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This is a video about rhino poaching. Please have respect rhinos because they are getting killed alive cruelly - they are completely innocent and should NOT be treated like this!!!!!
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Global meat consumption has increased from under 50 million tons annually to over 200 million tons in the last 50 years. The amount of animal manure produced in the U.S. is 130 times greater than the amount of human waste. This is causing 更多 environmental and health problems than ever seen before. Here are 15 good reasons to stop eating meat (or at least cut down):

Health Reasons:

1. Lower risk of cancer. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has reported that vegetarians are less likely to get cancer 由 25 to 50 percent.

2. Lower risk of 心 disease. Researchers Dr. Dean Ornish...
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people are so mean to dogs. lots of people kill 狗 for meat. that is so cruel. people give 狗 so little of 食物 and not a lot of 太空 for them to run. people hang 狗 till they are dead. that is mean! i 爱情 狗 and other people 爱情 then too! what do people think they are when they kill dogs!?! it is just so mean and cruel! who knows how many 狗 people kill each day, mouths, and years! people should never never never kill a dog! it is just so mean and cruel! it should be a law that NO ONE can change! it should be PEOPLE SHOULD NEVER KILL ANY ANIMAL! CATS, DOGS, FISH, WE SHAW NEVER KILL THEM! and if someone kills any maniacal, they should get arrested! i hate to see 狗 die, 或者 any animal die. it is sad, mean, and cruel to kill dogs! people should stop it right away! also people make them aggressive before they kill them! SO MEAN!
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(sorry i could not post the vid..i don't think 你 d like to watch it anyway)Apparently, this loser guy 发布 the video on his blogspot blog on 8th Feb 2011, link 展示 the video clip of the incident. He calls himself 'Asesino Knino', which means Dog Murderer, and 说 he was from the city of Badajoz. At the moment, the blog seems to be taken down and is no longer accessible.

The video shows what appears to be a man wearing heavy boots, in an enclosed store room, no windows and very messy. He picked up a couple of puppies, both gagged at the muzzle with what appears to be industrial strength...
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