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 Maria & Edmund Grey's wedding
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This All My Children 照片 might contain 伴娘, 荣誉女仆, and 伴娘伴娘.

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Monday April 26:

Annie plots her 下一个 move.

David wants to get even with Ryan.

JR struggles with whether to tell Marissa the truth.

Tuesday April 27:

Scott comes to JR’s rescue.

Liza gives Annie Adam’s divorce papers.

Amanda’s unnerved 由 her obsessed fan.

Wednesday April 28:

Liza warns Damon to stay away from Colby.

Annie makes it clear to JR that she’s calling the shots.

Jake comes up with a plan to unmask Amanda’s stalker.

Thursday April 29:

Damon may discover the truth about him and Tad.

Ryan secretly rides to Madison’s rescue.

Jack and Erica make a decision about their future.

Friday April...
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