Against Animal Cruelty! Animal Cruelty Is Wrong

Mallory101 posted on Oct 26, 2008 at 07:42PM
hello fellow animal lovers just wanted to say put ur name and pet if you have one (what kind of pet and the breed,age,male or female,and what you love to do with them)It is a good way to love your animals and spread the word to love your animals and stop animals cruelty!!!!! *********please write this in the comment spot!!!!!!!****

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一年多以前 Berni said…
Hi Mallory,i have a 5yr old male Border Collie x called Zac.He is a rescue dog we have had him since he was 4months old.He was cruely treated by his previous owners he had a broken nose and behavial proplems,but with a lot of patience,commitment,time and lots of love he has blossomend into a handsome independant,intellegent,fun loving adult dog.He is very special to us and we would be lostwith out him.Zac does most things with us,he gets plenty of exercise and has lots of toys for stimulation.we never go on holiday without him he is part of our family in return we have a loyal friend forever.
一年多以前 18wanda said…
I have like 30 at my house.
1.Milly( Australian shepherd)
2. Mo dog
3. Junior dog
4.Milo cat
5.Meemee cat
6.Carlo cat
7.Charley fish
8.Stanley fish
9. Sunny bird
10.Peep bird
11.Peanut rat
12.Cricket mouse
13.Jitterbug mouse
14.Little Gray mouse
15.Peachy mouse
16.Bitey Mouse
17.Cherry mouse
18.Natasha duck
19.Kiwi goat
20.Snowy goat
21.Blackie goat
22. Bubble goat
23.Mac goat
24.Patio goat
25. Jasp goat
26.Patch pony
27.Belle pony
28.Betty inside blind cat
I think that is all of them.
一年多以前 Helen-Lover said…
I have only 2 pets but here they are............

1. Bugsy- A chihuahua
2. Lucy- A mixed breed

and to tell you the truth my dog Lucy she was abused by her former owners. :-(