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 Lily Montgomery played 由 Leven Rambin
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This All My Children 照片 contains 肖像, 爆头, 特写镜头, 特写, and 爆头特写. There might also be 吸引力, 感染力, 辣味, 热情, and 上诉火辣.

Monday December 13:

Amanda asks Griffin why Cara’s in town.

Erica tells Greenlee if she wants to help Kendall than she should stay away from her.

Randi councils Madison on what she should do.

Jake and Cara recall the same memory.

Jack overhears Erica's disparaging words about Greenlee.

Cara wants Jake back at Doctors Without Borders.

Tuesday December 14:

Tad warns Cara to stay away from Jake.

Caleb reassures Erica that she is a good mother.

Jackson tells Erica he’d like for them to marry on New Year’s Eve.

Tad offers to investigate Cara.

Jake reassures Amanda.

Erica wants to help Caleb with...
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Monday November 22:

The verdict is read.

Angie finds out the sex of her baby.

Word about a plane crash spreads through Pine Valley.

Tuesday November 23:

The courtroom is shocked.

Marissa gets some news.

Kendall lashes out.

Wednesday November 24:

Griffin shows up looking for Zach.

Liza says she will continue to do her job.

Marissa leans on Krystal for support.

Thursday November 25:

An encore of the September 3, 2010 episode will air.

Friday November 26:

Full Network pre-emption
Monday November 15:

Colby tells JR to stop using Asher to get back at Caleb.

Caleb holds important information back from Asher.

Zach helps Greenlee and Ryan get to the island where Nick Pearson is staying.

Annie and JR kiss.

Caleb tries to reconcile with Asher.

Kendall and Bianca enjoy a girls night.

Asher agrees to 移动 into the mansion.

Tuesday November 16:

Tad takes Opal to the hospital when she experiences chest pains.

Amanda gets to know Griffin, the new doctor at the hospital.

The jury has reached a verdict in David’s murder case.

Jake tells Angie about the Doctors Without Borders offer....
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Monday November 8:

JR taunts Caleb about his relationship with Asher.

Colby finds Asher conscious.

Ryan concludes that David tried to set him up for murder and must 搜索 for evidence.

Asher learns Caleb knows the truth.

Tuesday November 9:

Asher tells Caleb he wants to make his life hell.

Ryan agrees to let Greenlee come with him to find Pearson.

Liza gives Jackson a warning.

Wednesday November 10:

Erica tells Caleb not to give up hope on Asher.

Asher accuses JR of using him.

Erica makes an offer to Ryan and Greenlee.

Thursday November 11:

Passion builds between Ryan and Greenlee.

Madison accepts a...
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Monday November 1:

Caleb and Krystal realize AJ is missing.

Erica discovers an important file.

Jackson tells Erica he fears calling Greenlee to the stand.

Madison confronts Greenlee.

JR is blamed.

Colby realizes Caleb is Asher's father.

Tuesday November 2:

JR claims he’s been awarded temporary custody of AJ.

Erica tells Caleb life changing news.

Asher is taken to the hospital.

Wednesday November 3:

Greenlee has Jackson promise he has no 更多 tricks up his sleeve.

JR and Caleb continue to butt heads.

Colby sits 由 Asher’s bedside.

Thursday November 4:

Jesse and Angie get good news about their...
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Monday October 18:

Annie drowns her sorrows at the bar.

Unbeknownst to Greenlee and Ryan, Liza witnessed their kiss.

Erica takes the stand.

JR suggests Krystal talk to Marissa about the custody case.

A situation starts to get out of control for Annie.

Kendall admits David had papers implicating Greenlee on the stand.

Tuesday October 19:

Natalia and Brot ponder marriage.

JR comes to Annie’s rescue.

Colby is shocked after 阅读 about what Scott has done.

Wednesday October 20:

Asher gives JR a piece of information that could bring down Caleb.

Liza goes to the hospital.

Erica suggests postponing...
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Monday October 4:

Kendall’s reassigned from scrubbing toilets to mopping floors.

Tad and Colby congratulate Damon on getting his GED.

Liza offers Damon an assistant job at her law firm.

Madison takes back her statement.

Liza plans to use Madison's words in court.

Greenlee decides to tell Ryan about her feelings after the drama is over.

Tuesday October 5:

Annie is furious with JR for ruining her party.

Colby wonders what JR and Asher are up to.

Caleb catches Asher trying to break into his house.

Krystal warns Colby about Asher.

Angie receives a warm welcome back to work.

Jesse tries to relate...
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Monday September 20:

People are beginning to realize who the murderer may be.

Frustration grows for one of Pine Valley's doctors.

Randi tells Madison not to let her husband rescue her anymore.

Madison tells Frankie something happened between them.

A couple confide in Jake.

Brot offers some insight to a friend.

Tuesday September 21:

Something is found in a secret drawer.

Madison asks for 建议 about how to deal with her situation.

Wednesday September 22:

Marissa trashes someone’s room.

Tad asks Liza to help push up Kendall’s court date.

Asher bashes Caleb over the head with a piece of wood.

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Monday September 6:

An encore of the June 10, 2010 episode will air when Jake and Amanda got married again.

Tuesday September 7:

A major character will die.

Accusations are made as to who did it.

A loved one breaks down.

Wednesday September 8:

An autopsy is performed

One character turns him/herself in to Natalia.

Asher is in a rush to leave when the cops 显示 up.

Thursday September 9:

The seemingly guilty person tries to cut a plea deal with Liza

Angie receives devastating news.

Madison confronts someone about the death.

Friday September 10:

The person killed haunts someone close to him/her.

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Monday August 23:

Marissa admits to sleeping with Scott.

Angie admits her medical condition to David.

Ryan promises to help Greenlee.

David wonders how Angie's condition will end her career.

Jesse knows the fight with David isn't over.

Greenlee accuses David.

Tuesday August 24:

Marissa wants JR to admit that he doesn’t truly 爱情 her.

Scott makes a confession to Annie.

David tries to comfort Marissa.

JR crashes the wedding.

Marissa pushes David away.

Madison gets the details of Ryan's plan.

Wednesday August 25:

Asher covers for Damon and takes the blame for denting Tad’s car.

Kendall opens up...
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Monday August 16:

JR calls Scott out on being a thief.

Damon and Colby offer Asher some cash.

Ryan leaves the hospital against Kendall’s wishes.

Zach comes to town.

Kendall helps Ryan break open a safe.

JR warns Scott.

Tuesday August 17:

JR tries to convince Marissa not to leave him.

Annie asks JR to burn the proof that Scott 偷了 Palmer’s idea.

David 问题 Kendall and Zack as to why they returned to Pine Valley.

Wednesday August 18:

Jesse accompanies Angie to her sonogram appointment.

Jake talks with Amanda about Angie’s plan to have him take over as Chief of Staff.

Frankie opens up to...
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Monday July 26:

Liza makes a deal with David

Damon comforts Colby.

Greenlee asks David why he did nothing to help Ryan.

Liza switches out 更多 of Damon's pills with placebos.

Colby waits for Adam.

Damon comforts Colby.

Tuesday July 27:

David agrees to time apart from Greenlee.

Tad is torn between believing Liza 或者 Damon.

David threatens to expose Greenlee.

Wednesday July 28:

Randi returns from her modeling trip.

Colby and Damon make plans to leave Pine Valley for good.

Madison becomes concerned about Ryan’s memory.

Thursday July 29:

Greenlee is taken to the police station.

Angie gets some shocking...
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Monday July 19:

Tad asks Liza if she can see herself as a mother to Damon.

Scott jumps to the wrong conclusion about Annie’s torn shirt.

Damon blows up at Colby.

Angie gets stuck in an alleyway.

Colby gets a surprise.

Tad finds his own adoption papers

Tuesday July 20:

Madison admits she’s falling in 爱情 with Ryan.

Frankie surprises David with information on Greenlee.

Wednesday July 21:

Scott proposes to Annie.

Liza catches Damon taking money from Krystal’s bar.

Thursday July 22:

Ryan is hit with an intense pain in his head.

JR and Caleb almost come to blows.

Madison asks Greenlee to give Ryan...
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Monday June 28:

Bianca wants David to take the fall.

Angie confides in Jake.

David wonders if Erica truly believes he would try to kill her.

Palmer's will is to be read.

Jake wants Angie to confide in Jesse.

Tuesday June 29:

Palmer's will contains surprises.

Annie and Scott defend themselves to JR.

Erica's intentions are questioned.

Caleb is named in the will.

Scott and Annie defend their presence at the 阅读 of the will.

JR tells Annie they can never have sex again.

Wednesday June 30:

David is thrown out of Wildwind.

JR beats Annie to the punch.

Opal insists Erica and Caleb honor Palmers wishes....
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Monday June 21:

Jack makes a proposal.

Scott tries to get his hands on Palmer’s will.

JR has a change of heart.

Marissa looks to David for 更多 advice.

JR and Annie share a kiss.

Erica thinks about Caleb.

Tuesday June 22:

Greenlee is shocked to see Erica.

David drugs Bianca.

Scott comes to Annie’s rescue.

Wednesday June 23:

Fusion is shut down.

Liza is warned about Damon.

Bianca promises David he will pay.

Thursday June 24:

Tad shares his adoption plans with Damon.

Erica, Bianca and Greenlee agree to work together to save Fusion.

Caleb is unable to stop thinking about Erica.

Friday June 25:

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Monday May 31:

Encore Episode. Original air 日期 February 15, 2010.

David Hayward is taken away from a brawl with Pine Valleyites at the Chapel after his surprise wedding to Greenlee.

Ryan and Greenlee talk for the first time since her return.

Tuesday June 1:

Ryan witnesses Greenlee and David arguing.

Erica passes out.

Madison wakes up in a room full of smoke.

Wednesday June 2:

Colby wants Tads help.

Jack continues to look for Erica.

Brot has flashbacks from Iraq.

Thursday June 3:

Erica’s fever causes hallucinations.

Ryan and Madison grow closer.

Friday June 4:

JR spreads gossip about Annie.

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Monday May 24:

Erica’s plane is in trouble.

Marissa confronts Annie.

Jesse accuses Ryan of being part of the Miranda scandal.

JR assures Marissa he doesn't compare her to Annie.

Annie wants to explore her and Scott's chemistry.

Scott and JR meet with a financial officer.

Tuesday May 25:

Krystal tells Tad that she bought BJ’s.

Jackson has an engagement ring.

Damon wants to go to New York.

Wednesday May 26:

JR sees Annie and Scott kiss.

Amanda plans her wedding.

Liza offers Damon money to stay away from Colby.

Thursday May 27:

Greenlee attends Emma’s birthday party to Annie’s dismay.

Angie asks...
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Monday May 17:

Greenlee lays down the law with David.

JR pours his 心 out to Marissa.

Jake tries to ease Amanda’s fears.

Ryan fills Jesse in.

Marissa wants JR to take care of her for a change.

Amanda is relieved to learn Trevor isn't dying.

Tuesday May 18:

Liza vows to get even with Tad.

Greenlee and David are birds of a feather.

Wednesday May 19:

Tad gets some unexpected news.

Thursday May 20:

Amanda gets an unexpected surprise.

Greenlee sets Erica up for a fall.

Liza has it out with Damon.

Friday May 21:

Erica makes the wrong choice.

JR can’t get his mind off Annie.

Greenlee furthers her plot...
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Monday May 10:

Marissa accuses Scott of betraying her.

JR must decide whether 或者 not he'll turn his back on Annie.

Madison succumbs to David’s blackmail.

Tuesday May 11:

David grows suspicious of Greenlee.

Colby remains at odds with Liza.

Amanda fears what her future might hold.

Wednesday May 12:

Tad makes a surprising discovery.

Madison begins to work Ryan.

Greenlee has a shocking revelation.

Thursday May 13:

Madison turns on an act for Ryan.

Erica plays dirty to beat Greenlee.

Marissa decides whether 或者 not to give JR another chance.

Friday May 14:

Madison makes a decision about confessing to Ryan.

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