thanks so much guys!”
“Anything for a fan.”
They played And Justice for All for Humphrey. It was Humphrey’s 最喜爱的 song ever. The song ended probably 10 分钟 later.
“Thanks guys! I 爱情 你 all!”
“No problem Humphrey.”
“I’m officially a true fan!”
The party ended and everyone left.
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Had this dream last night where I was a grey 狼 anthro with red eyes and had a trench jacket, dark jeans, had no shirt. I have abilities where I can jump very high and I only have a sword. But the character I'm keeping it a secret for the details. But I didn't have much strength. But I was on this bridge in some city. It looked like New York City. But I was just walking on the rails of the bridge that was on a river. I jumped and flew in the air and saw a building that was very close to the river and the bottom was blowing up and I landed on the top. And saw a door on the rooftop that goes...
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All that s*** with masks, is what scares me MOST in these types of films.. The is why this film looks friggin awesome
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Here is my first A&O episode enjoy
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Look guys, from what I observed just now after being gone on a long road trip today, I can honestly say I am glad I was not around 潮流粉丝俱乐部 at all on 1-6-12. I found myself mildly disappointed in a few of you, not gonna shout out names but here is the scoop.
Some of 你 are really taking this whole site a little too seriously, the battles over who is who 或者 whos mate is the real deal is really starting to get childish like no other. Deep down we all know that this is all just a game, even though we would like it to be real, each and every one of us would. Who wouldn't wanna cuddle up with a furry...
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No one could move. They were to afraid at the demon that had appeared before them. Pyramid Head immediately grabbed Kate and threw her against the wall, about to do the worst. I had to do something. I have never seen her so scared in my life.

"Chris! Do something!" Humphrey begged.

"Yeah! Don't just stand there!" Lilly cried.

"Chris! Help!" Kate cried.

Pyramid Head then dragged his heavy blade toward Kate. She began to cower and whimper as he drew nearer. She was a goner if I didn't do something. Suddenly, I knew what to do.

"Chris!" Salty shouted.

I jumped on 最佳, 返回页首 of Kate and held her to the...
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(warning: this chapter has strong connotational meaning and has subjects in its structure natural to the world and the way it is today)
(Warning: this chapter contains flashbacks, epileptic people shouldn't worry because there are no visual flashes any way, enjoy)

Fanpop; a website i check on every single day, thousands of loyal 粉丝 and lots of awesome people to meet and 老友记 to make, it is no secret that i have gathered my own little 狼 pack on this site of whom i care for a lot, they are my pack and i care for them dearly. Such people include:
Alphawolfcurt, Alue26, humphreywolf11, metallica1147,...
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Note: This 'Life with' story takes place in Jasper, and Kahterine (Kate) is Kate's grandaughter.

The 年 is 2022 I've just compeeted testing with a new battle suit prototype on the moon. Now the firt field test of the suit was to be somewhere in the South Pacfic, but as the ship was reentering the atmosphere over what looked like Canada when we were hit 由 somthing and started to break up. I just got my 头盔 on and the ship blew up.

In the time I fell I remebered what the captin 说 to me "Daniel I need to warn 你 son that if something happens, go into exile we can let 你 或者 the suit...
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Continuing from chapter 15
“So thats what happened”i say giving them a weirded out face while licking my fur
“Hey anyone seen Dar...woah who is he”Hank says
“Who what where”Hutch bolts up from his Dozy rug state
“Its me Darren”i say 展示 myself
“You seem furrier”Hank says circling me
“Aghh Facepaw me”i say facepawing myself
“Yep thats Darren for sure”Hank says
“Anywho thanks for warming me up when Cando somewhat ambushed me”Hutch 说 while wiping Sleep from his eyes
“No prob Fluff pups”i say laughing until i realised i was a sort of identical of Hutch and Hank...
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I would 爱情 to be a 狼 because maybe/possibly THEY would accept me. Believe me- 你 DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON IN Medina! But if I was a 狼 I would nourish every moment of it. 狼 pretty much have a set up... that is to say humans had no part in their lives. They have nice civilized packs, usually. Their packs would 爱情 them, care for them, exe.If I wer to pick what rank I was going to be, I would not know what to choose.. Alpha 或者 Delta. Alpha: Strong, agile, hunter, and a leader. Delta on the other hand was a protecting, laughing, caring, and just 总体, 整体 the 'fun guys/girls.' I would fit 更多 towards the delta to be honest with you. I'm Fun, protecting, caring, laughing(Delta), Strong, and agile.

Don't forget to suggest a name for the new series!!!
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嘿 guys it's lillyomega22881 and I was just wondering if 你 guys could read 更多 of my 文章 and comment. yes I know 你 are busy making other artcles but I do enjoy 阅读 comments. um some 文章 I wrote was battle#1 2 3,the disaster #1 2, till the last rose dies, I'll do anything, and some other stuff please read them and 评论 for mine and for 你 I'll do the same. please 评论 on my pictures too. I can't 发布 this untill it's longer so um yeah. I can't think of anything to write. um.... OH I thought of something. eightysix 你 are a realy good 文章 writer and 你 TOATALLY ROCK!
ok thanks guys bye:)
It was the 21 of December Kate was cooking 晚餐 and their 6 年 old daughter snowy was on the laptop and Humphrey was being himself
" 晚餐 come and get it " shouted Kate
" yes " 说 snowy
" yes Kate 你 cook the best dinners ever "
" than-" then the doorbell rang garth was at the door
" 嘿 Kate "
" hi Garth "
" 嘿 i wanted to 显示 你 this Kate "
" oh what's in it "
" look "
" oh it was the time I called our x-wedding a hoax "
" yeah it I-"
" Garth " shouted tony
" I better go now bye "
" bye "
" 嘿 snowy want to spend cristmas with crystal as a treat " 说 Kate
" oh boy 你 serious "
" yep "
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I just want to forget it.