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posted by kates-mate101
We arrived at school. Kate, and all my friends, including Mason who joined me, rubbing his shoulder. My sister headed off to her grade four class, while Liam, Adam, and myself along with kate headed to our portable. Isaiah, Mason, Zach and Rachel with Madison were all in different classes. Same with kevin. (Halleluia) We entered out classroom. Then my teacher, Mme Langan, gave us the daily speech on how we were late. "Seth, Liam, and Adam 你 are all late," "Save it for later Miss L." I replied abruptly. I took my seat. Before one of the kids Youssef could sit 下一个 to me, I pulled his chair away and invited Kate onto it. He started getting all upset. “Madamm!” he started with an odd Egyptian accent. “Set haz takken ma chair!” Mme Langan scowled at me. “Hey! It’s just for out new guest?” I covered. “And who might that be?” Mme asked me. Kate sat up. Reluctantly, Mme ignored Youssef.

It was recess. My entire group was playing hockey outside. I was goalie. I got on my knees. My friend Bradley had the ball and was passing it side to side. It was confusing me. I didn’t know where 或者 when he was gonna shoot. Suddenly, Kate came out of nowhere and jumped on him. He fell to the ground, making a jokingly fake wailing sound as he did. "Dude! What the heck?" He asked, brushing himself off. He grabbed his stick, labeled, TORONTO 枫, 枫树 LEAFS, and walked back to the middle. Kate flashed a smile at me. I laughed. "Brad, loosen up, don't be such a tool..." I smirked. Brad rolled his eyes and smiled. He went to the face off. Kate sat 下一个 to me. She attempted to give me a 吻乐队(Kiss) a few times, except my 老友记 didn't know I was dating a 狼 so I turned to her and shook my head. SHe looked hurt everytime, but she kept trying. I made it a point to apologize and make up for it tonight. Mondays, My mom worked late.

Science class. My 最喜爱的 class of all. Why? Because we had the best teacher of all... Mr. Robin was funny, sick minded, and was a video game junkie. Just like me. "Who's our new girl?" Mr. Robin asked. "It's Seth's new girlfriend! Ha!" Came a high pitched voice on the other end. "SHut the fuck up chode face!" I yelled over. "Or I'll shove your chode up your chode nose!" Everyone started laughing. Even Mr. Robin laughed a bit. "Well, Seth, 你 better ask her to shave her legs, cause they are DAMN hairy..." I laughed, cause I knew he didn't mean it... But Kate looked at the floor, almost sad... I put my hand on her shoulder. "He doesn't mean it..." I whispered. "Watch... He'll say something to make it better in, three, Two, one..." "Well, 你 obviously don't know me, because 你 look like you're about to cry." Mr Robin smiled. "I make fun of everyone, and If i don't make fun of 你 in a span of one week, it's cause' I don't like you." Kate's expression lightened up. "Thanks!" SHe chirped. Mr. Robin raised one brow upon hearing her talk, but made no 更多 mention of it. "So! On the account of your March break party being canceled, due to a certain principal, I'm making another arrangement for today!" THere were cheers of agreement and joy coming from around the class. "First, Youssef," Mr R started. "Last week, 你 had trouble with this word." He wrote compass on the board. Youssef always knew what it meant. Obviously, he was trying to pull a joke. "Sound it out." Mr Robin asked. "Uh..." Youssef started. "Uhhh! A great way to start a word!" Mr Robin laughed. A couple of the people in my class laughed. "Uh, Cumm... Piss..." He sounded it out. Everyone started laughing hysterically. Even Kate got it. I snickered, and then began laughing as well. "What!? I don't get it?" He repeated. "Wait... CUmm, Piss..." He 说 again. Everyone laughed again. "Ohhh! I get it!" Then, he started to laugh.

The rest of the period went well. Except for the occasional Daniel out burst. He should know better... I've broken his jaw countless times... Although, Mr Robin was getting tired too. "Daniel, one more, and I'm calling Seth AND 你 in the middle here..." "ME TOO?" Youssef out bursted. Mr R. just scowled at him. "But, Seth is just so..." "Ah too late... Does anyone want to see a fight?" Mr R. asked. "Yeah!" Cheered my class. (Just saying, that Mr R actually DOES allow fights... He's so laid back... I usually win them...) "Daniel, Seth, come to the middle. Daniel shakily, walked to the middle. I hopped my 台, 办公桌 eagerly. Kate got up on my chair, intent on seeing what was happening. "Seth? What are 你 doing?" She asked me. "I'm gonna kick this guy's ass! That's what I'm doing!" Daniel didn't say anything. He raised his fists. "Oh! I gotta get some snacks!" Liam exclaimed. Him, Bradley, and Kaleeb ran off to Mr R's portable. They were having a party and they had so much 食物 it wasn't funny. I didn't raise my fists. Daniel ran at me and punched. I grabbed his arm, and elbowed the joint. He cried in pain. He fell to his knees, and I approached him. I put my foot on his chest and pushed back. He looked at me. "Fuck! 你 mother fucker!" He cursed. I replied, 由 stomping his leg. He cried out again. (THis fight was too violent for Mr R... Just saying that it happened, in lunch 小时 when no teacher's were around...)

Our class continued the lesson, while Brad, Kaleeb and Liam and I continued joking around. They brought a bunch of mini wienies from the other class... THey handed two to everyone including me. Well, themselves at least... And me... I 说 to them, "Watch this..." THey followed me intently as I approached Youssef. "Hey, Youssef..." He turned up to me. "Vut?" He asked. I almost laughed before I did the joke. I handed him one of the wienies. "Here. Have a mini wiener..." I said. "Vut for?" He replied. "Because 你 have one." I replied back. Everyone began laughing. Even Mr R. paused the lesson and cupped his right hand over his face and started laughing. (If 你 don't get the joke, ask me about it...)

School was almost over. Daniel, however, felt confident that he could beat me. "Hey Seth!" I turned around. "What do 你 want." I replied. Kate nosed my leg. "Calm..." She replied. I nodded. "Your mom's so poor, I saw her kicking a cardboard box down the street. I asked her what she was doing, and she replied, moving." He just insulted me and my family. I cracked my knuckle. Kate stood up on her hind legs and held me back. "Stop..." She whispered. "Just, dis him back..." I nodded. "Oh yeah? Well Yo momma so fat, the only thing stopping her from world domination is the door." I replied. Liam, and Brad laughed. Kaleeb had already left. "Yo momma so greasy, her freckles slipped off!" That was just terrible... I thought. "Right! And You're so ugly, when your mom dropped 你 off at school this morning, she got charged for littering!" Everyone around me burst out laughing. Daniel just walked away grunting as he did. Kate, Liam, and I headed to our bus. A good 日 at school.
Please 评论 if my jokes made 你 laugh. All of which happened here, happened at school. (Just without Kate)
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When humphery got up from being thrown 由 an unknown force he sees kats in her werewolf form he also sees black smoke coming out of a other animal and go into kate." that is what is making her change". he then charged wright to the animal, but all the other 动物 went in front of him to stop him. Humphery then changes into his werewolf form and slams the 动物 out of the way, like the tank from the X-Box game Left 4 Dead. He charges to the guy and slams him so hard that makes him fly and hit a rock 5 feet away.
he then sees kate change into her normal self and falls on the ground with a thud. Humphery changes to normal and runs to kate and picks her up in his paws and starts running for his life away from the horrible place and to never return.
Sorry short this all I had so this is the end of chapter 4. Chapter 5 coming soon
it was 1968 and the Tet offensive got even worse the Vietcong and NVA were attacking every base in south vietnam. the marines had to 报道 to the old city of Hue (commonly known as the cidiadel)
they had to retake the city form the vietcong.
the marines were told the amry 1st air calvery divison will back them up Humphrey was depressed When kate sends him a hippy letter from 首页 that said:
go 首页 leave the war Lets make 爱情 and peace
Humphrey was about to put up his letter till Sergio came up to him and took the letter away,
you can read this your crappy hippy stuff after we re capture Hue...
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I know its been a while figured id start on this try to finish this story sory for this not being hear for such a long time.

Tony is back at his cave wear he would normally be. Waiting for his son Garth to come 首页 so he can explain what he saw. the word "allways" streamed through his head like crazy. He slowly began to walk up to the cave. Gazing as he watches his pack work, play and do what ever.

Tony: Garth....wear are 你 (hanging his head slowly)

Winston begins to walk up the side 爬坡道, 小山 to the cave as he trots over and sits down beside tony and looks at him

Winston: Tony......i know your...
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(my eyes open) "huh" I say to myself not rembering anything at all even my own name. I start to look around and find myself at the bottom of a steep 爬坡道, 小山 with many valleys and streams running at the bottom until another 爬坡道, 小山 as far as I can see. I go take a look into the stream painfully getting up I relize I must have fallen of the hillside and have complete memory loss! As I look into my own reflection I see I'm a mostly grey 狼 with silver/ white Along my belly area and my head, I also find about a 6 inch gash in my left leg and a long cut alond my right eye. Still in pain I decide to look around for a place to sleep before I try to start a new life. ( since I can't remember a thing) after about an 小时 of walking alond this beautiful stream I find a waterfall with an abandon cave near by. Goodnight I think to myself as I close my eyes and nod to sleep.
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